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Mao Zedong, also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung and commonly referred to as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary and founding father of the People's Republic of China, which he governed as Chairman of the Communist Party of China from its establishment in 1949, until his death in 1976. more.


Although Mao Zedong isn't as well known an infamous leader as Hitler or Stalin his idea of Maoism was one of the worst idealisms in human history his very floored idea of communism did not work in any way. Marksizm was a long shot of a way to create a fair and equal society but his much more aggressive form of communism lead to the starvation of millions and his over all effect on not just China but the world left over 70 million people dead. He is the single biggest killer of all time and left one of the biggest dents on the world and China is only just in the last five years fully recovering from his effects on the country his ideas and actions should be more widely known and taught in schools and in my personal analysis he is not just the worst leader in human history but also the worst person ever to live in human history. This is why he should be known as the worst leader in human history

People fail to see that while Mao, Hitler, and Stalin were all evil, Mao was the worst. Let's start with the body count, his "Great Leap Forward" alone killed 45 million in four years. In total he killed roughly 70 million.

Adolf Hitler was an evil man, but a fantastic leader. When he took power, Germany was in the depths of social and economic chaos. Hitler brought a broken Nation to one of the most powerful Nations in world history. Stalin was certainly far more evil than Hitler, but comes no where close to the death count of Mao Zedong.

Say I hate all three of them but Mao wasn't the worst if you consider the motives - AshleyChang

I didn't mean Mao's motive was any good but it's better than Hitler's - AshleyChang

Mao is the worst dictator, for he killed people for his selfish reasons. By starving people and he proclaimed his wisdom. He denounece worship of a human being, and yet put himself above god and launched the culture revolution to destory anyone he perceived as a threat to his power. The estimated of the deaths caused by Mao's deliverate acts is 80 millions, yet his portrait hanged in Tienanmen sqaure, and many chinese still worship him. This is the sad truth of China.

He number, the number! How many people died because of him? It's over 80 MILLION people! Some say it could be 100 million. How many people died or got tortured in the holocaust? 6-7 million. Why people hate Hitler, I think he wasn't stupid (exception of the invasion to Russia), how about Mao Zedong? He became strong in military because of USA. This guy doesn't have the worth of being a living thing. The man who is the most responsible of deaths than anyone else. Many people don't care about Mao but Hitler. Poor man, Hitler. For Mao, it will be "poor hearted" man though (laugh).

I agree, the numbers are important. You forgot to consider the vast population of China, even in 1958. It was approximately 600,000,000. If you want to use this as a measure, Mao Zedong killed a far lower percent of the population than Hitler of Stalin. - Ericag

Mao killed anyone who opposed him or wrote anything bad about him. HE MADE CHINA THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD DURING HIS REIGN. That IS WHAT I call a proper dictator.

He started th Cultural Revolution which took people out of there homes so they could be tortured and sometimes put to death just because they had a different book then the Little Red Book, or they had a framed photo that was not of Mao Zedong.

There's not much left to say about the numbers of death since everyone else has that covered. But in addition, it breaks my heart as a Chinese person how he destroyed such a beautiful culture. Imagine what China and its people would be like today if things weren't butchered like that...

The guy did what the others couldn't fight through over two decades, from the first war with Japan to Korea he lost millions of men in hopeless battles for personal gain. Just to give you how big of a d he was he wanted nuclear war just because China would dominate the world due to population advantage

The worst dictator in history bar none in the number of people killed. While Stalin and Hitler and others except for the Kims of North Korea have been criticised and vilified this evil man who almost singlehandedly destroyed China's very culture and fabric of society and changed China forever. He has no qualms about sacrificing millions and declared war on his own people. Ugly China we see today is due to this man. The worse part is the government of China blotted out his evil deeds and promote him as a hero and saviour of the nation.

He killed more innocent lives than Hitler and Stalin combined, from the Great Leap Forward to the Cultural Revolution (although he did admit that at the end it had to be stopped) and then after the Cultural Revolution, he jailed people who led it.

The greatest, in a negative meaning. He is definitely the craziest man in history, but people should not forget that sometimes in democracy, terrible leaders are born. Although dictatorship mostly isn't the right answer, democracy sometimes isn't the right way too.

Mao Zedong murdered 40 million people. Surely that alone is enough to put him on top of this list. Hitler, although shocking appalling, merely has a 'bad press' after causing the world's largest war, but because Mao just killed his own people, it's okay. That makes complete sense.

How is he only ranked 4th? He killed the most people! Stalin and Hitler are overrated.

Mao did horrible things during his life and changed China into what it is today. His work was durable unlike some other's work. Someone will have to pay for what he did, and I wish this to no one. He killed so many people and founded a horrible regime.

Took away china's culture and made them work in farms to try and "help" the country. He even encouraged children to terrorize people who didn't follow the rules or opposed him.

He killed more people then Hitler every year for four years

Killed more people than anyone in history. Most of his people died because of stupid communist policies.

He's also probably one of the few dictators who actually declared war on his own country's culture and society. Destroying priceless antiques, buildings, relics and people.

He murdered his followers and was China's dictator. He tried to rehabilitate China into a new empire but used death and destruction to do so. He killed thousands and should not be worshiped

He killed more people than World War II, or Influenza, he was not a murderer, that is too kind of a word, he was a monster. (He also killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined).

The idiot created a stupid cult of personality. During his time in power, everyone was wearing "Maoist pajamas", an ugly gray uniform that made everyone visually the same. So much for idividuallity!

Mao Zedong (Mass Murderer) is the worst man who ever lived. He killed 70 million of his own people to make his country worse off than it was before.

He was probably even worse than Stalin, and dare I say Hitler. Pretty close to being the worst person that ever lived. - Virtuoso

Mao killed from 49-78 million deaths more than Stalin and Hitler's combined and adding pol pot and still millions more dead more deaths than those three combined

I just finished Mao's Great Famine by Dikotter. In four years he was responsible for, by some accounts, more than 40 million deaths, most through starvation. He destroyed nature, history, and culture right along with it, and I haven't even gotten to the Cultural Revolution yet.