Worst Depeche Mode Songs

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1 The Dead of Night

A totally messy, rushed song. It is a collection of weird sounds. And as for the distorted guitar, well, it hurts.

This mess don't deserves to be on an A-side.

2 What's Your Name?

HEy hEY wHaT's your nAME?

Not a bad song, but it doesn't fit into the standards even of early Depeche Mode.

Vince had something to do with this...

Once Dave Gahan called it the worst song published by Depeche Mode.

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3 Hole to Feed

Another one of their rotten singles. It should've just been an album track from Sounds of the Universe.

4 I Am You

A boring song from Depeche Mode. Nothing that exciting in it.

5 My Joy

The words "My Joy" are repeated so many times. No wonder this track is a B-side, it is one of my least favourite Depeche Mode songs.

6 Goodnight Lovers

A boring Depeche Mode single. I like a lot of their songs but this is one of their weaker songs. This song is from Exciter, my least favourite DM album.

7 It Doesn't Matter Two

A track off Black Celebration. It is just boring choirs, vocals, and guitars.

8 Love, In Itself

It is an ok track but it is not single material.

9 The Child Inside

Shudder. Martin Gore can do much better for his traditional ballads.

10 When the Body Speaks

A boring, yet peaceful song.

The Contenders

11 Personal Jesus (Stargate Mix)

A not-so-good remix by Stargate, known for producing Rihanna. The original is better.

12 Corrupt
13 Perfect
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