Worst Dawn Shippings from Pokemon

These are the worst shipping involving the character Dawn from the Pokemon DP anime.

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1 Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul) Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul)

Dawn hated Paul and foumd him a massive jerk. - Jackster

Like with Appealshipping I kinda like ship these two as a guilty pleasure.
don't know what is wrong with me. - Mehguy2000

2 Penguinshipping (Dawn and Kenny)

Kenny was always a dick to Dawn and Dawn rejected Kenny and chose Ash over him. - Jackster

3 Mumshipping (Dawn and Johanna) (Dawn's Mum) Mumshipping (Dawn and Johanna) (Dawn's Mum)

This is just wrong. Why would someone ship a Mum with her daughter. Johanna gave birth to Dawn! - Jackster

Does it even need to be explained why this is wrong?

There should be a death penalty for incest - TwilightKitsune

This ship is just so wrong - Pokemonfan30

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4 Heattagshipping (Dawn and Conway) Heattagshipping (Dawn and Conway)

Dawn was always creeped out by Conway and found him a perveet. Only Conway has feelings in this ship, completwly one sided. - Jackster

5 Twinleafshipping (Dawn and Barry)

Dawn thought that Barry was a crazy nutter. - Jackster

6 Sinnohshipping (Dawn and Proffesor Rowan) Sinnohshipping (Dawn and Proffesor Rowan)

This is extreme pedophile. Proffesor Rowan is an old man probably in his 70s. - Jackster

7 Lilblueshipping (Dawn and Piplup) Lilblueshipping (Dawn and Piplup)

This is just ridicoulous. - Jackster

8 Lightrockshipping (Dawn and Brock) Lightrockshipping (Dawn and Brock)

Brock is a lot older then Dawn. - Jackster

9 Cavaliershipping (Dawn and Gary) Cavaliershipping (Dawn and Gary)

They only had 2 episodes together. She was just excited to meet him, because he was related to Progfesor Oak. - Jackster

10 Glintashipping (Dawn and Nando) Glintashipping (Dawn and Nando)

I am 28 3rd place my dear 2nd place yuris rival I love as much as zoey

Nando is in his 30s, enogh said. - Jackster

The Contenders

11 Pearlshipping (Ash and Dawn) Pearlshipping (Ash and Dawn)

No! Pearlshipping is a good ship. And Ash and Dawn have so many hints. Thanks to the person who ruined my list! - Jackster

12 Appealshipping (Dawn and Zoey)

Not gonna lie, I ship these two as a guilty pleasure. :/ - Mehguy2000

13 SapphirePearlShipping (Dawn and May) SapphirePearlShipping (Dawn and May)
14 PikaPearlshipping (Dawn and Pikachu)
15 AnnemaeShipping (Dawn & Iris) AnnemaeShipping (Dawn & Iris)

I hated that they got along together. Iris completely ruined Dawn's cameo and changed the way Dawn acted towards Ash. - Jackster

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1. Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul)
2. Penguinshipping (Dawn and Kenny)
3. Heattagshipping (Dawn and Conway)
1. Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul)
2. Mumshipping (Dawn and Johanna) (Dawn's Mum)
3. Penguinshipping (Dawn and Kenny)


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