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1 Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse is a American death metal band from Buffalo, New York, formed in 1988. The band is known for their graphic album covers, explicitly violent lyrics and song titles like "I C** Blood" The group got into mainstream after performing the song "Hammer Smashed Face" in the 1994 film Ace Ventura: ...read more.

I dislike the lyrical content, but you have to admit - these guys know their stuff. Alex Webster is amazing on bass. He's one of the only reasons I sometimes check out their music. Corpsegrinder isn't a bad vocalist; he's better than most. The rest of the band is fine as well and they can make some good instrumentals, but the lyrics just make it over the top.

Hugely overrated band. There are so many more death metal bands that I've heard that are a lot better than Cannibal Corpse. Morbid Angel, Obituary, Bloodbath, Dismember and Entombed just to name a few. At least with these bands when I read the lyrics I can get what they're saying. This stops people getting into death metal by making people think that all death metal is just inaudible burping. - Uner1996

They bring shame to death metal.
Death and other bands that try to be like death are true death metal.
But for some reason metal elitists defened this crap they're lyrics are inaudible I can't unerstand what their saying most of the time and their live concerts are much more just random growling.
I'm pretty even their singer just makes random noises live and not sing the lyrics

If they weren't overrated, would you still hate them? They are overrated but come on, they're amazing!

2 Abomination Putridity

Abominable Putridity**

These guys are awesome. I understand some people can't get past the vocals, but listen to the the grooves and slams. These guys are the best at their genre. I love em! - ryanrimmel

3 Six Feet Under Six Feet Under Six Feet Under is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 1993. The band consist of four members: founding vocalist Chris Barnes, longtime guitarist Steve Swanson, current bassist Jeff Hughell and recent drummer Marco Pitruzzella.

The Monkees of Death Metal

After listening to this, it's a good thing CC replaced Barnes when they did - fuccboi

This is the actual worst Death Metal band. Cannibal Corpse, Dethklok, and Dark Tranquility are awesome bands.

Seth Putnam said it best

4 Dethklok Dethklok Dethklok is both a virtual band featured in the Adult Swim animated program Metalocalypse and a real band created to perform the band's melodic death metal music in live shows. Both bands were created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. ...read more.

What? Dethklok is both awesome and funny. What more could you want?

I don’t like Dethklok at all to be honest plus I think this band sucks

5 Abnormality

Oops, I accedently voted for this band.

6 Dark Tranquility

Dark Tranquillity* - ryanrimmel

What kind of joke is this?

What? No - ryanrimmel

7 I Set My Friends On Fire I Set My Friends On Fire I Set My Friends on Fire is a post-hardcore group from Miami, Florida. The band was formed in 2007 by Matt Mehana and former member Nabil Moo.

They aren't even death metal. But they do suck - ryanrimmel

8 Cattle Decapitation Cattle Decapitation Cattle Decapitation is an American Deathgrind band from San Diego, California formed in 1996. Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals, the abuse of the environment and touch subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based ...read more.

Who the hell put them here. - Caleb9000

Travis Ryan is so versatile with his vocals. They have the best lyrics of any dm band I've heard. They have chaotic blast beat drums yet great technicality. They're awesome! n - ryanrimmel

9 Job For A Cowboy Job For A Cowboy Job for a Cowboy is an American death metal band from Glendale, Arizona. Formed in 2003, the band's debut album Genesis was released in 2007, peaking at No.
10 Suicide Silence Suicide Silence Suicide Silence is an American deathcore band from Riverside, California. Formed in 2002, the band has released four full-length studio albums, one EP and eleven music videos.


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? Chelsea Grin
? Suffocation Suffocation Suffocation is an American technical death metal band that was formed in 1988 in Centereach, Long Island, New York, United States.

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11 Anal C*nt Anal C*nt Anal C*** was an American grindcore band founded by vocalist Seth Putnam in 1988 in Newton, Massachusetts. The band is known for their highly offensive lyrics which included themes of misogyny, homophobia, racism, Nazism, antisemitism, and schadenfreude (ridicule of the unfortunate). Their music has ...read more.

