Worst Deeds Done by Warrior Cats

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41 Ashfur: attempted to kill Holly, Lion, Jay and Firestar V 1 Comment
42 Rainflower: Rejecting Stormkit
43 Tigerstar: Sending the dogs to Thunderclan
44 Sandstorm: Stealing Firestar from Spottedleaf V 1 Comment
45 Stormtail: Mating with a cat he didn't like

That is just stupid. Other cats could have wanted Moonflower.

46 Yellowfang: Giving Birth to Brokenstar

Yellowfang was mates with Raggedstar BEFORE she became a medicine cat. Was going to have kits BEFORE she became a medicine cat. Facepalm, she really didn't break the code...

But she broke the medicine cat code

V 2 Comments
47 Crowfeather and Leafpool Having Kits

Poor Firestar? He was old and would've died anyway.

If the three weren't alive the dark forest wouldn't have risen. Woulda saved a lot of lives. Poor firestar

Um, actually, I think it's the reverse. The Three existed so they could help fight against the Dark Forest, not the Dark Forest risen because of the Three. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Not a nmistake, this was ment to happen - UrsastarOfForestClan

48 Squirrelflight: Lying to Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze

I was so shocked when she did that! But I also felt bad for her cause she lost her mate and her kits love when she thought was doing the right thing being loyal to her sister.

I love Jayfeather so I am on his side!

I really liked Squirrelflight and Leafpool in The New Prophisy series. Then after what they did I can never forgive them. Never. They are as bad as Darkstripe. Though I suppose if Leafpool did not do it Jayfeather would not have existed. So I do not know what to think.
A huge Mapleshade fan

This isn't evil

V 1 Comment
49 Tiny (Scourge): Joining the Forest

If this means running away from his home, I wouldn't blame him. Ruby was so horrible to Him! He was only a kit, really, so he'd have been scared and he wouldn't have wanted to be thrown in the river. (Not saying that would have happened)

How is that evil? You people are just bored and don't know what you're doing! He got bullied everyday by his siblings Socks and Ruby and he was an unwanted kitten to the house-folks and Ruby lied that unwanted kittens get thrown in the river, so he got scared, ran to the forest bumped into thistleclaw, bluefur/star, tigerpaw/claw/star and got beaten up by tigerpaw, so he ran to the streets and became a stray cat and just had a horrible life to begin with.

50 Pinestar: Becoming a Kittypet

If Pinestar didn't become a kittypet Tigerclaw wouldn't be evil and all those cats would be alive.

He left leopardfoot with her kits abandoned and had leopardfoot suffering the death of her daughters alone! What kind of mouse-brained cat would abandon they're own kits! - bluestar10

51 Tigerheart: Stealing Dovewing from Bumblestripe

Not much I can say about this but I don't think it makes him bad. They're not really a confirmed couple though.

In the end she does choose Bumblestripe

Um... Dovewing loved Tigerheart first... So...

V 2 Comments
52 Letting Bramblestar become deputy.

This isn't a mistake! Firestar thought it was right and he made a good choice - UrsastarOfForestClan

Woah woah woah woah woah! What! He's great! - Crookedstar_Lover

Why?! I mean, if Squirrelflight had chosen Ashfur, this could of gone majorly wrong.

What, brimblestar is pimp!

53 Reedshine: Stealing Appledusk from Mapleshade
54 Crowfeather Ignoring Nightcloud/Breezekit

That's. Crime by it's self if Crowfeather never ignoring Nightcloud and breezekit if he paid some attention to them maybe they wouldn't be so hostile, and evil :/

Crowfeather's fault that he made Breezepelt evil! And he shouldve just sticked with Leafpool. - UrsastarOfForestClan

It just kinda bothers me how he only mated with Nightcloud to gain loyalty in windclan
And when hollyleaf revealed the secret and he was like
"Nightcloud is my only mate," and in the last hope when he said something about that he never ignored him his mother made him believe that,I just literally wanted to smack him across the face a million times

V 1 Comment
55 Scourge: Trying to take over the forest
56 Mapleshade: Killing Willowbreeze

Mapleshade never killed Willowbreeze. None of the deaths she claimed to have caused weren't her fault.

Mapleshade didn't killed any of Crookedstar's loved ones she knew they would die and manipulate him to make Crookedstar think that it was his fault.If he didn't had made this promise for her they would die anyways. - cassiabez

She killed the others even worst-

57 Jessy: Crushing on you-know-who V 1 Comment
58 Ripplestar: Shadowclan leader ambushing 4 other clans for unknown reasons
59 Dawnwhisker: Attacking Flowerkit
60 Badgerstar: Killing Mossflight and your kits
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