Worst Dawn Shippings from Pokemon

These are the worst shipping involving the character Dawn from the Pokemon DP anime.
The Top Ten
Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul)

We have a cheerful, optimistic, extroverted trainer who is friendly and caring to her Pokémon. While we have a cold-hearted, grumpy, cynical, pessimistic trainer who is conceited and abusive towards his Pokémon. This shipping doesn’t work.

Like with Appealshipping I kinda like ship these two as a guilty pleasure.
don't know what is wrong with me. - Mehguy2000

Penguinshipping (Dawn and Kenny)
Mumshipping (Dawn and Johanna) (Dawn's Mum)

I absolutely hate this ship! I’m pretty sure this ship is illegal. Honestly why in the Pokémon world would this be a good ship?! -PrincessAWSOME

Does it even need to be explained why this is wrong?

There should be a death penalty for incest - TwilightKitsune

This ship is just so wrong - Pokemonfan30

Twinleafshipping (Dawn and Barry)

This is one of my favorite ships! Dawn and Barry are meant for each other!

Heattagshipping (Dawn and Conway)
Sinnohshipping (Dawn and Proffesor Rowan)
Lilblueshipping (Dawn and Piplup)

I actually kinda like this one it seems perfect, cool, and cute

Glintashipping (Dawn and Nando)

I am 28 3rd place my dear 2nd place yuris rival I love as much as zoey

Pearlshipping (Ash and Dawn)
Appealshipping (Dawn and Zoey)

Not gonna lie, I ship these two as a guilty pleasure. :/ - Mehguy2000

The Contenders
Lightrockshipping (Dawn and Brock)
Cavaliershipping (Dawn and Gary)
SapphirePearlShipping (Dawn and May)
AnnemaeShipping (Dawn & Iris)
PikaPearlshipping (Dawn and Pikachu)
Straygirlyshipping (Dawn & Serena)
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