Top 10 Worst Debut Albums

What band or artist made a debut album that you absolutely hate? Many always think that the first album of a band is most pure and true form of the band. But sometimes that the first album is crap. Which are the worst?

The Top Ten

1 Pablo Honey - Radiohead
2 Bleach - Nirvana
3 Lou Reed - Lou Reed
4 Sremmlife - Rae Sremmurd

Deserves to be higher than My World 2.0. Worst album by two of the biggest hacks in the rap genre. Even Justin Bieber cannot top the awfulness of this album. - Swellow

5 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
6 Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift

The cover of this album reminds me of someone. - LightningBlade

7 Queen - Queen

They starting rocking great only after the release of their second album. Now they're on the top. - LightningBlade

They only ever had a single album that reached #1 on Billboard, "The Game".

8 Night Visions - Imagine Dragons V 1 Comment
9 Playtime is Over - Nicki Minaj
10 Up All Night - One Direction

The Contenders

11 My World 2.0 - Justin Bieber
12 5 Seconds of Summer - 5 Seconds of Summer
13 The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Red Hot Chili Peppers
14 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold

Was this awful garbage ot on this list? - christangrant

15 My Bonnie - Tony Sheridan
16 Cold Spring Harbor - Billy Joel
17 Mental Aquaducts - Limp Bizkit
18 Metal Magic - Pantera

The only bad Pantera album - christangrant

19 Memories... Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers

This Album Is So Bad Its good

20 Yours Truly - Ariana Grande
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1. Sremmlife - Rae Sremmurd
2. Playtime is Over - Nicki Minaj
3. Up All Night - One Direction
1. My World 2.0 - Justin Bieber
2. Pablo Honey - Radiohead
3. Bleach - Nirvana

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