Top 10 Worst Decades In History

What do you think is the absolute worst decade of all time?

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1 1930s

I'd say this decade is the worst, even though the 2010s are a bad decade culturally, this decade is known mostly for the wars and the Great Depression when suicide rates were really high and the economy was intensely bad, so overall, this is when the World suffered most. - Call

Nah, the 1930s and the first half of the 40s were the worst decade in earth's history.

To anyone who votes recent years as the worst years in the world and everything, You have got to be kidding me, 1939-1945 were actually the worst years ever!

Nah, 1939-1945 were actually the world's worst year ever.

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2 2010s

How am I supposed to be a fan of this decade when there's racism everywhere, hypocrites are on the rise that are effecting the decades fashion, Terror going too far, society becoming more annoying, internet risk, society risk, global warming on the ultimate rise, animal and plant population is lowering (Yes, that means there would be less McDonald's for you) Politics are also at risk (I mean yeah, there are a lot of things at risk in this decade compared to the other decades from the post WWII era) The economy is stupid, the innocent people are getting hated on for no reason, Air is polluted, people are becoming famous for stupid reasons and not for profession, pop culture is 100% annoying and can make so many angry people so that everyone would be angry, health issues to millions of people, viruses everywhere, suicide everywhere, there's people everywhere that don't even sleep often, crappy remakes ruining our lives, natural disasters everywhere that people don't even care about ...more

You wanna know why this is the worst decade ever? I'll tell you why because were living in such a sensitive world where were sitting behind one screen and were not gonna have a fist digitally compose itself into a physical hand and punches in our faces for saying the wrong things. Wrong things subjectively. And it pisses me off because we didn't have this in the 60s we didn't have this in the 70s we didn't have this in the 80s we didn't have this in the 90s we didn't have this in the 2000s and we didn't have this in the Early 2010s. We were just sitting there watching our favorite movies and shows and if we got offended then we kept it to ourselves. Now people are just stuff like "oh I feel offended" you have a freedom and right to be offended yes. But there's also a freedom and right to offend.

I stopped buying new music this year, because a lot of the 2019 songs suck!

Hard to find anything good

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3 1860s

This decade is the beginning of the Civil War and the beginning of the KKK

This should be number 1

This needs to be higher

This needs to be at #2

This should go in the top 2

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4 1910s

This should be in the top 3

The beginning of the First World War
Should be I. The top 3

This needs to end

The beginning of the world war 1
Should be in the top 3

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5 1340s

This should be on the top 5

This should be at the top 5

Because Black Plague

This should be either #1 or #2

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6 2000s

2000s were still ok, soon digital completely destroyed the world - PinkF

This was actually the best decade

The decade I was born in

The 'Retard Decade' this is.

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7 1940s

Come on! This should be #1 on the list

1940's- wars
2010's- bad trends and fashion

Some how the 1940's is better than the 2010's

Hitler, The Nazis, The Holocaust started.

70 Million Deaths from a war that sure started in the ladder part of 1939 but most of them died in this decade, the beginning of the cold war, and the many other atrocities that are too numerous to list.

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8 1990s

I'd have back to the 1990s.
No social media. (Unless you count messengers, chatrooms)
Kids addicted to a video game they are too young to play (Fortnite)
Too much digital around.
2010s - Brexit

William Steig created the book shrek in this decade.

Overrated decade, but still 8 times better than the disgrace of the 10s. - Frodomar49

Everything got bad after 1991.

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9 1970s

Worst decade ever! No rudder. No keel.

10 0s

This decade harassed my daughter

Too many salads. - Rpemk

Too much Jesus

This when I lost my favorite blanket, why isn’t this number 1? REE

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11 1980s

Worst decade that has ever happened

This was actually the best decade. - Rpemk

Too much music
Too much slutty and silly outfits like what

Fraggle Rock - davidrossgarrett

12 1960s

Hippies and commies

Seriously, how is this not number 1! A lot of bad things happened by then, the Vietnam war, Dr MLK was Assassinated, there was an earthquake in Italy, etc.

My mum grew up then and she said it wasn't the greatest decade so :P

My mum grew up in the 60s and said it wasn't the greatest so :P

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13 1350s

The black plague!
Should be at the top

This should be #1 because of the Black Plague

This decade had the bubonic plague killing over 100- 200 million people. This should be number 1


14 1900s

The San Francisco Earthquake that killed over 3000 people.
This should be higher.

This should be #2 or #3 at the most!

That decade started the San Francisco Earthquake

15 1920s

Who cares! I wouldn't mind If the ban on alcohol was reinstated.

Really? this is at the bottom of the list? why not the eighties? the great depression and the Spanish flu and all that?

Alcohol was prohibited during this decade.

16 1000s

The 1000s is so bad that technology isn't invented yet

17 1850s
18 1950s

I canny see

19 1890s
20 1640s

This is when the 30's year war was going on and eventually ended in 1648. It devastated Germany killing 1/2 of it's population. So much killing in this decade. - reviewer321

This should be either #1 or #2

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