Top 10 Worst Decisions Made by Disney

Disney like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon has made a few bad decisions. Here's a few of the bad decisions they've made.

The Top Ten

1 Not allowing variety in their programming

Their programming is just as bad as Cartoon Network in all nutshell.

2 Resorting to memes to be relevant

Bizaardvark in a nutshell.

3 Only appealing towards little kids

At least Nickelodeon tries to appeal to teens and adults even if most of their live action shows are garbage but Disney on the other hand only wants to appeal kids from the ages of 3-7.

Agree, how don't they throw in some hidden adult humour like Pixar? If they added hidden adult humour to their movies adults would enjoy the movie too! - darthvadern

They do, and I think the creator of this list is talking about Disney channel because he mentioned Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network - Phillip873

In other words almost completely ignoring the teen and adult fanbase - Randomator

4 Rarely  airing anything that is cartoon related or animated

And the thing is... Disney's known for animation and yes this is a obvious reason the rubbish that is Disney Chnnael.

5 Trying way too hard to be hip and cool

Geez this is why I just skip all the live action shows on Disney and other networks (except a good few) - Phillip873

Nickelodeon did the same thing... but Disney's done before it Nickelodeon and way worse.

6 Focusing more on live action then animation

Which is quite a problem...

Why can't Disney channel make more animated T.V. shows, they prove to be more successful, just look at gravity falls! - Phillip873

7 Making terrible original movies

They've made very good movies this decade in animation, but I understand the live action stuff (I do not like the constant live action remakes) - Phillip873

Descendants 2 and 1 in a nutshell...

8 Casting terrible actors/ actresses

Even some of the WORST Nickelodeon live acting is better then most Disney actors.

9 Green lighting bad shows like Jessie and Bizaardvark

Both shows are dumb and not even somewhat funny.

10 Making Toy Story 4 when Toy Story 3 was a perfect ending to the series

It's a unnecessary sequel.

That was Pixar - 445956

The Contenders

11 Releasing Olaf’s Frozen Adventure
12 Firing James Gunn
13 Cancelling Gravity Falls
14 Cancelling Wander Over Yonder
15 Changing Toon Disney to Disney XD
16 Changing Playhouse Disney to Disney Jr.
17 Buying 20th Century Fox
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