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1 The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

With the exceptions of the first one, Rodrick Rules, Dog Days and Cabin Fever, Diary of a Wimpy Kid has never made a good book. Period.

A novel that is based on a movie that is based on a novel
Good thinking people, way to bring in more sales to the fans

Who would want to buy a book about how they shot the film

Maybe it's for smart kids who are actually interested, including me. - EdRed

This list is dumb. I love every Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. This one is kind of boring, though. BUT THIS LIST IS STILL PRETTY STUPID.

2 The Third Wheel

Greg exaggerated his childhood to make him look smarter. He says that whenever his parents kissed, he would kick because he wasn't comfortable when they did that... IN HIS MOM'S womb. Impossible.

Horrible for a few pages. All it talks about is Greg's childhood. I DON'T CARE! JUST TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING TO YOU NOW! Rodrick Rules is better even though it's boring too but after he talks about his childhood it gets better and better - JaysTop10List

Who cares that you got dumped. I don't. Also, it is medically impossible to remember anything when you were still in your mother's womb. SO STUPID!

This book is not a good story because it talks about valentines and crushes! It was very boring to read. This is probably my least favorite Diary of a Wimpy Kid book in the series.

3 The Ugly Truth

This Book IS COMPLETE CRAP!, The most boring scene was the appearance of the MOST character in all the history of the BOOKS, Isabella, who watches Drawn Together (that is very famous because of the pornographic content) and South Park (that is very famous of his racist content and parodies of very famous cartoon characters of cartoons like The Simpsons and Mickey Mouse) AND SMOKES DRUGS!.

This is the worst and most boring book in all the series and I like that in some time Greg and Holly Hills have sex

Boring less things in it and unlike the other books it isn’t adventurous

It is really funny

It is most definitely the worst one. I am not saying it was bad but it was the least funniest.

4 Cabin Fever

Greg seems to be much younger in this book than the previous. It seems like it should be a prequel, but there is also a small bit of evidence against this, and it is never mentioned by the author. There is minimal plot and bad humour. Trying to reach a younger audience was a bad idea of Jeff Kinney. This is an insult to the series. I hope that in Third Wheel, he is at least as mature as in the recent DWK books before this, and they have a better plot than most of the series. That is important for the concept of the next book.

This book is funner than most. This one is defiantly the best one.

This one is my personal favorite - It blends the good of the first five, while combining, and not overdoing the humor of the recent books. I don't blame Jeff for what he did after this, because this book is hard to top.

After reading the description on the back, or blurb, I only cared about what was happening on the blurb, but when I read it, it made no sense! I didn't really enjoy it, since it seems like Greg is not being too mature. I mean, Net Kritterz is based of Webkinz, which is for little kids, and baby alfredo? Honestly, I did not enjoy it.

5 Hard Luck

This is the best book ever

Hard luck was so funny HA! HA! HA! BEST BOOK A WHOLE LOT OF PAPER IT IS awesome

This book was the worst in the series, it was not horrible. But it was not nearly as good as the other books in the series.

I actually liked this book. It was a massive improvement to the previous one, and the plot was actually interesting. - PageEmperor

6 Rodrick Rules

Really liked it. Better than the first.

I only disliked the torment he gets, but siblings and all :I

This should be above hard luck at least

It is more good book than I thought it is my favourite

7 The Last Straw

It has one of the weakest antagonist in the series and it just isn't as good as the other books in the series.

What? This is my favorite one!

This book to me is the funniest book in the series. It's one of my favorites!

This is the worst in my opinion, boring plot (barely any either), and overall just not that good compared to other books - darthvadern

8 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I really like this book, I also love The Last Straw. But this book is good!

It is one of the most funniest books ever

Horrible Jokes. However this was Jeff Kinney's first book in the series so it wasn't that bad but still I HATE this book for some reason. My friend loves it.

Why is it on the list? This was actually a great start.

9 Do-It-Yourself Book

I love Diary of a wimpy kid! But this is my favorite one.

Really! this book should be number 1

Pretty good but has too short of a journal in the back

You get to be Greg awesome

10 Dog Days

This is the best diary of a wimpy kid not worst

This is almost better than third wheel

Movie is way better then the book.

They're scared of a walking hand that never shows up

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11 The Long Haul

The Long Haul is awful, and it begins the trilogy of the Wimpy Kid books where Jeff K. was all about pleasing his younger audiences. First of all, bringing the Pig into the story was an awful decision. How did Manny manage to speak fluent Spanish when the lessons weren't even on for very long? And how the hell did that small little minivan bring a huge boat with them? That's probably against the law, as if they turn it could hit another driver... this book is so awful and deserves to be at least at #10.

