Worst Days to Die


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1 Your Birthday

I think your birthday would be the worst because it's the day you were born and you would be celebrating, wouldn't you? Aren't you happy you're turning 1 year older? If you weren't born on the day of your birthday, then when would you be born? Where would you be now if it weren't for your birthday?

That would be SO sad. U won't get to celebrate! I DO agree with the Christmas one but dieing on your OWN b-day, that's MUCH worse.

You are 99, so close, but only get to be 100 for 1 second

Moses died on his birthday - Ihateschool

2 Christmas

Merry Christmas you filthy animal - slhart

I was born on this day!

how do you die on the day that god was born?

Merry Christmas I'm dead bleh.

3 Valentine's Day

I think it'd be really tragic to die just before you say "I love you" on Valentine's day

4 Mother's Day
5 Easter

Especially if you die just before you find the first egg. - sketchysteve

6 Father's Day
7 Today

I'd rather die tomorrow than today, as I type this. That would really stink. I mean, its one thing to judge the worst day for death, but what's worse than dying on the day that you actually say it?

Lol what if you died right after you said the word " dead or die or death or died"

8 Tomorrow
9 Yesterday

You wouldn't be reading this right now. - sketchysteve

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10 New Year's Day

My grandad died 31/12/13 and no one knew and said happy new year

My great grandfather died on 12/31/1980. - FasterThanSonic

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11 Wedding Day

That would generally suck - PositronWildhawk

12 The Day Before Your Birthday

ahhhh you almost reached the next year

13 Diwali

A special day for Indians - sabi

14 Halloween

Especially if you die just before you're about to start trick-or-treating. - sketchysteve

15 New Year's Eve

I feel for those who died on 12/31/1999. They almost lived into the new millennium. - sketchysteve

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16 The Day You Join TheTopTens
17 Christmas Eve

You never got your Christmas presents. - sketchysteve

18 The Day Before Your Wedding Day
19 The Day After Your Wedding Day

My family friend died after her wedding day

20 The Last Day of School
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