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1 October 1 - Las Vegas Shooting

Just when you thought the Orlando shooting was going to be remembered as the worst mass shooting in US history, this happened. 58 people were killed, and hundreds more were injured. Hopefully this will be the last "worst shooting in modern US history". - allamassal

2 September 10 - Hurricane Irma Hits Florida

At our house, we were without power for 16 hours. Two days earlier, we drove to Tampa to try to get away from the hurricane, and I associate the Pink song "What About Us" with that day. - allamassal

The association with that song has kind of faded away but I still don't like it! - allamassal

3 September 20 - Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico

7 and a half months later, Puerto Rico is still struggling to get back on its feet. - allamassal

4 November 5 - Sutherland Springs Shooting

27 people were killed, if I remember correctly. - allamassal

5 August 25 - Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall
6 May 22 - Manchester Terror Attack

The worst part about it was how people started bashing on Ariana Grande for the attack. - StarlightSpanks

7 August 12 - Unite the Right rally

White supremacists held a rally in Charlottesville that turned violent, and a woman was killed by one demonstrator driving a car. That's not even the worst part! Trump said that there was hate, violence, and bigotry "on many sides", and even lied about saying that. - allamassal

8 January 20 - Trump Inaugurated

Get over it - Dvafan2

9 July 20 - Chester Bennington Dies
10 May 30 - It's Everyday Bro Released

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11 July 28 - The Emoji Movie is Released
12 November 10 - Gummo by 6ix9ine gets released
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1. October 1 - Las Vegas Shooting
2. September 10 - Hurricane Irma Hits Florida
3. September 20 - Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico


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