Warrior Cats: Worst Deeds Done by Tigerstar

Tigerstar, evil, and ambitious. He's done so much wrong, but what was the worst thing he ever did???

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1 Led BloodClan to the forest

I wish Tigerstar was never born!

4 words: I HATE YOU BLOODFANG! I will break it down for you. Before that battle, Scourge heard a KA BOOM! and raced over. He saw a beautiful cat outside it. He brought her to his place, where she was cared for. Her name was Frost. Years later, a battle against Stormclan happened and two cat took her, and moons later she became their medicine cat, also taking the name Frostyleaf. But years later, before the battle, she had two kits, named Dog, for the dog teeth marking Scourge's collar and Savage for Scourge's personality. She told him to take the kits and leave, since a patrol was coming, but later they saw each other again, after they died a noble death,alone, and saw each other when Frostyleaf's spirit wandered to the Place of No Stars, and though she was good at heart, she stayed, because of Scourge, her Love. At the Place of No Stars.

This was the worst of ALL. How many cats died in this battle? Whitestorm (who was my farorite deputy) Firestar (who came back because of his lives), but scrouge would still be alive... I can't decide if this would be good or bad. And what did you gain Tigerstar? NOTHING YOU DARK FOREST CAT!

OK let me break it down - Tigerstar leads Bloodclan into the forest, Tigerstar dies. (Ha) The rogues kill Whitestorm (the most wisest dept I knew) and lost Firestar's life. Luckly Scourge got killed, though in the Great Battle if Firestar didn't lose that life he wouldn't have died.

4 words: I HATE YOU BLOODCLAN! - BloodFang

2 Ordered Stonefur to kill Graystripe's kits

Tigerstar is messed up.

Poor Stonefur - he was one of my favorite characters during that time... I feel so bad for him! He's amazing and did not deserve to die. He died protecting Graystripe's kits...


Crowfeather would not be Crowfeather if Stonefur did kill Graystripe's kit I HATE TIGERSTAR! That is just cruel people they were just little kits they were kits and add a good part to the story

3 Killed Firestar

I hate you Tigerstar

He was the best leader in ThunderClan and Tigerstar was the worst cat in ShadowClan I can't believe Tigerstar got what he wanted all he wanted WHY ERIN HUNTER WHY

Firestar was the bravest cat in all history in the warrior series tigerstar kills him when saves all the clans from the dark forest and him they both kill each other every single grieves over him ( especially sandstorm )

I think he killed and injured ( directly and indirectly) :








Cinderpelt/ paw




Practically flametail, scourge ( as in if there were no battle, scourge wouldn't have died), and darkstripe.

And so much more... ( I think )


4 Led a pack of dogs to kill ThunderClan

I was glad Tigerpoop went to the dark forest

The happens in A Dangerous Path. Tigerstar discovers a pack of dogs living at Snakerocks. He tries to use them to kill ThunderClan, but once again Firestar/heart foils his plan by setting a trap for the dogs at the gorge. Determined to he rid of his enemy, Tigerstar pins Firestar/heart down and flees when the dogs arrive, leaving Firestar/heart to a painful death. Only Bluestar's interference at the last moment saves Firestar/heart, but kills herself. -

This caused Swiftpaw, Brindleface, and Bluestar to die. It caused Brightheart to be severely injured.

I think this is the worst! If it succeded 3 clans left in the forest! I mean I didn't think even tigerstar would dream of that! It would unbalance the clans forever! Want a strong Clan tigerstar? Well then leave ThunderClan to survive and not risk unbalancing the clans (yes, even yours) forever! And his plan to kill bluestar worked in the end :(

5 Ordered Darkstripe and Blackfoot to kill Stonefur

That was just messed up

I have to admit everything here in this poll is bad but for Stonefur to die like he did--at the paws of an unskilled numskull like Darkstripe who needed help to kill a straving, beaten cat--that's just horrid. Stonefur was so noble and strong. It would've been so easy to kill Graystripe's kits and save himself but Stonefur was far to great to do that. It takes great courage to stick up to the scary Tigerstar and his clan! I love you fish-eating-furball-u!

