Worst "Death Battle" Fanbases & YouTube Channels

I agree that Death Battle have good animation. But their research is just really bad! Not only that, they've caused many fanbases to have flame wars. You have any suggestions? Both fanbases and YouTube channels. Add them to the list!

The Top Ten

1 AnimationRewind

This is probably the worst kind of "Death Battle-typed" channel ever! The researches were poor, the voice of the narrator was annoying. - therealman

This Channel should be banned it killing our childhood.

This Channels suck and disgusting battle

2 ScrewAttack! ScrewAttack!

Boomstick is being sarcastic! The researchings were inaccurate! - therealman

3 Cartoon Fight Night

The same as AnimationRewind - therealman

4 Dragon Ball Wank

Keep saying Goku stomp Superman and when I say Superman blitzes Goku, they said "nope! ". Don't get me wrong, I've never watched Superman and never been a fan of him. I only researched about him. - therealman

5 Kirby Wank

They downplay every single characters from other franchises. And when people say Kirby would lose, they started to insult. Stop it guys, Magolor is literally outlier for Kirby because he doesn't fight consistently! Kirby is Multi-Solar System at best! - therealman

Please vote fairly or you'll have to get out! - therealman

They're the most toxic jerks out there!

6 Hyun's Dojo

Honestly, I've never watched this so tell me if this is bad! - therealman

7 Mightyraccoon

Mostly about fan's votes! Superman would've stomped Saitama in an instant! - therealman

8 Cartoonhooligans

Honestly, this one should've never been here, but the battles are mostly about gay super saiyans. But I have to admit, they make awesome battles. - therealman

9 Sonic Wank

Please no wanking! If you wank, you'll have to leave! - therealman

These idiots wanked Sonic wayy too far. Sonic isn't Multiverse, that's only the Archie Comics are a different series than the Game itself. Sonic is Multi-Universal at best! - therealman

10 One-Punch Man Wank
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