Worst Depeche Mode Songs

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1 The Dead of Night

A totally messy, rushed song. It is a collection of weird sounds. And as for the distorted guitar, well, it hurts.

This mess don't deserves to be on an A-side.

2 What's Your Name?

Once Dave Gahan called it the worst song published by Depeche Mode.

A pretty boy? How weird.


3 I Am You

A boring song from Depeche Mode. Nothing that exciting in it.

4 Hole to Feed

Another one of their rotten singles. It should've just been an album track from Sounds of the Universe.

5 My Joy

The words "My Joy" are repeated so many times. No wonder this track is a B-side, it is one of my least favourite Depeche Mode songs.

6 Goodnight Lovers

A boring Depeche Mode single. I like a lot of their songs but this is one of their weaker songs. This song is from Exciter, my least favourite DM album.

7 It Doesn't Matter Two

A track off Black Celebration. It is just boring choirs, vocals, and guitars.

8 Love, In Itself

It is an ok track but it is not single material.

9 When the Body Speaks V 1 Comment
10 Corrupt

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11 The Child Inside

Shudder. Martin Gore can do much better for his traditional ballads.

12 Personal Jesus (Stargate Mix)

A not-so-good remix by Stargate, known for producing Rihanna. The original is better.

13 Perfect
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