Why I Hate Chiaki Nanami Nowadays

MLPFan I used to like Chiaki, but now I hate her. Maybe as much as my hatred towards Maizono, but Maizono still takes the crown for worst DR character to me, so congratulations Maizono. You deserve It.
Maizono: I don't see how being crowned as worst is at any way good.. Plus, haven't you roasted me TWICE?
Ah yes, Maizono. Please do read the title. This one ISN'T about you. So bounce.
Maizono: How?
Here, let me help (throws Maizono into an endless pit) that is your new home, okay Maizono?
And you'll never get out of there. Go figure.
So now, please welcome the hate character of the day, NANAMI CHIAKI!!
Chiaki: (wakes up from her sleep) W-what? Why am I here?
You are here, to be ROASTED!!!
Chiaki: Roasted?
Actually Chiaki, you don't have to listen to all of this. It might hurt your feelings.
Chiaki: Oh, ok (falls asleep again)
Now, we can begin.

First of all, her "personality". Chiaki is just the nice, shy, sleepy gamer girl but has lots of fans for some reason. She doesn't have an actual personality and she's so bland to me! She has no actual personality and development? What is an development (I intended to use 'an' instead of 'a')? She doesn't have any actual development. And she isn't well written to the slightest. Her personality was lazily made. Kodaka created her to be a waifu and instead of trying to make Chiaki a good waifu, Kodaka decided to take easy shortcuts while making her character.

Her appearance is probably the only true reason she's SO popular. I may hate Chiaki, but I have to admit she does have some good character designs. And the color scheming is really nice, tbh. It looked so amazing. But the character herself Isn't.

Her fanbase also got me to hate her more and more. They all worship her like god, can be extremely mean when you say the slightest thing about her (I've saw someone write that (s)he hates Chiaki, and the person was bullied by Chiaki fanboys), they never shut up about her and would insult other characters who are better like Koizumi to make her look good. Basically, they're the anime/JPRG games' version of Rainbow Dash fanboys. I loved Koizumi. She may be sexist (Tenko Chabashira from the NDRV3 game is also sexist. But both characters are still awesome to me) but at least she was interesting! Unlike Chiaki, who is even a lot more shallow than the 1/4 of a small glass of water!
The majority of Chiaki fanboys tend to judge fictional characters from their looks, not from how well written they are. Proof? Why they love Chiaki so much. Because she's cute. But good looks=/=overall good. Not only Chiaki is like this. Hiyoko is also quite pretty, but she's hated because she bullies people. While Chiaki, she's cute and people instantly swoon over her and would build a shrine for her. They didn't cared so much when others die, but when Chiaki died they all screamed and cry like "NOOOO!!!! CHIAKI, DON'T GOOOOO!!!!!!"

That's from the general side (both A.I. and human Chiaki), now to go more onto the SDR2 Chiaki, the A.I.
A.I. Chiaki was bad. Not as bad as DR3 Chiaki, but really bad. She's soooo bland, people ship her with many characters despite how since she's an A.I., and her FTEs were so boring and didn't made me try to see her in depth. According to a guy, her FTEs would go like this in a nutshell:
"I don't know where milk comes from. Lol. Hajime, play gamu with me. Hajime, I'm cute, aren't I? Yawn, I'm sleepy. Hajime, let's play gamu! Look Hajime, I'm so cute at all of these free time events yet I don't get any development or background at all, screw development and backgrounds, look at me bois, I'm cute!"
The only time she's okay was when she came back for the last time to help Hajime and the other survivors beat A.I. Junko. That's It. Other than that, she sucks and I can't feel anything when she died.