Mean Tigerstar! He ordered Darkstripe and Blackstar to kill Stonefur. He made them do it! If Blackstar and Darkstripe didn't do it Tigerstar would have killed them. Blackstar wouldn't just have done it! I HATE Tigerstar and Darkstripe. I accualy like Blackstar, because Blackstar wouldn't just have done it. I mean, stonefur is my favorite's (Bluestar's son!

That is HORROR! He refused half-clan cats, so he ordered them killed. The worst part is, is how Blackfoot killed Stonefur! :( -

6 Led the Dark Forest to the Lake

Wasn't that Thistleclaw? - BloodFang

Because of him Spottedleaf, Hollyleaf, Mousefur, Ferncloud, and Firestar are dead! Then again Firestar did kill Tigerstar, so I guess I'm good.

Umm, when did he get there?

It wasn't just Tigerstar who led them to the lake.

7 Destroyed the good side of Tiny / Scourge

I think it was pretty bad when he killed Firestar and basically helped lead the Dark Forest into battle, but seriously. You committed suicide by doing this...

Wow, well, Tiny DID want revenge on Tigerstar after he tried to kill him. Everything else that made him evil, were from his siblings and etc. Even in the REALLY tiny section in Bluestar's prophecy where we "meet" him, he was pretty nice. Advice: read the rise of Scourge and if you have the time, Bluestar's prophecy.

Has anyone realized that if this never happened, Firestar would still be alive? Think about it. Firestar was on his LAST life when Tigerstar killed him. If Scourge never took one of Firestar's lives, he would still have one life left.

Ok you should probably know one thing before you continue doing these reviews; Scourge was never good. He was already evil, which is why Tigerstar created an alliance with him. Scourge already had his collar of bones and claws BEFORE he decided to "help" Tigerstar. Please check your facts before you make an assumption that Scourge is nice. Advice; read the comic books.

8 Took over RiverClan and ShadowClan

Start calling Tigerstar, Tigerpoop

THAT PIECE OF FOX-DUNG LEOPARDSTAR SHOULD OF KILLED HIM! It is unnatural for the four clans to come together in peace. Also, Tigerstar would of never share the leadership. He only has followers, not allies. Plus, if they HAD joined together, Tigerstar would of never brought BloodClan to the forest and Scourge wouldn't of died...

Grrr naming them your clan Tigerstar? NUH not on my watch - BloodFang

How dare you idiotic foxdung man tigerstars a mousebrain thistleclaw made him evil he must PAY!

9 Made trap for Bluestar

Ok if my Oc was in this series, she would hate Tigerstar and call him Tigerpoop

This is what was supposed to happen, Bluestar gets caught in trap, dies, leaving Tigerstar/claw as leader. Sadly Cinderpelt/paw falls into the trap instead and breaks hind leg, leaving crippled and crushing her dreams of being a warrior. Bluestar didn't come, because she had greencough! -

Poor Cinderpelt could've been a warrior if it wasn't for his fox-hearted mouse-brain. - RoseWeasley

If this fox-heart hadn't done this, Cinderpelt could've become a warrior. - RoseWeasley

10 Killed Brindleface

I was so sad when that happened. Cloudtail had just said goodbye to her. I don't think he could've ever imagined that happening to his foster mother. Of all the things that Tigerstar did... This was the worst for me.

THIS IS THE WORST THING IN ANY OF THE BOOKS! Books rarely make me cry (except Where the Red Fern Grows where I wept like a baby) but this brought me to tears! Just the thought that she was killed so that the dog pack could TASTE CAT BLOOD repulses me. It's the same feeling I get when I think of the Hunger Games (the actual Games: the books are great)

Tigerstar did this to try and give the dog pack a taste for cat, but, like I said, Firestar/heart foils that plan in time! Although he killed countless other cats, and the fact that one cannot put a price on a cat's life, his reason for killing Brindleface was worst than the rest. -

Killing an innocent cat for the sake of power is beyond insanity. BrindleFace, the devoted warrior that she was deserved a better fate.

The Contenders

11 Tried to kill Bluestar

Bluestar was so wise befre Tigerstar scarred her for life and made her paranoid till the end of her life!

Tigerstar is so sick! Goosefeather was right for once. Tigerstar should have NEVER been born. Goosefeather should have killed him when he had the chance. Who cares if you would get exiled? YOU WOULD BE SAVING THE FOREST!

