Top Ten Worst Defenses Against Art Criticism

Lately I've been hearing lame defenses for art, whether it be fan art, fetish art, original art, etc. This is mainly directed to Deviant Art by the way. If you happen to be an artist, don't use these statements to defend your artwork.

The Top Ten

1 "Art takes a long time!"

I love art and animation but I suck at both so I don't really like to criticize how people draw things. When I see a certain art style, I believe that the style represents the artist's persona, and I don't like criticizing who they are as a human beings. - Mcgillacuddy

Just because a piece of art took a long time, doesn't mean the final product will be good. - poopmckenzie

2 "I'd like to see you do better"

What does that have to do with me criticizing a sub-par piece of art? Either way, doing better or worse doesn't mean the original art wasn't poorly done. - poopmckenzie

This one is really annoying. - cjWriter1997

3 "It's just a style"

And I happened to not like that style, so shut up. - poopmckenzie

4 "Hey! Making art is really hard"

So? That doesn't mean the art will be good. - poopmckenzie

5 "If you don't like it, don't watch it"

But I already did, so find a better defense you stupid kids. - poopmckenzie

6 "It's just for fun"

That doesn't mean the art was poorly done. - poopmckenzie

7 "You have bad tastes"

So criticizing poorly made fetish art means I have bad tastes? - poopmckenzie

8 "Still better than (insert something they think is inferior here)"

I've had a stupid fetish fanboy claim this to me because I hated his favorite artist's crappy disgusting fetish artwork. Fortunately that fanboy got deactivated.

That doesn't mean the art doesn't have flaws. - poopmckenzie

9 "You're just a hater"

Criticizing art isn't hating, it can even be considered helping since we can give tips or advice to the artist so that he/she can improve - poopmckenzie

10 "It's just art"

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11 "Say it again and i will kill you!"
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