Worst Days of the Week

The Top Ten
1 Monday

Where do I begin..? For starters, you have at LEAST 5 days of work/school to ''look foward'' to. Also, Mondays bring out the grouchiness in everyone, and it really shows.

Top ten reasons why mondays sucks:
10. too much sleeping
9. Very stressfull
8. Extra homework
7. People are too lazy to go to work on mondays
6. Nobody smiles ( just a bunch of Canadian kids smile even if it's Monday)
5. You have to get up early
4. Mondays always make your vacation come to an end
3. People are in a bad mood
2. It's very depressing: you have to start working again from your vacation: getting up early
And finally...
School is the worst thing about mondays. 123 if you agree, 567 if you do not

When you are up on Sunday night, and your mom says it's time for bed, you say NO! I don't want to go to school! And then she says you have to, then you go to bed miserable, then wake up in the morning and go to school. You basically have only 2 days (some schools have 3 days) of our weekend, and that's the only time when you can relax, play Minecraft, and just sleep in.

This means getting up early in the mornings, having to learn stupid and useless things. I really hate that. Please just give me a break, and let me have fun, not boredom. Also, you get loads of homework, which is even worse. Homework is bad for you, because of the lack of sleep, no more play time, not going on the internet, etc.

2 Tuesday

Monday- start of the week, you're refreshed from the weekend
Wednesday- hump day, halfway through the week
Thursday- almost Friday
Friday- end of the week
Saturday- best day of the week because it's a weekend day followed by another one
Sunday- sure you have work tomorrow, but it is still a weekend day.
But Tuesday is nothing. All memories from the past weekend are gone and the next weekend is too far away.

I cry every time: What truly makes Mondays, Mondays. Somehow making it through the day just to realise their is another day after just as horrible as the one you just went through. Its not like this day has a purpose other than for your own personal torture. Why can't it just be the weekend dammit!

All my classes are SO BORING on this day! I have a super long day at school because I have pep band before school and drumline after school, and then by the time I get home I have barely any time to do my homework. And I have to try to go to bed early so that I can wake up for jazz band!

People seem to ignore all messages and turn quiet, I never get mail and its always a cloudy/rainy day! I've noticed this for years! Tuesday is literally the worst.

3 Wednesday

Its bad because every Wednesday, we have 3 periods which each period is over an hour! And you just realize you're halfway through the week. At least we get half days every Wednesday.

All on Wednesday,All this happened:
1.I got late for school
2.My dad forced me to pack up my little brother's things and backpack when he is literally 7!
3.I got sprayed by a skunk
4.I got laughed at
5.People were being very mean to me
6.I wasn't allowed to go on my laptop

It's the day of the week where all my lessons are inside, we have to attend a school chapel service, and makes you realise that you're actually only halfway through the week.

Are you kidding me, Wednesday is the best day of the week because at my school we get to just have fun and do what ever we want for most of the day!

4 Sunday

Monday is awful, but Sunday is more or less awful. Church is nice, but it's that terrible feeling you get when you KNOW school/work is the next day! Sunday is truly the most anxiety-inducing day of the week.

Sunday is worse than Tuesday, you're stuck in church all day and it's just hell because once church is done, you have homework for Monday

You can not sleep in on Sunday morning because you have to go to Church and even though its nice to be with your family there. It gets so boring having to sit in a chair listening to speeches and then you get sleepy and all. Then after going there, you have to sit in the house all day long being stressed about school and the days ahead of you. Then on Sunday night you can't sleep because you know your going to wake up and find yourself being in a classroom with many students. Its not such a fun day and to sum it up they suck.

Stop it brain. NO! I do not want to be reminded of the hell that is Monday! Stop thinking about it!, I swear, basically just countdown timer till Satan drags you back down to experience the week all over again starting from the infamous Monday, aww that's cute, you actually got used to the weekend? too bad.

5 Thursday

To remind you that its not Friday just yet, even better yet, all the teachers you have be like making it rain homework or whatever they can come up with for you to just finish on that one day for Friday and you can't stop thinking about the weekend while your at it, the worst day of the week right here and I thought Mondays were bad.

Thursday is the worst day because it reminds you of all the crap that you have been though out the while week. And yes it is one day closer to Friday which is the best if the week, but Thursday is the day when everything goes wrong. Like you almost always get sick on the week ends. So ya that's why Thursday is the worst.

Thursday sucks. It should be number one. Everyone is the opposite of nice to me on this horrible weekday.

Thursday is the day with the most homework and the most studying.

6 Friday

Friday is terrible because even though it's the end of the week, you still have to sit through another day of school/work and all you have to look forward to is a much too short weekend before doing it all over again.

I hate Fridays because you still have to go to school and all the teachers give out tests and projects and extra homework his day.

Well, in my opinion, the only bad thing about Friday is school. But look at it this way: It's the start of your weekend!

Friday is a very bad day when I go to school because of story writing and being silly in the house and shopping.

7 Saturday

You may love it, but I hate it because I'm home schooled, so school isn't even hard, and I can do it at my own pace, so Saturday's like any other day for me, EXCEPT my siblings and dad are all home for the day, and make a whole bunch of ruckus and obnoxious road trips. Damn, I hate Saturdays.

What is this doing here? Saturday's great! You don't have to wake up at 5 am, you can stay in your pajamas all day, you don't have to feel like you're carrying a cinder block on your back, and I was born on a Saturday.

I just hate Saturday mornings when I have to go to this boring language class at 10 am! I went to that class for 6 years and want to quit!

I don't have school on Saturday but I have Catholic school on Sunday. Boo Saturday.