Tigerstar is so supid. He made Bluestar crazy and now I'm mad. :(

First with the Thunderpath trap, then during a battle in her den, THEN TRYING TO DESTROY HIS BIRTHCLAN AND HER?! He's so sick.

12 Killed Gorsepaw

Is it bad that I cried over his death?

Too young and cute to die! I loved Gorsepaw. Damn you tigerstar, you deserve a really bad death! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

I forgot about this! This was absolutely (well tied with destroying Scourge's good part) worst thing he has ever done. I loved Gorsepaw and stupid Tigerstar killed him!

Oh my god... that was so sad! After Firestar had carried Gorsepaw (when he was a kit) home for the mother, and it was so unfair of him to die!

13 Made as if he was in favor of StarClan

Tigerstar is so arrogant. I hate him. He definitely doesn't have StarClan's favor, that's for sure. The fact he made it like it was right was a bit interesting to me but I still don't like it. He broke the Warrior Code so many times and still many cats are brainwashed by him. He is very influential and can be cunning. During the whole main series, he was such a liar.

That is how he planned to take over the Clan's, by lying and saying the he was the flavour of the week, (he was NOT! ) -

Stupid Tigerstar! How in the world would he think Starclan respects him?!

Laugh out loud if Hollyleaf was there she would have shredded Tigerstar for declaring he had the favor of starclan and thus the Warrior code. I can't believe he lied to so many cats including Goldenflower!

14 Lied to Everyone to Save Himself

Don't worry Firestar killed him...and himself...

I will kill him! Tigerstar is such a Fox Dung. And plus, why didn't Thunderclan see earlier that Oakheart died in a rockfall? Surely some Thunderclan cat might have seen it, or have been told by a Riverclan cat. Oh, Tigerstar. Why did you have to be born?!

15 Taught new cats in Power of Three evil skills

EVIL TIGERSTAR! If it weren't for him, Firestar wouldn't have lost a life in that fox trap because Hawkfrost would not have become evil. Brambleclaw killed his half brother at least, he did the right thing. NOT LIKE HIS FATHER!

what the heck? now all cats are thinking tigerstar's sorry for what he had done but he was not!

He taught Lionblaze in his dreams. As he did in The New Prophecy to Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. He also offered to teach Tawnypelt, who refused! -

How could he do this. So many injured and probably died that day:-(

16 Led rouges to ThunderClan camp

He did this to distract the Clan while he made an attack on Bluestar's life. And, once again, Firestar/heart to the rescue! Da-da-da-da! -

I mean let's think about it... he led them there so he could kill Bluestar, which he failed so he got banished, which made Fireheart/Firestar deputy, and Fireheart ended up becoming leader, and he did a lot of amazing things. But if Tigerclaw/Tigerstar remained deputy and became leader, Fireheart would of never became deputy which wouldn't make him leader, meaning he would live a normal un-proskillz life, and he would just be killed by Scourge. THANK YOU TIGERSTAR! !

This was good. It got bluestar to believe firestar and make fireheart deputy!

17 Planned to Kill Ravenpaw

I love you ravenpaw

He's dumb to think he can kill Ravenpaw!

Ravenpaw rules! I know why tigerstar would want to kill him buecause he saw him kill redtail but I don't think he would of told bluestar anyway firestar had to for him if tigerstar never existed I'pmagine what like would be like ravenpaw would still be in thunderclan bloodclan wouldn't of come cats wouldn't of died etc

He planned to kill ravenpaw becouse he saw him kill redtail but tigerstar was beten by firestar. That peice of fox dung (tigerstar)

18 Manipulated Darkstripe and Hawkfrost

Darkstripe and Hawkfrost weren't originally evil. Tigerstar just trained them to be that way so that he could use them later on (especially Darkstripe).

Wait a second. Hawkfrost wasn't even in the forest when Tigerstar died. I don't get it. (Well, I probably am wrong because I am only reading The New Prophecy, Dawn.)

Hold on a minute no one trained hawkfrost to be evil he wanted to be leader from the start

Wait wait wait. When did he do that?

19 Tried to Drown Firestar

Frick you
Frick Tigerpoop for life

Huh? What the...! When did this happen?!

I know, person below me. Ya just gotta get used to it. I am on Midnight( the one where brambleclaw and squirrelflight/paw go to midnight the badger).

