Top Ten Worst Desserts

What is your least favorite dessert? Pick the one that isn't worth calling a dessert.

The Top Ten

1 Fruit Cake

Don't care for it at all. It shouldn't even be considered cake as it's just a load of raisins squished together.

Like a wise sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants once said "and everybody pretends to like the fruit cake" (Christmas who? )

Everyone hates fruit cake


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2 Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is so nice!

I just don't like pastries and this has an awful aftertaste.

Punishment is a good way to describe this.

Actually it is very good

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3 Carrot Cake

I was complain about fruit cake being on this list but then I saw this! Carrot cake? Really? It tastes nothing like carrot, it just tastes beautiful. I've tried it from supermarkets and have had it homemade. It was great in both cases.

Why is this even on the list its amazing!

It just doesn't sound right.

It’s amazing

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4 Black Licorice

One of the nastiest flavors concieved. I don't know how anyone likes this.

5 Mincemeat Pie

Meat that has been glazed with something sweet is one thing. (Pork chops and applesauce? ) But taking meat, putting sugar and fruit in it, and calling it dessert is totally disgusting.


6 Candied Yams

Where is this classified as a dessert? The "South"? Ridiculous.

A Thanks Giving specialty.

I’m from the south and I assure you, this is a side dish and absolutely NOT a dessert. Why is this even on here?

7 Popsicles

You people are crazy not liking these

I hate popsicles! I hate ice, too. I am a picky eater AND person, but that is just my opinion

I had no idea liking something you hate makes someone immature.

They taste like flavored water! Yuck! The only people who like them are immature children!

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8 Instant Pudding

If you're going to make pudding, you should make it from scratch.

It's horrible! I generally don't like any type of instant pudding

Why? This id good!

It’s Good, though!

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9 Cupcake

Why in the hell would anyone hate a yummy, rich, decedent cupcake with creamy, rich icing topped with hot fudge and sprinkles?

You people are crazy. You seriously think that this is the eighth worst dessert ever? It's no different from a normal cake, except being smaller. - Vic21102

If you hate cupcakes, take your taste buds to the doctor

I hate al types of cake apart from brownies of course chewy brownies

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10 Spumoni

The kind that has little candied fruits and nuts.

The Contenders

11 Protein Milkshake

"Sickly" that's the weird way to use that word

They give you protein people

They taste sickly sweet and inedible, people!

12 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

They are disgusting. They can easily be mistaken for chocolate chip cookies, so watch out.

These are the best cookies, what are you people doing?

Ew, tried these once and GROSS

13 Apples
14 Bean Buns

REALLY? WHY IS THIS ON THE LIST? I'm Asian and I eat these! One of the greatest Asian snacks of all time. TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST! >:(

15 Nasi Lemak

Its not even a dessert it's a dish in malaysia

This is not a dessert what

16 Bread and Butter Pudding


17 Oreos

What the heck! Oreos are amazing!

Oreos are heaven-sent and should be given its proper respect

What the heck Oreos are awesome and amazing

I only like the cream in them I don't like the actual biscuit :-) - LAURENRL

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18 Gingerbread House

Have you ever tried eating a gingerbread house smothered in loads of stale candy and frosting?

I love gingerbread but the added candy and frosting is too sweet and gross

Gingerbread house is like jenga where you gotta take a piece but not make the house fall. Like common

19 Tapioca Pudding

Congealed fish eyes... gross

This should be number one

Just yuck

20 Tofu Pie

Its ultra disgusting its like jelly but worse

Its Vegies, Tofu and fake meat solidified into jello. It DISCUSTING.

21 Chocolate Crickets
22 Nut Cake
23 Cheesecake

Ew gross I hate cheesecake I literally threw up after eating it! And also just thinking like cheese and cake together that is a horrible combo I would rather eat anything as long as it is not cheesecake!

Cheesecake is my favorite - venomouskillingmachine


NO! I love this, and if I can, I’ll eat several WHOLE cheesecakes for money and stuff. - IceFoxPlayz

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24 Chocolate

What? Chocolate are delicious too - Cupcakes22

Whosever put this here is obviously on crack

It discussing the dark is like poop which would ever like to eat them?

Really? - Sugarcubecorner

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25 Coke Gummy
26 Mud Pies

Mud pies are a chocolate based with a choco crust and is served with icecream. It has a runny chocolate sauce on top of the crust. How can you not like this!?

Imagine eating a mud pie...

These are nasty mud +pie= ew

Iv never tried this but it sounds delicious looking at the comment below ;-) - LAURENRL

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27 Fruit

I hate when my little sister is watching some kind of baby show and they say "Let's have fruit for dessert " So annoying Just have some ice cream or a browny!

I'm Asian and my relatives eat fruit for dessert during family parties all the time


28 Rice Paper

Asians eat this, and this doesn't count as a dessert.

No taste at all

29 Pancakes With Chocolate

This. is. getting. worse. by. the. minute. PANCAKES AND CHCOLATE= :) NO PANCAKES WITH NO CHOCOLATE :( - LAURENRL

30 Tiramisu

I honestly don't get why people don't like this...


31 Yogurt
32 Sponge Cake


33 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Love them!

" The worst. The salty taste. ewww."

34 Buttercream Frosting

Cloyingly sweet

Too sweet

35 Churros

They are awful try one today and you will spit it out yesterday!


36 Lemon Pie

No. It’s delicious. - IceFoxPlayz


37 Chocolate Cake

What the... ? Chocolate cakes are amazing. Oh well few people have diff opinions.

I say get rid of chocolate cake for this list and put it on the best list for desserts.

I hate chocolate cake
It's gross


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38 Junket
39 Jello Cake
40 Key Lime Pie

It's too sour I mean I love toxic waste candy but key lime pie is disgusting

I love this! No! - IceFoxPlayz

41 Nougat

To be honest the only nougat I like is white nougat the others care disgusting

42 Meringue

Unpleasant chalky taste

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