Top Ten Worst Days In Music History


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1 2/3/1959

This terrible day held the deaths of legends Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens, who only was in the plane because of a very unlucky coin toss win. Big Booper (29), Buddy Holly (22), and Ritchie Valens (17). This is the date we come to know as the Day the music died, and it very well did. - Beatlesboy9

Gotta go with this one because not only did it take 1 musical legend away from us, but 2 others, as well. So heartbreaking... - Donut

Death Of Buddy Holly - FettiMC

The song American Pie was written about this day. Some of the greatest died. And the sad part is one of Valen's biggest fears was of flying and you know how the story ends - happyhappyjoyjoy

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2 4/8/1994

Kurt Cobain killed himself because he predicted Justin Bieber's future.

That was on the 27th of April of '94.

Death Of Kurt Cobain - FettiMC

3 3/1/1994

This is so funny because the others here were deaths and his is the only one listed as birth Yes, this is one of the worst days in music history. If only that particular day didn't exist at all...

Right! Birth of Justin beiber - frankjackson

Birth of the death of pop. - ToptenPizza

Come on, get real - 445956

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4 12/8/1980

Death Of John Lennon - FettiMC

By far the worst day in the history of music. - Beatlesboy9

This is proof that crazed fans can commit such evil and terrible things.

5 6/25/2009

If you disagree that this day isn't sad then go jump off a cliff into a pit of anacondas; TO SHOW NICKI MINAJ WHAT REAL MUSIC IS.

The day the King of Pop died:( why did this have to happen? - nintendofan126

Why Michael Jackson and not Justin Beiber?

Should Be Number 1

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6 9/13/1996

Death Of Tupac Shakur - FettiMC

7 8/16/1977

Death Of Elvis Presley - FettiMC

8 3/9/1997

Death of Biggie Smalls

Death Of The Notorious B.I.G - FettiMC

9 9/18/1970

Death Of Jimi Hendrix - FettiMC

10 5/11/1981

Death Of Bob Marley - FettiMC

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11 12/8/2004

Death of former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell who was shot and killed by a crazy man while performing live

Assassination of dimebag darrel

12 11/24/1991

Death of Freddie Mercury. - allamassal

13 11/29/2001

This was my first birthday O.o

14 3/31/1995
15 1/18/2010

The most annoying song was released, further proving that music had died :( - MrCoolC

16 4/21/2016

I swear, this day was June 25th 2009 all over again...

Death of Prince, one of the best musicians ever.

17 05/17/2017
18 07/20/2017

Death of Chester Bennington - Aha223

19 12/28/2009

Death of James Owen Sullivan aka The Reverend of Avenged Sevenfold

20 3/19/2012
21 3/20/2012
22 3/23/2012
23 3/24/2012
24 25/08/2013

Vmas 2013, Miley Cyrus and robin thickle show, no more words

25 09/27/1998

The death of Cliff Burton R.I.P. - JAE29

26 12/13/2001

Death of chuck schuldiner

27 7/3/1969

Death of Brian Jones', co-founder of The Rolling Stones. - MontyPython

28 8/25/2001
29 4/25/2002
30 7/3/1971
31 7/31/1976

The EXACT DAY Chicago released their grand sell-out single, "If You Leave Me Now". As Stan Lee always puts it, enough said.

32 8/25/2013

The day of the VMAs, featuring the twerk that ruined EVERYTHING.

33 8/12/1985

Day "Dancing In The Street" by Mick Jagger & David Bowie was released - westofohio

34 9/27/1986
35 23/11/1992

Born of Miley Cyrus

36 12/25/2006
37 6/10/2016

The day Christina Grimmie was assassinated, I can't believe it, we'll never forget that.

38 04/05/2002
39 10/2/2002

Jacob Sartorius was born - Aha223

40 12/20/2011

Stupid Hoe released, making it the day music officially died. - allamassal

41 4/20/2018

Death of Avicii - Aha223

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