Thanks longtail! If longtail was not here Fire/heart/star would be dead!

20 Turned the clan against Ravenpaw

Person who commented who loves tigerstar and hates scourge, IF YOU LOVE TIGERSTAR WHY R you HERE! Scourge is my FAVORITE, AND TIGERSTAR MY LEAST! Tigerstar is cruel for turning the whole CLAN against ravenpaw! If you love tigerstar, go to another page where people love him! You arnt gonna get any positive feedback from posting that comment where you shouldn't!

Tigerstar is a bad cat and I hope he gets what he diserves. So I want him to die.


Below You Just Hurt My Feelings! He Is The Best Cat To Me! Why Does Bluetar Get All The Fans?! What About The Tigerstar? The awesome Cat With The Best Name?!? My Least Favorite (You Know) SCOURGE! Know Why? HE KILLED TIGERSTAR! I Was Crying! So Just STOP THE HATE ON THIS awesome CAT!

21 Killed Redtail

RedTail was the best, when I read his book and how he died, I couldn't sleep, how sad.

4 words: I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR! - BloodFang

Redtail Is so awesome and he was the father of sandstorm

He killed redtail that's one of my favorite cats in that series

Oh gosh, He just wants power! - bluestar10

22 Attacked the Black Kit As An Apprentice

Hmh I love tiny

The black kit was scourge. Tigerpaw attacked the kit because his ambitious mentor Thistleclaw urged him to do so. If he didn't attack the kit, scourge wouldn't have gone insane trying to take over the forest and Tigerclaw WOULD ACTUALLY BE A GOOD GUY.

I voted for the one cause scourge was one of my favorites

Then don't blame him blame the fox-dung! (thistleclaw)

23 Killed Runningwind

Okay, I know Runningwind was not a very popular cat in the first series but I LOVED him. For reasons I do not understand I got so attached to him and I CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED when he died. I was so angry I almost threw my book across the room. Runningwind was and still is one of my favourite Warriors (don't ask why) I think maybe its cause I relate to him in a lot of ways and I am still getting over his death (says the girl who is reading Dawn of the Clans ) I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR!

Your not alone, comment one with two likes! I love Runningwind too - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Runningwind had so much life left to live! There was no reason for Tigerstar to kill him (does he EVER have a reason to kill? ). And I felt so bad for Mousefur! :(

I just like flow of the name, and I like his attitude. Tigerclawoffhisface just saw him as another obstacle and it made me so sad :(

24 Turned other cats evil

If Tigerstar had never been born (or died at birth) I believe that Darkstripe wouldn't have been evil!
I mean it was Tigerstar who made Darkstripe (and many other cats) evil right?

25 Persecuted Half-Clan Cats

This reminds me of WWII. Tigerstar is Hitler, the Half-Clan cats are Gypsies/Jews, Tigerstar's cronies are the Nazi Party along with Tigerstar, etc. , etc. He wanted no mixed breeding and Hitler wanted a "perfect" race.

By far the worst thing he did. Anyone else see parallels between the purge of the half-Clan cats and the Holocaust?

Anyone else see parallels between the purge of half-Clan cats and the Holocaust?

This just proves that Tigerstar is the cat version of Hitler. Think about it, he promised to bring Shadowclan to its former glory, tried to take over all the clans, and persecuted any cat he didn't see fit.

26 Led dogs to Thunderclan territory that killed Swiftpaw and hurt Brightheart

Yes he truly crippled Brightheart and all the cats that ever saw her! (

27 Trained by Thistleclaw


Maybe if this demon cat as bad then who do you blame? HIS MENTOR BECAUSE THIS FAT UGLY KITTYPET TTRAINED HIM TO BE CRUEL AND RULE THE WORLD. I'm painting him purple and getting fnaf characters to kill him

28 Tried to kill Bluestar in her den!

If it weren't for Fireheart, Bluestar would've died. This is the moment when Tigerstar got exiled, the fandom really likes to froget this moment.

29 Killed Greypool

I cried and cried and cried when Greypool died, the warrior cats books would be very different without Greypool, she raised Stonefur and Mistyfoot/star and told Fireheart the truth and I mostly hate Tigerstar for killing Stonefur and Greypool! RIP STONEFUR AND GREYPOOL!