The point when the series became unrealistic and started to go downhill

I figured a lot of people would have lost respect for this installment because of the movie (I was neutral to the movie but I can understand why everyone hates it). However I kinda liked the book version. It was a nice change for the setting to take place during the holidays as opposed to at school and over a few days as opposed to several months. The jokes were good too in my opinion, so yeah, not bad. - PageEmperor

Bad thing after bad thing happening to Greg and nothing else. This is ABYSMAL. Old School seems to be even worse (from the excerpt)

1 - 8/10

2 - 8.5/10

3 - 7/10 (Also worst because sending a kid to military school because they're weak. Really? _

4 - 6.5/10

5 - 5.5/10

6 - 7/10 (the last truly good one)

7 - 6/10 (about the time when it got boring)

8 - 5/10 (Mediocre. Had some funny bits (would have been 3.5) but mostly boring and the start of the bad thing after bad thing and nothing good ever happening to Greg)

9 - 2.11/10 (Boring, long and drawnout, bad thing after bad thing happening to the main character, the only good part was the 5 or so pages when the pig went in, was midily funny. Always makes bad decisions, gullibie, nothing good happened to Greg, worst book ever. NEVER EVER READ THIS! AGAIN!

12 Double Down

The dad and mom are selfish rodrick blames Greg but manny is like able in here he is acutely lovelbol and who keeps a pig in the house any way

I thought old school was the last one in the series. Greg, when are you going to high school, or are you being milked to death by Jeff Kinney like Call of Duty is by Activision. - Skullkid755

The first 10 in the series have been absolute masterpieces, but it took me a while to fully understand the plot in this one. The story was weak and unappetizing. Let's hope this isn't the first step in the downfall of one of the best children's books ever written

This was easly the worst. No plot, just random events that have nothing to do with each other. At least the other books felt like one adventure, this one does not. At least The Getaway was a huge improvment - darthvadern

13 Old School

Not out yet, but this will be terrible. Here's what I think1 8/10 - A good start to the series, but the Cheese Touch game at school gets annoying.2 8.5/10 - An even better book, but not the best in the series.3 9/10 - The only bad thing about this book is the reason why his Dad wanted to send him to Military school.4 8/10 - Whatever the crap happened to this good series. Gets worse just like SpongeBob and Metallica, both were good at first, but are now so terrible, nobody can stand them.5 5/10 - The point where the book goes downhill. It is also the most inappropriate, and Greg is an idiot saying that he doesn't need someone telling him its not cool to smoke.6 7/10 - The point when things start to get boring and every entry goes from 1-3 pages to 40 pages, and Greg talks more about crap than the good stuff in the first 4 books.7 6.5/10 - Contains the last good moment in the series, where he brought his dad's leather jacket to school and his MOM came in and made him wear her winter ...more

I think some idiot just randomly added this to the list without even reading it. This book should not be here, its awesome!

Nonsense. I liked this book. It TOTALLY makes up for Long Haul. I just feel Jeff should make Greg go to high school soon. It seems like no one in this book ages.

Note: Greg is supposed to be in high school, and there's no plot point about him getting held back. Unless his school goes up to 9th grade.

14 The Getaway

After the massive disappointment that was Double Down, I have no anticipation for this at all. It's a rehash of The Long Haul - which has arguably been proven to be unsuccessful/ bad storytelling all around. I say this because the film adaptation flopped. It could be argued that the two are vastly different, however, the same key elements remain there and present. I doubt it will improve upon the previous book, but nothing is worse then Old School.

Stop. Double Down may have been a little letdown, but WHAT IF IT NOT A REHASH OF THE LONG HAUL, DUH! You haven't even read it - puglover2008

Worst of the series. An atrocious book.

I hate this for life because Greg is going on a horrible trip just like The Long Haul.

Stupid, why is that street member in a chapter book?

Awful generic overrated trash!

This is when Jeff Kinney want to make more bad DOAWK books.

Also, it has this bad-ass monkey in it.

Have you ever put Wrecking Ball just because this franchise is going downhill? This book is terrible. The Meltdown is also terrible.

Apparently, after they made Wrecking Ball, they might be making another one. NO! DON’T DO IT!

This is one of the strangest executions I’ve ever seen in terms of rehashing the previous book. The changes made from the previous books are either pointless or stupid. A decent concept botched by sloppy pacing and bland/unlikable characters. The story tries to mix old and new stuff, and comes across as...really weird. Oh, and the director sucks, not only for his development, but possibly the stupidest solution to a problem I’ve seen in a long time. At least the animation was good.

I own it, it is really only similar b the fact that they go to vacation and that many causes problems with the animals. Aside from that, it is different than book 9

15 The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter

This book is a stupid idea. I don't see how it will even sell since it was basically about a rubbish movie.

This was actually a lot better than the Long Haul Movie itself. - EdRed

All of them are good but this is the worst one out of them all

Better than the actual movie.

16 The Meltdown

How is this bad, according to one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans?

It was double down all over again until near the end where it was pretty good. the most mediocre diary of a wimpy kid book yet - Toptensdude

Not out yet but will be good

I didn't know about this yet!

17 Manny Madness

Why is a fanmade book here? What even is this book?

18 Wrecking Ball
19 Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid
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