Top 10 Worst Depression Stereotypes

Depression like anything else has it's own kind of stereotypes. These stereotypes are so damn overused that they get annoying. I do not approve of any of these stereotypes I'm just pointing them out and why these stereotypes are wrong. And this is commoning from someone that has severe depression.

The Top Ten

1 It's all fictional and doesn't exist

That's like saying to a cancer patient that they don't have cancer when they obviously do have cancer. You can't pretend that a illness doesn't exist to get rid of it because it doesn't get rid of the illness.

2 It's the same thing as sadness

They might be similar but they are not the same thing.

3 Antidepressants can cure anyone that's depressed

No they can't, they might temporaliry make someone not kill themselves but they overall don't cure the depression itself.

4 It only occurs through trauma

Blantantly false and trauma while it can emotionally hurt someone doesn't make them depressed.

5 One fits all

NO just no...

6 All depressed people are over emotional

No depressed people generally aren't emotional and rather can't feel anything regardless if it's happiness or love.

7 Depression can just go away by itself

This is so false that I don't know where to start.

8 People can just change their mindset automatically and become undepressed

Also not true.

9 All people that are depressed are Emos

Again not true... and generally speaking it's a pathetic stereotype in general.

10 All people with depression cut themselves

Not true not all of them self harm themselves.

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