Top 10 Worst Decades

From 1900-Present, choose the worst decades for music, entertainment, fashion, and more.

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1 1930s

Great Depression < Crappy Music. Kids shouldn't be allowed on the Internet, - DCfnaf

1930s should be on number one

The Great Depression. Need I say more? - TrueWolf99

Well, 1930s should be #1

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2 2010s

Everything in the 2010's is awful. Movies are bad, overly dramatic, and unoriginal. Reality T.V. shows have taken over. The music is all about sex. The fashion is stupid and cringe-worthy. Women wear too much makeup. People are overly sensitive crybabies. Everything about the 2010's sucks! It's even worse than the 2000's. In my opinion, the last decent year is 2005. - ollyw

Right now you're the oversensitive crybaby. Get out of this list and never return. - AlphaQ

Definitely the worst decade ever

At least animation is thriving this year. - TheReviewer20

This isn't nostalgia since I was born in 2004, but I have to admit that the 2010s are bad in most aspects. I just don't like the 7-8 year olds who think swearing is cool, and the other group of teens who can't get off their phones because of the overrated dog filter. I am not trying to sound like a Special Snowflake, though. Some aspects of 2010s are good, though.

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3 2000s
4 1900s
5 1910s
6 1980s

Frick you!

7 1340s

We are gonna bump this to 1 or 2, A third or Europe was killed then

This should be either #1 or #2! A Third of Europe was killed!

This should be #1 or #2. A third of Europe was killed

This should be number one or two
A third of Europe was killed

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8 1970s

Good decade but no YouTube

The songs were awful in this genre but I can't necessarily call it a bad year. - AlphaQ

9 1990s

The Gulf War, rwandan genocide, LA riots, columbine, oklahoma bombings, etc. I don't like people who think the 90s were good just because Doom came out in '93 and "music was good"

10 1940s

I'm not disrespecting opinions but are you kidding me? Pop music (which is great) > is worse than killing 11 million people in a war? Really? - AlphaQ

This should be #1 in this list

I think this should be number one on this list

This should be number one on this list

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11 1950s

Think about it nostalgia-retards, you say the old days were better huh? Well, I'm disagreeing and have a lot of reasons.

First of all we live longer, don't you want to see your relatives for a longer time? There's also less racism, a lot of douches say the Kkk is better than rap music which is very immature of them. Finally games and movies have better graphics and stories. Grand Theft Auto is much more diverse than Tetrix. Music is also more advanced. You only had one or 2 genres in the past, although I like rap and pop I think there should be a miz of rap and pop and other genres.

Finally, get out of this list. - AlphaQ

12 1960s

The 1960's were not really that great overall, with the exception of the music, which was much better than anything since.

I know the KKK was active here. Music wasn't very good either and quite a number of people were racist. - AlphaQ

13 1800s
14 1350s
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