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21 Hawkfrost: Killing Hollyleaf

Hollyleaf looked just like my cat until she got hit by a monster. Poor blackberry my little kittypet. :'(

How was Hollyleaf stupid? In my opinion Dovewing is more stupid than her

Hollyleaf was my favorite. Hawkfrost, You suck

Ardu is right, she'd have a dream about flying and then walk off a cliff screaming "I TOLD YOU GUYS! "

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22 Tigerclaw: Turning Hawkfrost Evil

I think he used Hawkfrost like Thistleclaw used him. And manipulated his ambition into greed and his childhood loss into heartlessness. I feel that if Tigerclaw was out of the picture Hawkfrost would just want to be leader( and be a good one ) Like mentor like apprentice I suppose( I think Hawkfrost did the same thing to Ivypool )

Tigerclaw did NOT turn Hawkfrost evil. He was fishy from the first place. I still don't like Tigerclaw.

Would you rather be loyal to your father, or to a town in which everybody doesn't like or trust you?

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23 Brokenstar: Killing Kits

I feel sorry for yellowfang two kits die and the other one is evil

Can anyone tell me why he did this?


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24 Mapleshade: Tricking Crookedstar

She makes Crookedstar promise something that will destroy his whole life! EVIL MAPLESHADE! She made every cat that meant something to him die!

Technically, she didn't make his family die- she tricked him using his own future. She knew his family would die, so she used that to trick him into training with her.

Whoever has read Crookedstars promise will know how that evil Mapleshade destroyed his life by making him promise to put his clan in front of him always. Maple shade made rue that every cat that mattered to him was killed.

She knew that all of his family would die like this, but she wanted to make it look like it was his fault

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25 Ivypool: Killing Flametail

Um, read your facts people! Flametail drowned! Ivypool did nothing in relation to his death!

The guy or girl below is right he drowned and though Ivypool was forced by Brokenstar to attempt to kill him but she had nothing to do with his death.

THIS IS WRONG! sure, ivypool tried to, but she didn't! more stupid facts from this site!

How do you even get this that 'Ivypool killed Flametail'? - cassiabez

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26 Ashfur: Threatening Squirrelflight to Burn In the Forest Fire

So what if he was dumped, get a life Ashfur! Stop trying to kill Squirrelflight's loved ones and stop being a jerk! Holly is epic, I'm glad she killed him. I laughed at his death

Ashfur is a jerk! HOW did not go to the dark forest?!

He was a adorable apprentice, but it's such a shame he was corrupted by jealousy. I want him to pay for his crimes, but at the same time going to Starclan.. ( which he did )

Ashfur is one of my favorites...

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27 Hollyleaf: Threatening Leafpool to Eat Death Berries

She also killed Ashfur but not evil

I hate Hollyleaf, and Leafpool... So I don't know how to rate this one. - Arduinoping

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28 Ravenear: Killing Grayfall

I HATE YOU RAVENEAR! Grayfall was an awesome Medicince Cat he helped Sandstorm back to Firestar in Firestar's Quest and he saved countless lives! No Ravenear killed countless lives!

29 Dawnheart: Saying That Jayfeather Killed Flametail

It's DawnPELT. That grief-ridden jerk! Geez, he tried to SAVE her brother and all the thanks Jayfeather gets is an accusation! Then the other clans don't believe him! Thanks a lot Dawnpelt!

I have a good mind to kill Dawnpelt. She should be grateful that Jayfeather tried hard to save her loved brother, Flametail, and she must have grieved her heart out, but... to say Jayfeather killed him? Totally uncool! - Memery24

She didn't have any proof! If I were leader I would ask for proof...

30 Blackstar: Bringing Sol to Shadowclan
31 Tigerstar: Killing Firestar

Actually Firestar was killed by all his wounds not just by Tigerstar, Erin Hunter said he was killed by wounds

When it read the last hope I was in reading class but when I got home I cried for 6 hours straight

In the last hope firestar died trying to kill tigerstar! Bad kitty bad!

