Top Ten Worst Days to Oversleep

I overslept today, which was fine, as I was in no rush, but there are some pretty bad times to oversleep.
The Top Ten
1 Wedding Day

I agree with Britgirl on this one and I would be angry if my finance was late to our wedding. Sadly, I have been late to a funeral because my aunt who is late fir everything took me. I swear she tries to make it on time she just can't it's like the end of Earth would happen if she made it on time.

How can you oversleep on the most nerve-wracking, most exciting time of your life?! I couldn't sleep at all on the eve of my wedding. I agree, though. This would be a really horrible time to oversleep.

Be it your own or a friend's; if you can do worse than Hugh Grant, you're the unintentional king of comedy.

If you fall asleep on the wedding day then you are out of luck

2 Exam Day

Missing an exam would just tear my world apart. Thankfully those days are behind me.

A way to lose your life. Gutting.

3 First Day of New Job

I was 30 minutes late to the job I've been dying to work at and completely blew it by not giving a good reason (lie) to why I was late on the first day. The boss said he would get a hold of me but never did. This is the hardest lesson learned jobwise.

You need a job to make money can't slack off need to be on pace every second

4 Plane Trip Day

If you miss your plane it's fine you can just swim or run and you won't need to pay for anything. Except the fine for no swimming?

5 Job Interview Day
6 The Day Your Home is Being Demolished

"Uh, yeah, boss, we assume he's moved out by now."
"Aw, roight, t'en! Let's blow it up! "
Not the thing to hear as you get out of bed.

Construction Workers: Ok boys knock it down
Me: Snores

7 Funeral Day

Not your own funeral, of course. No-one would mind if you overslept.

8 Operation Day

It depends how serious it is, but if you had to be up at a certain time, you'd have to wait another week to let them stop your kidney from exploding!

9 Lottery Day

Winning number? Great! Get £10, 000, 000 now! Zzz...

10 Christmas Day
The Contenders
11 First Day of School

This is me last year when this happens
Mom: Get up!
Me: Huh?... Whyyy?
Mom: It's your first day of school, honey!
Me: Huh?... Wait.. AW MAH GAWD
Me: Runs to school
Teacher: Why're you late and why have you got to pajamas on?
Me: Oh F***!

That would be plane embarrassing!

12 School Day When You Have an Assignment Due
13 Your Birthday
14 When a New Video Game Comes Out

Get a grip, people. The video game's not gonna be unavailable, even if it sells well. You crazy, crazy people. It's one of those annoying things. People camp outside game stores to get the game ASAP. Don't waste your lives, those people!

15 Last Day of School
16 Easter
17 Repayment Day
18 Thanksgiving

You would missed eating good meals, being stuffed, Football games, dog shows, Charlie brown special, Prarades, And spending time with your family and frineds if you sleep for the whole entire day.

19 Last Day of Summer Vacation

duh you need to wait like three months

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