Technically not Death Metal. But yeah, their music is unbearable and their song titles are funny - ryanrimmel

12 Deicide Deicide Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987 by bassist and vocalist Glen Benton and drummer Steve Asheim. They are known for their blasphemous and satanic lyrics which have resulted in bans, lawsuits and criticisms from religious groups and the public. Frontman Glen Benton is also known for ...read more.

Deicide is the band that got me into death metal. They do not belong here - ryanrimmel

Their early stuff was top notch but in my opinion they aren't that great anymore. Kind of the same story as Metallica.

13 Necrotorture
14 Behemoth Behemoth Behemoth is a Polish blackened death metal band from Gdańsk, formed in 1991. They are considered to have played an important role in establishing the Polish extreme metal underground.

The hell? Why are they on here? Behemoth is a good black/ death metal band. I guess some people don’t like how blasphemous they are.

Guys what Behemoth influenced a new sound to death metal and that not my opinion, it's a fact.

What? Behemoth is one of the most powerful and catchy Death Metal bands. - ryanrimmel

15 Necrophagist Necrophagist Necrophagist is a German technical death metal band, founded and fronted by guitarist and vocalist Muhammed Suiçmez.

Sorry. But these guys are just tech for the sake of being tech. They've never written a song. - IronSabbathPriest

Why is this here lmao. Amazing band.

16 Thy Art Is Murder Thy Art Is Murder
17 Macabre

There songs are nasty

18 Carcass Carcass Carcass are a British extreme metal band from Liverpool, who formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1995. A reformation was enacted in 2007 without one of its original members, drummer Ken Owen, due to health reasons.

Who put carcass here

19 Torsof*ck
20 Cerebral Bore
21 Gorod Gorod Gorod is a technical death metal band from Bordeaux, France. They formed in 1997 under the name Gorgasm releasing their debut album Neurotripsicks on Deadsun Records in 2004. They changed their name to Gorod in 2005 to avoid confusion with an American band also called Gorgasm, re-releasing their debut ...read more.
22 Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus is an American death metal band originally from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Formed in 1991, the group is known for their consistently hook-laden song structures, characterized by blast beats, complex riffing, slam riffs and heavy breakdowns.

I blasted them in class once.

23 Archspire
24 Waco Jesus
25 Psycroptic Psycroptic Psycroptic is an Australian technical death metal band formed in Hobart in 1999. Mainstay members are Dave Haley on drums, his brother Joe Haley on guitar, and Cameron Grant on bass guitar.
26 Brain Drill Brain Drill Brain Drill is an American technical death metal band formed in 2005 from Ben Lomond, California. They are signed to Metal Blade Records and released their full-length debut album entitled Apocalyptic Feasting on February 5, 2008. In support of their debut, disagreements were engaged and members began ...read more.
27 Desecravity Desecravity Desecravity is a technical brutal death metal band from Tokio/Kanto, Japan, which was formed in 2007 and is currently signed to Willowtip Records. They released 2 full-length albums so far, which are both very little known among metal fans. ...read more.
28 Atheist Atheist Atheist is a progressive/technical death metal band from Florida, founded in 1984 by drummer Steve Flynn and singer/guitarist Kelly Shaefer.

Atheist is fantastic - Caleb9000

29 Waking the Cadaver

Absolutely abysmal

30 iwrestledabearonce

They are Penus at making music

31 Soilwork Soilwork Soilwork is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Helsingborg. They are signed to Nuclear Blast. Formed in late 1995 by Björn Strid and Peter Wichers, originally under the name Inferior Breed, the band changed their name in late 1996 to Soilwork.
32 Cynic Cynic Cynic is an American band which incorporates elements of progressive, experimental, alternative, and heavy metal. Founded in Miami, Florida. Founding members Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert publicly revealed their homosexuality in May 2014, a move that was broadly supported by the heavy metal community. ...read more.
33 Devourment Devourment Devourment is an American brutal/slam death metal band from Dallas, Texas. Formed in 1995, the band has split up and reformed three times and Brad Fincher is the only original member.
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