Worst DiC Entertainment Shows

Here are some of the worst television shows that DiC has to offer.

The Top Ten

1 Sonic Underground Sonic Underground

The bottom of Sonic's barrel of T.V. shows - Maddox121

2 The Wacky World of Tex Avery The Wacky World of Tex Avery The Wacky World of Tex Avery is a French–American–Canadian animated comedy television series produced by DIC Entertainment and created by Robby London in 1997. The series was named after Tex Avery, a cartoonist who is known for his work at Warner Bros.

Insult to Tex Avery. It's basically Fanboy and Chum Chum of the late 1990s. The biggest reason why DiC sucks! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

3 Super Duper Sumos Super Duper Sumos

Yes, there was a legit T.V. series prior to the video game. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The only reason people know this show exists is because of RebelTaxi. - 445956

4 The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

This is the worst show ever and the best show ever. - 445956

This show has WAY too many errors. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Still, it's not as bad as the movie. - regularponyfan09

5 Sailor Moon (DiC/Cloverway/Cwi English Dub)

The ViZ dub was better. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

6 Alvin and the Chipmunks (1988-1990)

It's just as bad as all the other Chipmunks stuff. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

7 The Littles

Smurfs clone anyone? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

8 Strawberry Shortcake (2003)

I honestly hate Strawberry Shortcake so much! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

This show was berry good. - girlcool

9 The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda

Yeah, this exists. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

10 Sushi Pack

Remember this one? Neither do I. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The Contenders

11 Sabrina: The Animated Series
12 Speed Racer X

The original Speed Racer was bad enough. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

13 Madeline
14 Archie’s Weird Mysteries
15 The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3

The adventures of super Mario bros 3. While better than the super show & super Mario world. But it I still still kinda bad here are the reasons:
1. The animation still sucks
2. The show is Still pretty cheesy.
3. I hate the voice acting so much
4. The real world idea is stupid.
5. Uhh the mega move song from captain n makes me die.
[only for dvd]
so this show still sucks! Have a nice day. - Verx673

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