He died by the wounds inflicted from the fight...

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32 Hollyleaf: Being Epic

She is epic! And this shouvent have been real, she never tried to be epic - UrsastarOfForestClan

She never tried... She is natrually epic

I agree with UrsastarOfForestClan

Holly is epic!

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33 Tawnypaw: Leaving Thunder Clan and Joining Tiger Clan

She felt left out and didn't feel right. Sometimes cats have to make these decisions, I don't blame her for leaving. She probably didn't know how bad TigerClan was at the time, she was only little.

This isn't an evil act! She didn't feel like she belonged in Thunderclan, so she made the choice of leaving. She is nowhere near evil!

How is this evil? Not every cat can feel perfectly at home everywhere, she felt ShadowClan was the best place for her. Would you stay in a place where you felt unloved and uncared for?

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34 Pinestar: Having Thistleclaw Be a Mentor With Tigerpaw

Pinestar Wouldn't have known that Thistleclaw wouldn't teach Tigerpaw well, it wasn't really his fault if you think about it.

"Well, HI THERE! I'm going to give the most impressionable and scarred-for-life kit in our clan the least trusted warrior in our clan as a mentor! THEN THEY CAN GO DANCE ON RAINBOWS! YAAY!

Pinestar had left long before it was time for Tigerkit to be apprenticed.

Worst decision EVER Tigerstar could've led a noble live without a savage mentor like Thisteclaw, who led the clans into DISASTER (IDC if I spelled Disaster wrong)

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35 Hollyleaf telling the secret at the gathering

When I was like, five pages before the secret I was like "Ooooh no. I swear Hollyleaf if you tell the secret AND after you killed ashfur to hide it..." -hits the page and while mom is in the room throws book across the room- "COME ON! "

She ruined leafpool's life and made Tawnypelt's kits hate the three.

Poor Leafpool :(, she wanted to keep a secret and now she made them know that there halfclan and made stupid Breezepelt hurt jayfeather - UrsastarOfForestClan

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36 ThunderClan: Driving out Mapleshade

Think about it this way: It was actually ThunderClan's fault that Firestar and all those other cats died!

Mapleshade was a good cat, and if ThunderClan had forgiven her, she wouldn't have been evil, so she wouldn't start the evil chain, so Tigerstar and Thistleclaw and Brokenstar wouldn't be evil, which means all the cats who died in the Dark Forest battle or their deaths were caused by Dark Forest cats wouldn't have happened! - Sugarcutie262

Mapleshade didn't start the evil chain!

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37 Appledusk: Making Mapleshade evil, thus making her start the evil chain.

Yeah maple would of never been mean and start the chain and stuff fadge you Appledusk Mapleshade deservea better then you :/
- River

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38 Starclan: Taking Mapleshade to the Place of No Stars

What irks me even MORE is that Ashfur was let into StarClan while both Mapleshade wasn't. In fact, Appledusk was the real menace, he was completely unaffected by his own kits' death! Not to mention Ravenwing and his stupid prophecy, as well as Appledusk not standing up for his own mate, that caused Mapleshade's rage. In fact, this made me really take it out on Ashfur, since he was allowed into StarClan while these cats weren't. He even had a lousy reason for all those attempted murders! StarClan's only excuse was "he loved too much". Well, how about these excuses, huh? "Her kits drowned because she was turned away from her Clan, and her mate abandoned her, and she had no where to turn". He loved too much? REALLY? Wow... - Emberflight_of_StormClan

:c maple 4 Starclan...

Wow. Just wow. It was appledusks fault. All of it. And by the way. What about Mudclaw? Or ashfur? Why are they in the dark forest while this cat isn't? - Catsarah123

They didn't even cure her insanity! she was obviously insane... WHAT ABOUT HER KITS?

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39 Jessy: Taking Bramblestar from Squirrelflight

In my opinion, I wish bramble would dump squirrel already...

40 Tigerstar: Training Cats In Their Dreams

Why is this not #1? It killed like 1 million cats and corrupted 1 thousand and made 1 hundred loners!

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