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201 Sobhuza II (Swaziland)

People suffered over 80 years under him

202 Fulgencio Batista (Cuba)

To have a balance: Batista was a right wing dictator in Cuba, but his failures lead then to the long lasting left wing dictatorship in Cuba, so you sometimes have to look at the cause

203 Miklós Horthy (Hungary)
204 Kaysone Phomvihane (Laos)

He blew off the Lao kingdom and with it the tradition and, in typical communist manner, many lives of Lao people

205 Charles de Gaulle (France) Charles de Gaulle (France) Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle (22 November 1890 – 9 November 1970) was a French general and statesman. He was the leader of Free France (1940–44) and the head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic (1944–46). In 1958, he founded the Fifth Republic and was elected as the 18th more. V 1 Comment
206 Thanin Kraivichien (Thailand)

He sent masses of liberals to prisons during his tenure.

207 Oliver Cromwell (England)

Not the worst but needs to be recognized. he slaughtered many Irish people, limited the rights of british non-puritans on the grounds of the belief of the puritan minority he was a part of. Only non-royal to ever have absolute control over britain.

208 Julius Caesar (Roman Empire)

He broke the law by crossing the Rubicon River and went on to become dictator of Rome. Caesar Augustus was much better than him.

209 Nasereddin Shah Qajar (Iran) V 2 Comments
210 King Ferdinand (Spain)
211 Augusto Pinochet (Chile)

Some have called him the Butcher of Santiago. The 1973 coup and subsequent 17-year rule, which was actively supported by the USA under Richard Nixon and then later under Reagan, was one of the bloodiest ever. All in the name of "freedom" from communism, this was right-wing tyranny at its finest. Thousands died in the 17 years he ruthlessly held power. While the exact figures may never be known, there are people who still today have never known the fates fo some of their loved ones. Summary executions, mass murders at the National Stadium in Santiago, random shootings of those caught outdoors after curfew, the body count was high. Chile remains a deply divided antion almost 25 years after he left power. The wealthy few regard him as a hero, since he filled their already deep pockets at the expense of the many.

Generalissimo augusto pinochet saved Chile from becoming communist

I will die the person who succeeds me will also have to die but elections you wont have

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212 Fidel Castro (Cuba) Fidel Castro (Cuba) Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, known as Fidel Castro, was a Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976 and then as President from 1976 to 2008. Politically a Marxist–Leninist and Cuban nationalist, he also served as the First Secretary of more.

Like other dictators the Castro brothers have killed thousands of innocent people. Separated thousands of families and poisoned the minds of the youth. The difference between Castro and the top 10 assassins of the history, is SIMPLE. They are not done! It's incredible that our president with the biggest democracy on earth has the nerve to negotiate with these criminals.

They're all horrible (how can you have a "good" dictator?) but War wrote a song about him. War pwns all r&b, soul bands in the era. - fireinside96

Fidel is a horrible person, and my teacher is glad he is dead, an inappropriate thing to admit in class, but I hate him alone anyway. - EliHbk

Why this jerk isn't in the top 10 is beyond me.

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213 Slobodan Milosevic (Serbia) Slobodan Milosevic (Serbia)

He was responsible for Balkan wars, first war in Slovenia which lasted 10 days, then war in Croatia that lasted from 1991 to 1995, and war and genocide in Bosnia that lasted from 1992 to 1995. Responsible for thousands of deaths all over ex Yugoslavia from 1990 - 1999. He started a war in Kosovo in 1999. Thousands of people killed, over two million displaced. His men, chetniks, did a terrible deeds that not even monsters did, not even Nazis. Bosnian and Croat people are sent in camps, torture and rape were nothing what they were capable of. Chetniks exist even now, they rule a big part of Serbia, and a whole entity of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many people are declared chetniks, even Republika Srpska's current president Milorad Dodik is chetnik. We can't allow that fascist movement to rule.

Says who? CNN and BBC? Hmm... Before you start talking nonsense about Chetnicks, go to George Freemen's book 'The Forgotten 500'. The book is about the greatest rescue operation behind the enemy lines in WWII and in the US history. Speaking of Nazis, the Chetnicks, these 'monsters', had saved 500 US pilots from the Nazis in the middle of the Occupied Serbia during the four years of war there risking and giving away their lives. However, I understand that what you are saying is the standard American thank you. I wonder why didn't you mention the US presidents during the Korean and Vietnam war who are responsible for death of millions? Just to mention that during the civil war in former Yugoslavia total death toll was around 150.000 people, soldiers and civilians. Oh, and did I say that Milosevic wasn't responsible for that war but the US, Germany and Great Britain by recognizing and justifying the terrorists and rebels against the constitutional government of the internationally ...more

One of the worst mass murderers in modern history

Deserves to be further up the list. Milosevic had a habit of using others to do his dirty work like Arkan, Mladic and Karadzic. He was able to then distance himself from these and negotiate peace and appear as a moderate. He nearly ruined his country and turned what once was the richest Eastern European state into one of the poorest. In an area that included Ceaucescu and Enver Hoxha as his neighbours, Milosevic was your typical 1980s/1990s Balkan dictator.

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214 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran)

Better than Khamenei anyway. At least he learned something and by 2013 was speaking some sense. Khamenei is in power since 1981 and is still talking immature, negative, racist rubbish that harms no other country on earth other than his own. Ahmadinejad in fairness attempted to stand up to Khamenei in his last years as president and it probably has cost him his career. At least, he had some backbone and could see the damage Khamenei is doing working to the detriment of Iran.

biggest wanker on the planet

Even though he was best in Iran he was still bad I'm Iranian

215 Henry VIII (England)

Interesting man and a man of his times. While flawed and while he did do awful things, he also attempted to take on corruption and greater evils of his time. Sure he had a lot of bad points, but he also had a lot of good points and for his time, was progressive. He may have been a bit of an opportunist and set himself up as a religious leader but he did not become as fanatical of those who do this today. Henry VIII even in his medieval setting is far more preferable to more modern tyrants like Pol Pot, Mullah Omar, al-Baghdadi aka ISIS head honcho (he should be in the top 5 of this list by the way), Hitler, etc.

How can he not be on the list? Do you even know how many people he beheded and decorate the London Bridge with? That includes two of his six wives, one of them because she gave birth to a girl. All of his royal subjects feared him. I don't ever wonder why.

True he was horrible but that happened 500 ago+ and he probably only killed thousands he has probably killed the least people

He killed his wife because she gave birth to a girl. Need any more be said?

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