Top Ten Worst Days of the Year to Go Shopping

Shop on these days for the worst shopping experience of your life.

The Top Ten

1 Black Friday

Even Britain was recently affected by this. It was ridiculous, given that we don't even have Thanksgiving. - PositronWildhawk

I actually don't mind shopping this day, but many beg to differ. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Absolutely incredible what some people will do for a deal. - PetSounds

Everything is free on black Friday for us black people

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2 Christmas Day

Here, every stores are closed. It's a waste of time - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

3 Christmas Eve
4 Thanksgiving Day

Same with Christmas nothing open! Unless the store is pre black Friday then forget it with those lines - happyhappyjoyjoy

Please don't hate me,but I always never like thanksgiving,not because of family,but because if the Italian tradition and the food

5 Day Before Thanksgiving

Don't plan on buying your dinner the day before with 2000 other people in your town - happyhappyjoyjoy

6 Valentine's Day

Honestly, it gets surprisingly busy - happyhappyjoyjoy

7 Prom Night

Did this one night for shoes to wear to homecoming. Not doing that again - happyhappyjoyjoy

8 Easter
9 Labor Day
10 Day After Christmas
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