Top Ten Worst Defenses Against Criticism of Cartoons

When people criticize cartoons, there is a good chance they will get backlash. And the people backlashing usually use probably one of the stupidest arguments I've ever seen/heard. So if you are an animator or a fan of a cartoon you like, do not use these statements to defend your work/show.

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1 It's just for kids

I'm an adult and my favorite cartoon is Disney's Hercules the Animated Series

This argument's logic is the equivalent of saying "the sun is made of ice". First of all, this argument is basically saying that kids are stupid, while yes, some are, they still need quality content to watch. Second of all, being just for kids does not mean the cartoon can't be criticized. Third of all, the cartoon still has flaws, and sometimes these flaws can be harmful to kids. I have more statements to debunk this argument but I've said enough - poopmckenzie

This is frequent with Steven Universe. Except Steven Universe intentionally brings up mature themes that can be considered serious and appeals towards adults. Back in 2015, everyone kept debating if Steven Universe is really a kids show because of these themes and now everyone is saying it's a kids show because people are starting to realize that the show isn't as progressive as they thought? The fanbase can't accept criticism. - Rue

Even though the cartoon being mentioned is for kids, you still need adults to give their overviews on it. Every cartoon has flaws and if only the targeted audience is giving reviews then it won't change. Besides, it's full grown adults green-lighting and writing these aren't they?

2 I'd like to see you do better

Just screw anyone who uses this argument, you don't have to be better at something to criticize it. - poopmckenzie

3 Animation is hard!

Steven Universe is intentionally inconsistent and it happens CONSTANTLY. Not occasionally or sometimes, CONSTANTLY. They don't try to keep consistency in the animation. The crew used "no canon heights" in order to excuse their laziness when it comes to model sheets. Steven was able to reach the counter in his kitchen back in season 1 and not he has to use a foot stole to reach it like a damn toddler. Seriously what the hell? Why do people defend this crap? - Rue

I get it, animation can take hours, days, months or even years, but that doesn't mean the final product will be good. - poopmckenzie

4 If you don't like it, don't watch it

A lot of people who criticize something enjoy that said thing. People aren't going to pretend something is perfect, regardless of how much they love it. There is nothing wrong with admitting there are flaws! - Rue

But I already watched, and this argument backfires the user saying it because they are going to a video they don't like just to say this idiotic defense to the critic. - poopmckenzie

How can you not like something if you haven't watched it yet? - DCfnaf

5 You just don't like change

No, I'm fine with change. If TTG was actually funny with likeable characters and had somewhat of a plot it would be fine. And I love Alien Force and Ultimate Alien of the Ben 10 series and they were very different to the original (I actually prefer Alien Force to the original).

This is actually true 40% of the time. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 It's just a cartoon, don't take it seriously

But what if the cartoon has something that has to be taken seriously, like when a cartoon deals with a serious subject and poorly executes it.Cartoons have changed the world, so this argument is basically saying animation is a joke, a one, big, useless joke. - poopmckenzie

7 Keep your opinions to yourself

No because I never said people can't use these arguments, it's just that these arguments are so hilariously idiotic, I have to say something. - poopmckenzie

And you're stating your opinion by saying "keep your opinion to yourself" guys. - DCfnaf

Then people won't know if a cartoon is bad or not. - poopmckenzie

8 It's a parody
9 You're just a fanboy!

Or, you know, the cartoon has flaws. - poopmckenzie

10 You just don't understand it

Too bad, if I can't understand then my opinion of the joke/show/character/etc. won't change. - poopmckenzie

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11 Say it again and I will kill you

"it again".'s over now. - DCfnaf

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