Top 10 Worst Dead Rising Survivors

I love the "Dead Rising" series, but I hate some of the survivors in the game. Some are whiny ass bitches, while others are greedy pigs. It's time that I show you the "Top 10 Worst Dead Rising Survivors".

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1 Ronald Shiner

The worst, hands down.

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2 Jessica Howe

These three dumbasses from Dead Rising 2 thought it was a great idea to have a high stakes poker game. IN THE MIDDLE OF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! And they knew it was going on. Yet they didn't go to a safer place. I hate these survivors' guts. - ShyGuy86

Whoops. Looks like my list glitched up. It was supposed to have more than one name in certain places. These didn't go through. - ShyGuy86

3 Heather Tompkins

Hello!? leave your twin sister to die? she could just distract the zombies to have her get away

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4 Jonathan Picardsen

From Dead Rising, these three people take refuge in a gun shop. Smart. However, these three shoot you AS SOON AS YOU COME THROUGH THE DOOR, THINKING THAT YOU ARE A ZOMBIE! Zombies can't hold weapons, dumbasses. And you have to take a picture of the AIR DUCT where you enter the Security Office. That's nearly a 3/4 backtrack through the game. - ShyGuy86

5 Bessie Kent

From Dead Rising 2, these three ladies decided to go shoe-shopping. During a zombie apocalypse. THAT THEY KNEW WAS HAPPENING! Not only do you HAVE to carry there stuff back to the safehouse, but if it breaks, they defect. And if somebody gets left behind outside the safehouse, while the other two are safe with there goods, this one person defects because she got seperated from her goods. - ShyGuy86

6 Woodrow Rutherford

From Dead Rising 2, you have to guard this dumbass while he stea- I mean... collects money from ATMs. - ShyGuy86

7 Walter Morris

From Dead Rising 2. You have to decide which one of these "comedians" is funnier. Neither are funny. - ShyGuy86

8 LaShawndra
9 Cora Russel

From Dead Rising 2. You have to pay them $10,000 to "hire" them for their protection services. - ShyGuy86

10 Europa Westinghouse

The Contenders

11 Aaron Swoop

He always stands still in a zombie crowd and doesn't ever use a weapon I give him.

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