Top Ten Worst Dick Figures Episodes

You've seen the best of the best, now here's the worst of the worst.

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1 Trash God

Trash God is such an awful episode and will be controversial for many, either a love it or hate it. I can see how many will hate it, and the reason why, is because this is one of the rare episodes where I just hated Red. He gets rewarded for being a disgusting person, and earlier in the begining we automatically forgive him for stomping on the ants. Yet, we can't forgive Blue for cleaning up his room as it's much worse than Red stomping on the ants. I hated that so much and thought it made no sense whatsoever, as always we have to assume that Red never has to deal with any problems and Blue has to deal with everyone of them. Having to see that repeated again and again is so old, boring, and quite frustrating. The ending may also be one of the worst Dick Figures endings ever, you'll really despise Red for deciding to shrink Blue even more and then eating him, at that point you'll believe that Red and Blue should never be friends. A true friend wouldn't do that, as proven in the ending ...more

2 Terminate-Her!

Well for starters, the jokes are awful. I mean, it's been three decades since Terminator and we're STILL having all these Terminator jokes? Seriously, they get SO old in this episode. The other thing was that I just felt it unnecessary to be was for Red to be in this episode, because it just didn't fit into the plot very well. Now as for Blue, boy was he treated the worst in this episode. Finally having some luck in his life with a hot chick and thanks to Red and Pink, he gets so miserable. In fact, speaking of Pink, they made her despicably unlikable in this episode, because they tried making her an antagonist in the most stupidest way possible. Jealousy? Really?! God! Could I even say more bad things about this episode?! No. But on the whole, this is a god awful episode, and should be avoided at all costs.

3 Taco Tuesday

It's easily the worst episode of Season 4 and you could see why. Now people point out the scene with Red's hand cut off is funny, but the thing is, HOW is it funny? There's no turns, and no interesting characters. All the characters aside from Red and Blue, are really stupid and so boring. My biggest problem is that there's to much violent and stupid humor in this episode. The violence is overused, and the other jokes never work and just came out of nowhere. Overall, this episode is horrible, and is easily one of the worst.

4 Red Planet

The Red Planet starts off strong, but ends in the worst way, it's only worth a watch because we haven't had an actual Dick Figures episode, but other than that reason only, it's just a huge disappointment. The Rover is annoying, the jokes are painful, and the ending is the worst I've ever seen.

5 Ocho Muerte

This episode is filled of stupidity, mean-spirited, and rushed ideas that easily makes this one of the worst. The only thing good about this episode was the introduction to Ocho Muerte, which was quick and quite entertaining. Everything else though is crude. Red is the biggest idiot in this episode, and he just felt shoe-horned in to make the episode go through. Red had no purpose or role in this episode, and what he did in the ending was too stupid and mean-spirited. Speaking of the ending, it was way too rushed, and too stupid. The jokes are not funny, and are thrown in out of nowhere.

6 Pussy Magnet

Red is a show-off, and often becomes a pretty stupid dick. Women are great beings, and have great intelligent, but this episode is just making women look stupid. Red can get women, but these are some of the stupidest ways to even get them. Plus, the scene with Blue and Pink, while funny, was very predictable. Due to all the silence, you could pretty much tell what was going to happen. Plus, while understanding Pink was in shock, she didn't even get worried that she shot her own boyfriend?! So overall, this episode is ridiculously stupid and should be avoided at all costs.

7 The Red Devil

The word to describe The Red Devil is 'stupid'. Stupid jokes, stupid characters, stupid ending, and a stupid story. Nothing truly exciting happened in this episode, and there were barely any jokes in this episode to begin with. The Spanish talk felt pretty lazy to actually learn how to speak Spanish (Hell, the Dick Figures Spanish dubs do better than this! ), and the ending is probably the worst I've ever seen. Not as bad as Trash God's, but 2nd worse. We get Red likes burritos, I get it, but the concept felt so forced and so stupid. Overall, The Red Devil is such a stupid episode and I feel like an idiot for even watching it.

8 Planet Asshole

Planet Ass is such an insult of harm and I didn't like this episode the day it came out. The alien names were clever enough and they had a very decent backstory and what they are ACTUALLY trying to do. But remember how I said sometimes I hate Red in some episodes? Well, in this one, I hated Blue as well. He and Red were being absolute asss in this episode which made me feel so bad for these aliens, and the fact that they die at the end made me even more mad at Red and Blue. They survive, the aliens live. And again, the jokes here never gave me a smile. Overall, this episode is pretty bad, and I say skip it if you hate harm.

9 The Fart Knight Rises
10 Snowjob
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