Top Ten Worst Designed Websites

There are good ones out there and there's also those ones which will make any web designers want to hang themselves.

WARNING: If you don't like seeing absolute failure or if you're a web designer. Don't click on the links to those websites, they are really bad.

This list is about only badly designed websites and not websites that are bad for otherwise.

The Top Ten Worst Designed Websites

1 Who Killed JFK?

Everyone knows who killed JFK, it’s Lee Harvey Oswald. Did the creator of the website not know who killed JFK? - JoeBoi

This site is crawling with many beauties including pictures not loading, piss poor grammar, you know what? I think an unborn baby could write in better grammar than this pile of arse. Also, how many links are on this page? - Cazaam

The whole thing is a GIANT article about who really killed JFK it's SO POINTLESS - simpsondude

Duh, it's Lee Harvey Oswald.

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2 Military Corruption

Wow. This site has text harder to read than my handwriting... Well, perhaps not that bad but you get the point.
And wow again! They picked the most putrid colour scheme they could! And the GIF files. Just wow for the third time. - Cazaam

This text is very hard to read.
I can't understang anything.

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3 Valley Isle Aquatics

The background color is so bright it hurts my eyes. - JoeBoi

Wow. Never have I seen a website with such a revolting colour scheme. I think my eyes will get cancer if I look at it anymore. - Cazaam

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4 The Seven Thunders of the Living God

Well, look at that. The website design looks ugly, you can't scroll down, and it is super outdated. - JoeBoi

This website has all the seven deadly sins of web design.
1. Glitchy Scrolling
2. Background music
3. No consistency
4. GIF galore
5. Random picture placement
6. Nothing on the site makes sense
7. Vomit inducing colour scheme. - Cazaam

5 The Ophiram Foundation

The putrid colour scheme matches the texture of a cancerous tumour on the internet's surface. It's also one of those GIFs galore sites as well. Oh beautiful this site ain't. - Cazaam

6 Cloud 9 Walkers

Aww look! Little Billy has made his first website! It's so good! Oh I can't lie, it's abysmal. A rotting repugnant pile of festering anal faecal matter is this website. No consistency, just a background with pictures randomly copy pasted on and the most repugnant fonts possible for choice It's also got GIFs in it. I've lost all hope. - Cazaam

Hey, are you Vincent Flanders (or whoever is on webpagesthatsuck)?

7 Comic Vine

Top Ten books are better.

This place is a joke

9 Ling's Cars

Looks so weird. It showing that you could get a free car on that site when in real life, you cannot. - JoeBoi

Wow. Just way too much stuff on this website! I had to go on this website for homework once! - Wolftail

It looks like someone threw up neon rainbows all over MySpace/Some early 2000/late 90s website. - Lunala

Yikes - too much stuff happening on one page at the same time! - GrahamClayton

10 Harvard Business Review

I had to use this for homework, and it was torture to use. - RalphBob

The Newcomers

? Rotten Tomatoes
? Roblox

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11 Encyclopedia Dramatica

This should be number one, have you even seen their Offended page? - ZootopiaFan

PORN EVERYWHERE! Plus it gave me a popup that said:
"The site at encyclopedia dramatica says:
Whatch free movies online"

12 Futuro House

Not going to lie, This site made me vomit. - Cazaam


So faulty! Dammit.


14 Colorado Ranger Horse Association

This website is truly terrible. The only redeeming quality is the flashing stars in the background (not). - Cazaam

15 YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

It used to look so good now it looks like trash ever since Google+ took over. - ClicheUsername69

16 Imgflip
17 Kongregate
19 Qfeast
20 4chan 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest.
21 Urban Dictionary
22 GoAnimate

this website is home to grounded videos dead meat videos held back videos UTTP Members and annoying a fanbase

23 Forbes
24 I-Ready

More like i-Cringe.

25 Animal Jam
26 Deviantart Eclipse

The website design is so bad it's impossible to use.

Good content, but UK format is SO MUCH BETTER! - RalphBob

30 The Dump
31 LiveScience
32 China Knowledge
34 Drudge Report
36 Justice
37 Rotten Websites Wiki
38 Spacebattles
39 Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki
40 Miraheze
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