Top 10 Worst Death Metal Subgenres


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1 Pornogrind

What is this?

2 Noisegrind
3 Grindcore

There are some good grindcore bands out there. Bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, Pig Destroyer, Extreme Noise Terror, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed are good bands. It isn't "worthless screaming" like people would say - ryanrimmel

4 Goregrind
5 Deathgrind

Deathgrind is good. It's somewhat chaotic like Grindcore, but more technical like Death Metal. Cattle Decapitation is an awesome band - ryanrimmel

6 Deathcore

Deathcore = emo death metal - countnightdark13

7 Brutal Death Metal

Actually, this one has some REALLY good bands like Skinless, Devourment, Cerebral Bore, Party Cannon, Ingested, etc. - Metalhead1997

8 Christian Death Metal
9 Pornogore
10 Blackened Death Metal

What? Blackened Death is awesome! Listen to goatwhore or Behemoth - ryanrimmel

The Contenders

11 Technical Death Metal

How can you hate techdeath? Listen to Death, Nile, Atheist, Edge of Sanity, Necrophagist, or Brain Drill - ryanrimmel

12 Slam Death Metal
13 Power Violence

Uh... I think you put this screamo subgenre in the wrong list. - Metalhead1997

14 Gorenoise
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1. Pornogrind
2. Noisegrind
3. Goregrind
1. Pornogrind
2. Noisegrind
3. Pornogore



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