Top 10 Worst Decisions Made By Non Disney Animated Movie Characters

The top worst decisions made by character from Non Disney Animated movies.

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1 Oscar Gambling Away Mr. Sykes Money - Shark Tale

After Sykes orders Oscar to pay up the money he owes him Angie out of the goodness of her heart gives Oscar her grandmother's pearl to sell and give him the money to pay back Mr. Sykes and what does he do with it he gambles it away on the horse raise and loses and Sykes is understandably upset and orders his henchmen to deal with Oscar, this moment would set in motion a series of events where Oscar takes credit for slaying a shark and becomes an instant celebrity despite no one actually seeing him kill the shark and he just roles with the lie. - egnomac

2 Mr. Fox Stealing from Boggis, Bunce and Beans - Fantastic Mr. Fox

Despite promising his wife he would stop stealing from farmers Mr. Fox breaks his vow and steals from the three farmers Boggis, Bunce and Beans who then come after him and his family as they destroy their home then attempt to dig him out not only does Fox put his own family in jeopardy but he puts everyone else and their families in danger. - egnomac

3 Megamind Makes Hal a Superhero - Megamind

After Metro Man apparently dies Megamind is left without purpose and decides to create a new superhero by transforming Roxanne's cameraman Hal into a superhero using Metro Man's DNA to create a new superhero so he can fight this plan backfires as Hal now going as Titan decides he would rather be a villain then a hero as he nearly kills off Megamind and takes over the city.l - egnomac

4 Flint Not Shutting Down the Machine - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Flints food machine ends up benefiting his hometown of Swallow Falls but it doesn't take long for the food to over mutate and despite the warnings from both Sam and his dad he still doesn't shutdown the machine allowing his new found success to go to his head until his machine creates a massive food storm that not only threatens to destroy Swallow Falls but the world as well. - egnomac

5 Once-Ler Breaking His Promise to the Lorax and Begins Cutting Down the Forest - Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

To appeal to his family Once-Ler breaks his promise to the Lorax as he begins to cut down all the trees in the forest until he cuts down every tree resulting in the world around him to be polluted as the animals are all forced to leave and find a new home not only that but his entire business goes up in smoke and his family leaves with his mother disowning him. - egnomac

6 Sherman Shows Penny The WABAC Machine - Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Ignoring Peabody's warning of not showing Penny the WABAC machine Sherman shows her anyway and time travels all the way to Egypt where she is set to marry King Tut forcing Sherman to get Peabody and rescue her things only manage to get worse as they try to get back but one thing after another happens until eventually there's a rip in the time space continuum. - egnomac

7 Louie and Cecilla Signing Professor Screweye's Contract - We're Back! a Dinosaur's Story

Loudie and Cecilla end up at Professor Screweye's circus which is designed to frighten people rather then entertain them and with little hesitation they sign a contract with him to perform at his circus trope this of course backfires as the dinosaurs arrive to late to save them as Professor Screweye now wants to use the dinosaurs to scare people in his show by using his brain drain which will revert them back to their savage nature as he gives them a choice wither take the brain drain or he uses Louie and Cecilla as he transforms them into chimpanzees to scare people, The dinosaurs agree to his demands as they take the brain drain and freeing the kids from his contract. - egnomac

8 Mayor Phlegmming Ignoring Osmosis Jones Warnings - Osmosis Jones

Osmosis Jones figures out Thrax's entire plan but Mayor Phlegmming chooses to ignore this due to him being more focused on his reelection and doesn't want to cause a panic so he closes the case and fires Jones, but his decision to ignore Jones's warning results in Thrax to carry out his plan and results in Frank being in a fever induced coma landing him in the hospital. - egnomac

9 Danny Trusting Darla Dimple - Cat's Don't Dance

In an attempt to prove to the studio that he and the rest of the animals should get better parts he takes advice from Darla Dimple who tells him to put on a spectacular show in which he groups all the animals for an audition only for Darla and Max to floor the stage and wreck the studio leading to not only Danny but all the other animal actors to get kicked out of the studio. - egnomac

10 RJ Steals Vincent's Food Supply  - Over the Hedge

RJ attempts to steal the food stash of Vincent the bear wagon and all and after accidentally waking him up from hibernation he accentually pushes the wagon down to the road where it gets run over and destroyed and now Vincent gives him one week to get it all back or face the consequences which leads RJ to manipulate the other animals into helping him get it all back. - egnomac

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11 Mrs. Tweedy Attempts To Kill All Of Her Chickens In Order To Fuel Her Pie Machine - Chicken Run
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