Worst DC Superhero Movies

Many, if not most, of DC's attempts at bringing their line of superheroes onto the big screen have been disappointing at best. With the potentially reputation-saving DC Cinematic Universe on the horizon, we take a look at DC Comics' worst superhero movies. Note: Any properties from DC Comics and their respective subsidiaries are eligible to be included in this list.

The Top Ten

1 Batman & Robin

The directer even apologized for making it - Batmaniscole

2 Catwoman

At least movies like Batman and Robin or Jonah Hex are watchable. Batman & Robin is actually fun to watch, yet silly. Jonah Hex is interesting, but becomes a bit boring. Catwoman... I have never been bored so much while watching a superhero movie. Bad actress, bad story, everything is awful... I only watched half of the movie, didn't eant to watch any more

2nd Worst Superhero Movie Ever

I did not see bad, just that it was not half good

3 Superman IV - The Quest for Peace
4 Supergirl
5 Jonah Hex
6 Steel
7 Green Lantern (2011)

This movie was good

8 The Return of Swamp Thing
9 Batman Forever
10 Superman III

Whose idea was it to mix Superman with Richard Pryor? Since when did the series need to resort to campy humour to be successful? Superman I & II were hugely successful and didn't need any of that. Perhaps 'Superman III' knew that, though, since it also felt like one big rehash of the first film. - BKAllmighty

The Contenders

11 Suicide Squad

I like the joker and harley quinn but this is not a good movie

Rotten tomatoes was actually right about this one

Worst movie of the year - Ale9991

12 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
13 Man of Steel

Put this movie off of the list, it's not bad, it's a cool movie

14 The Dark Knight

Don't press that button to vote for his movie!

Oh boy, this is gonna piss a lot of people off, but I'm sorry I just think this movie is awful

15 The Dark Knight Rises
16 The Lego Batman Movie
17 Batman: The Killing Joke
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1. Batman & Robin
2. Catwoman
3. Supergirl
1. Batman & Robin
2. Catwoman
3. Superman IV - The Quest for Peace



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