And now, the DR3: Side Despair Anime Chiaki, a.k.a Human (mary sue) Chiaki. DR3 made me hate Chiaki. I didn't cared so much about her at SDR2, but I hated her eversince I saw DR3. Especially after I rewatched the Danganronpa animes. She's such a mary sue. Everyone loves her, love at first sight, she's still If not CUTER at the DR3 anime, she was chosen to die because her whole class worshipped her, and so on. She was the spotlight of DR3. Everyone behaved like the only point of their existence was to fawn at Chiaki and fall into despair when she died. Couldn't they just fall into despair for a more rational reason?! Like, Kuzuryuu! Why didn't they made him fall into despair because of how his OWN.LITTLE.SISTER. died?! I'm so done. Really. It shows that to the 77-B class, Chiaki is more important than their family, theirselves and even more important than water and oxygen.
Once again, I didn't feel anything when Chiaki died again in DR3, despite of how brutal It Is. The brutality of it just made her more mary sueish to me because most mary sues do have tragic and brutal deaths although having a brutal or tragic death doesn't instantly make you a mary sue. The writers tried so hard to make her death sad and painful, they may suceeded in it towards others, especially Chiaki fanboys, but It doesn't work on me. Am I heartless or something? Nope. But that's what happens when a characted you don't like dies, you can hardly feel bad for them. Her conversation with Izuru may have somehow touched me, but just because I was touched on one scene, doesn't mean I'm overall sad at It.

To conclude, I don't like Chiaki anymore. She's overrated af, she's generic and bland, and she's way too much of a "little miss perfect". Kirigiri was a way better female lead than her because they want the viewers to genuinely like Kirigiri and gave her development throughout the DR the Animation anime, into the DR3: Side Future and so on. How she cheated death twice (one time, she stopped Junko from killing Naegi and managed to found an antidote to repel her supposed actual death in Side Future) but they got her some real flaws such as that she can be overly prideful of her skills to the point she'd see others' help as slowing her down, or how she can be overly sensitive over the death of her father, she has trust issues with people, and not to mention she can be a jerk sometimes. Her relationship with Naegi was one of the most natural relationships In the DR franchise.
Chiaki on the other hand, was overly insisted by the writers that she's a good character when she actually sucks, they didn't got her actual development and her supposed flaws are just quirks.
If a "flaw",
1) Is just there to make the characters hotter/prettier/handsomer/cuter
2) Don't give them actual problems or just short term arguments that aren't important
3) Is just there to give the story some comedy/ a gag for the story
4) Is just for quirks
5) Is either: clumsiness, naivete, or sleepiness
It's NOT a flaw. Seriously.
I don't think I'd ever like Chiaki anymore. Regardless of what the fanboys try to say to me. And that's an official from me.

That's all for now, If I missed something, please tell me in the comments and If you do liked It, then thanks a million! Also, I hope that no fights would happen over this post. Thank you for reading!


I'm gonna give you guys the link of Chiaki's execution in DR3.Call me evil or cruel, but I seriously can't feel anything when she died. If not, It was somehow satisying to me. The most satisfying death to me was Maizono's death, but this is quite satisying too. I wished that Maizono and all the other characters I hate from other franchises like Weiss, RD or Serena would get this kind of death, too. I'd laugh at It. Plus, how can I feel bad for a character If I can't even like or at least tolerate them? Once again, I'm not evil for hating Chiaki and cheering on her death because I'm already rooting against her in DR3, and her conversation with Izuru was touching to me but that's It. Now for the Chiaki fanboys, feel free to shower me with hatred and insults. I won't judge you:
https://m.youtube.com/watch? v=tYCuP5p0hZo - MLPFan

So she's like female Kirito? - TwilightKitsune

I'm not in the group of people who calls Kirito a gary stu, but I guess so - MLPFan

I don't like Chiaki either, and the main reason for that is definitely the fact that she's really bland. I still felt sad when she died in both games, but I didn't have the same emotional attachment that most people had. That said, I found it funny when she was like "wow Hajime, you're really hard" - kempokid

Yeah, I have no idea why some people actually felt emotionally attached to her when she's pretty much one with cardboard personality. Kirigiri was way better in my opinion, at least Kirigiri didn't felt like a forced waifu bait - MLPFan

Despite Kyoko being overrated, I still can't hate her simply because she's interesting and it was cool to see her slowly solve the mystery of the killing game. Chiaki actually contributed next to nothing as well. - kempokid