I was so sad when Greypool died, I almost died myself. When Stonefur was killed, (I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR! ) I was so sad, but then I remembered he was now reunited with his foster mother. (Why did ever of them have to die?! I hate you Tigerstar! )

He manipulated her into thinking he was Oakheart and when Graypool realized it was not Oakheart, HE KILLED HER!

Well he didn't kill her, she slipped and he didn't care.

30 Broke the Warrior Code by attacking Tiny/Scourge

Oh damn you Tigerpoop

SOmetimes, the Erin Hunters are oblivious to their own books. Yes, Bluefur said a warrior does not need to kill to win battles, but did she remember that it's against the warrior code to let harm come to a kit, no matter where from? No.

So yes, Tigerstar broke the Code for the first time when he attacked the kit, Tiny.

No matter what, you should NEVER attack a kit!

I agree NEVER attack a kit

31 Took Over 2 Clans

Its Not Tigerstar! Its Tigerbutt

If Tigerstar didn't do that, Stonefur would be alive!

32 Help start the DarkForest battle

Common people this one is pure evil - AnonymousChick

33 Nearly killed Tiny/Scourge

Yes. this is true. screw tigerstar.

34 Gave Birth to Bramblestar
35 Making shadow clan fall off a iceberg to kill Leafstar (ps Leafstar died)

What? - RoseWeasley

36 Got Kitted

Well, duh! This should be number 1! If Tigerstar wasn't kitted, so many cats would be alive, and Scourge might not have become evil, and Bluestar wouldn't have gone crazy, or died so soon. (DIE OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE DEAD, TIGERSTAR! )

If he died and Nightkit and Mistkit (his sisters) lived, it would be much better! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

If he was never kitted, then SO many cats would be alive.

Agreed but in the end thistleclaw is to blame so screw HIM for being kitted plus he killed antpelt in the omen of the stars

37 Led Cinderpelt to Thunderpath

, I cried so much after that. Cinderpelt is my precious medicine cat. And my favorite.

So unfair he crippled my fave cat in the books.

I don't like her, so I really don't care about this one

He killed all of Cinderpelt's dreams of becoming a warrior and having kits and mate.

38 Making Cats Kill Grey Paws Kits

NOOB tigerstar - Aquastar_of_DewClan

NOBODY messes with grey paw tiger claw is a noob

39 Hurting Darkstripe's Feelings

Oh, poor, poor, darkstripe, I know how he feels, sometimes I find someone I'd really like to be friends with, but they don't care, so I keep trying to please them, doesn't work, luckily, I'm done doing that now - hopefully -..

Stop showing Mersey he deserves that for finding his back on the Thunderclan.
Thanks for reading, Echohawk

Poor baby darkstripe! He didn't deserve to be hurt so much. He was manipulated bny him and then Tigerstar broke his heart! :(
PS Mercy is not spelled mersey, but mercy

40 Tried to Get Bramblepaw to Join His Side

In the book the darkest hour tiger star tried to get bramblepaw to join his side I mean why would he expect that after all the evil things he did? Yeah go Bramblepaw!

I Hate Tigerstar I Hate Brambleclaw and I hate Hawrkforest.

Aww spoiler I'm reading darkest hour,

41 Went Insane

By the way I know why he is evil the fact that he should not have survived made him want to get stronger so he turned EVIL -leopard claw

He was insane since forever. But still...I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR!

42 Tricking Ivypool
43 Tigerstar going to Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw's dreams

Obviously SOMEONE was gonna find out! Thanks Leafpool! Tigerface... Er... Tigerstar... FAILED

44 Lied to the Cats Who Wanted to Protect Their Clan
45 Listened to thistleclaw's orders

I know right,If he never listened,he wouldn't be insane,he'd be sane

Don't try to excuse thisleclaw because thisleclaw's influenced tigerpaw to be the power hungry cat he is also heads up thisleclaw trained in the dark forest.so don't blame it.all on tigerpaw it was part thisleclaw's fault to

46 Made Graypool fall to her death
47 Converted 'BrightHeart' into 'Lostface'

Join me in hating Tigerstar!

Because of the dogs Tigerstar brought. Gladly, she didn't die.

48 Making windclan date shadow clan then making them have a dramatic fight which kills windclan on a iceberg

What? - RoseWeasley

49 Emotionally abused Ravenpaw
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