Top 10 Worst Decades

From 1900-Present, choose the worst decades for music, entertainment, fashion, and more.

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1 1930s

Thousands of times worse than the 2010s. Not to mention, it had the 2nd most active hurricane season and had the strongest US landfalling hurricane.

If you are looking at this list, Just because you say recent years are the worst! That;'s not true! 1939-1945 were actually the worst years ever!

My, my, my, you've got to be joking! The thirties I know were all loony and toony, weren't they? - JayJayPlane

The Great depression: Enough said - XxMontrealxXRBLX

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2 2010s

Worst decade. Lame cartoons, The government - UK we had Brexit USA - A trumpet. Hey lets bash a young Canadian pop star then suddenly will cause trouble making not by pop music you bully someone their behaviour will change and its your fault. Preschool shows who on earth decided to reboot Teletubbies a 90s craze, the reboots of the magic school bus, bob the builder and Powerpuff girls, Bronies what blokes like My little pony so skinny and bony went to the circus one day she farted on purpose and blew up the circus and that was the end of her day, Ark Encounter? 50 Shades of Grey...Nah I'll stick to Twilight I don't really care if Edward was a vampire he never looked like one, lets insult younger generations for being different to boomers and gen x oh they are all clones none of them respect and lazy. We need to get to the final year. The 2000s where better than this. Bring on the 2020s.

I wish we could restart this decade again, make a singer you think is like a piece of slime as a one hit wonder (his first song in other countries didn't come out till 2010) a boy band you think are like flies as solo singers well one was solo in 2008 but only got to judges houses on the x factor, returned in 2010. Less reality T.V., love island used to be celebrity love island. Make sure 50 Shades of Grey is not published I don't want it compared to Twilight just because the author was a Twilight fan and based it originally on a Twilight fanfiction. Twilight is teens 50 Shades of Grey is adult. (The first Twilight book was published in 2008)
Maybe Simpsons cancelled even if there are rumours around now that its going to be around season 30. I have no idea what season its on now. No Teletubbies reboot in 2015, no My Little Pony friendship is magic but is bronies a phase. I wish Cory Monteith had not taken an overdose and Mark Salling had not became a criminal. That is more like ...more

If we're done complaining about crappy entertainment, there were tons of shootings like in Paris in November 2015 and the school shooting in February 2018 - Typical999

Lets bring on the 2020s sure people will still bully Justin Bieber like they have been doing since he was 15 years of age, sure people will still attack pop music, and all entertainment but lets hope it's a better decade for everything else

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3 1340s

This should be either #1 or #2

This should be either #1 or #2!


The black plague

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4 1940s

Germany in those times why the hell did they vote for Hitler.
Hitler and the Nazi's ruined the world in World War 2.
People vote for 2010s because the music is not their taste or 2016 famous people died.
The only thing you'd like about being a 1940s kid is that you finish school when you are twelve years old!

Get this higher now! - Typical999

Yeah because World War 2 is way better than Crappy pop music, Not surprising since this site is full of people that treat Pop music like a nightmare from Satan himself - B1ueNew

Come on! This should be #1 on the list

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5 2000s

Oh yeah like that's all that happened in the 2000s.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film came out.
Dial up is dead
The Sims video games started.
Video games pick one Mario is Missing (90s) or Luigi's Mansion (2000s)
Pokemon Gen 1 was the 90s.
Windows Pinball was still around and the original minesweeper

...but I was entering the times of becoming a teenager.

This makes sense because of 9/11 and the Boston Scare Shooting in 2007 - codgtamk34

Yeah. Think about 9/11, the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina, and the Virginia Tech shooting. - JoeBoi

The Decade that gave us all the 'Pish' we have now. One of the Worst...

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6 1910s

The first World War in history - codgtamk34

The start of a World War. - B1ueNew

7 1900s

This should be either #1 or #2, An Earthquake in San Francisco killed over 3000 people!

The San Francisco Earthquake

This should go in the top 5

This needs to be MUCH higher

This should go in the top 5

8 1860s

The Civil war and slavery abolished in america!

This should be number 1

The Civil what and the KKK formed. I hate nostalgia elitists so much. You think the Civil War is better than pop music? If so. Get help please. - B1ueNew

Civil war
Should be at the Top..

Civil War between The United States, Slavery Abolished in america!

Should be at the Top...

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9 1980s

I suppose it was the year before the most hated pop star of the 21st century was born.
Most hated because of social media.

Margret Thatcher's reign of terror began as she shut down all the coal mines increasing unemployment by about 1000%

Frick you!

10 1990s

Lol, I'm not obsessed with the 1990s anyway. But sometimes I miss childhood. Even though I hated school did you know 50% of adults miss school. But the 90s cult will be angered with this being on the list.

Wow. We had the gulf war, LA riots, Waco siege, Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine, and a crappy politician who got impeached for a sexual act. - JoeBoi

The book Shrek was published in this decade.

Why is the 2000s higher than this? They were MUCH better - LeetHaterz

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11 1970s

Lol no Youtube the internet didn't even come till the 1990s, 90s kids had it if their parents got it for their birthday or christmas.

This should be on the bottom of the list
Star Wars
Hulk the series
My favorite bands were from this decade

Good decade but no YouTube

The songs were awful in this genre but I can't necessarily call it a bad year. - AlphaQ

12 1850s
13 1350s

This should be number 1

A lot of people died from the Black Plague during that time period. This should be number 1

The Black Plague
This should be number 1

This should be number one

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14 1950s

Think about it nostalgia-retards, you say the old days were better huh? Well, I'm disagreeing and have a lot of reasons.

First of all we live longer, don't you want to see your relatives for a longer time? There's also less racism, a lot of douches say the Kkk is better than rap music which is very immature of them. Finally games and movies have better graphics and stories. Grand Theft Auto is much more diverse than Tetrix. Music is also more advanced. You only had one or 2 genres in the past, although I like rap and pop I think there should be a miz of rap and pop and other genres.

Finally, get out of this list. - AlphaQ

15 1960s

JFK and MLK got assassinated. - JoeBoi

The 1960's were not really that great overall, with the exception of the music, which was much better than anything since.

I know the KKK was active here. Music wasn't very good either and quite a number of people were racist. - AlphaQ

16 3000 BC
17 1800s
18 1780s
19 1620s

Slavery started - Typical999

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