Worst Defenses Against Music Criticism

If you're going to defend a musical artist, song, or album, don't use these kinds of statements. Also, these are not direct quotes, but rather representations of one would often use as a defense against most criticisms.

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1 "I'd like to see you do better"

Right Because Taylor Swift Is A Good Artist? - VideoGamefan5

If its Watch Me by Silento then I already have made a better song then that - christangrant

This goes out to ad hominem attacks in general. - NiktheWiz

2 "White people can't criticize black music"

The other items on this list, while terrible arguments, can be easily brushed aside. Telling a specific race of people that they can't criticize the kind of music that apparently falls into another race is mind boggling. And what really infuriates me is the idea that certain parts of music have to have a specific race labeling them. All it is is music, an IDEA and form of entertainment, it doesn't have a race. - SwagFlicks

It's kinda weird to use racism as a defense against music criticism - Neonco31

*cough*Kanye*cough* - Zach808

This Proves NiktheWiz's List Here Is Weak - VideoGamefan5

You just agree with your own comment because nobody agrees with you - RoseCandyMusic

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3 "It's just a song"

True, songs don't necessarily represent real life, but is it too much to ask for songs with messages that are not reminiscent to Tyga's Stimulated, B.o.B's Flatline, or any other song that can spark massive controversy or (justifiably) offend people by sending a terrible message? If you're going to use questionable messages, at least frame them well. - NiktheWiz

Stimulated Isn't Just A Song, It's A Retard Having Sex With A Goat - VideoGamefan5

I hate Watch Me for many reasons - christangrant

4 "These singers made a lot of money from this song/album while you're just sitting behind a computer hating"

Many Beyonce's fans do this every time you see her music video. - BeaM456

Taylor Swift Is A Sellout - VideoGamefan5

Same thing as the Grammies and ad hominem. - NiktheWiz

5 "You have bad taste in music"

I don't get this one because there's no such thing as real music. All music (as well as all forms of art in general) is subjective.

Wow, Best Quote Ever - Hillary Clinton - VideoGamefan5

Again, ad hominem. - NiktheWiz

6 "It's still better than any of today's music.

There is no way that there are zero songs from today that are better than Barbie Girl, We are the World, the Macarena, Axl F (Crazy Frog), Achy Breaky Heart, etc. - NiktheWiz

Work By Rihanna Sucks And You Need To Accept that People Hate It For Good And Valid Reasons - VideoGamefan5

You are the type of person who the user of the list is specifically trying to show negatively. - Swellow

No sticking to the past, move on with it - Neonco31

7 "It's a dance song, so the lyrics don't matter"

Some songs aren't meant to have lyrics. As long as it's not offensive (Juju) or annoying (Watch Me), I'm fine with mediocre lyrics. - ProPanda

Not all songs need to have lyrics, say like for video game tracks and some electronic dubstep songs - Neonco31

Lyrics do matter in my opinion - christangrant

They do, - VideoGamefan5

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8 "This [insert record/artist here] won a Grammy"

Grammies =/= quality. For example, Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly lost to Taylor Swift's 1989 for the Album of the Year award in 2016). - NiktheWiz

Lemonade lost to 25 (But Luckily Adele still honors Beyonce and share her Grammys with her) - BeaM456

9 "But it's catchy"

I don't know why people think this is a good thing. I generally find catchy music annoying

That's not enough to redeem the rest of the flaws. - NiktheWiz

Awful Excuse - VideoGamefan5

10 "It hit No.1 on the Billboard charts"

By that logic Closer by the Chainsmokers is the best song of 2016 - christangrant

By That Logic Watch Me Is The Best Song Of 2015 While See You Again Is The Worst Of 2015, Right? - VideoGamefan5

By that logic, the Macarena is the best song of the 1990s. - NiktheWiz

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11 "If you don't like it, then don't listen to it"

If you are watching it for the first time to see if you like it, then this comment wouldn't make sense. However, if the song plays on the radio, just turn it off or switch to another station. Nobody is "forcing you" to listen to the song, it was your own choice to sit through the song without changing the station. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

You can't change the radio station when the music is being played at the store. - 2cool4u

Does it look like I like 7 Years? , Nope, But My Radio Forced Me To Listen To It Back In Summer 2016, And Right Now Does It Look Like I Want To Listen To Shape Of You? - VideoGamefan5

This doesn't work with pop music. Whether you like a song or not, it WILL be drilled into your head by a radio that you can't just smash. - Zach808

You can always turn off the radio. Works for me. In fact, I don't ever turn it on in the first place. - eventer51314

Does it look like I wanted to listen to Watch Me by Silento? No but I was forced to because my School played it at every damn pep rally we went to. - christangrant

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12 "Be honest, you only hate this song because of overplay or overhype"

This is probably the truest thing on the list. - Swellow

13 "Oh look all mainstream pop and rap is rubbish metal is way better"

Nah, Metallica's Hardwired is barely decent to be honest - Neonco31

Stupid Reason - VideoGamefan5

No way in the world BOTDF Anal C Cannibal Corpse Corpse is better than Ed Sheeran The Weeknd Bruno Mars Talyor Swift Eminem Rihanna Mackamore 21 Pilots Lady Gaga want me to go even further Justin Bieber makes better music than them his new ones like Love Yourself is actually good and than their is songs like Where is the Love Fireworks Born This Way that all them good messages so you see people their is some Pop and Rap that is way better than Metal

"Why is mainstream pop and rap bad? "
*Answers "Justin Bieber" (a guy who hasn't been relevent in years and is now more mature) or some rapper who is a stereotype of a gangster* - BlueTopazIceVanilla

14 "But it's a [insert something that the song is not here]"

Take, for example, Peacock by Katy Perry. Katy Perry passed the song off as a gay pride anthem, but clearly nobody is buying that excuse. - NiktheWiz

15 "You obviously didn't listen to it"
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1. "White people can't criticize black music"
2. "I'd like to see you do better"
3. "You have bad taste in music"
1. "I'd like to see you do better"
2. "It's a dance song, so the lyrics don't matter"
3. "White people can't criticize black music"
1. "You have bad taste in music"
2. "White people can't criticize black music"
3. "It's just a song"



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