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21 Ivan IV (Russia) Ivan IV (Russia)

His first act of power was to throw a rebellious nobleman to his hunting dogs. Things only became worse from that point.

Ivan the Terrible was known for, amongst other "accomplishments, " tortuously murdering the inhabitants of the city of Novgorod on the basis of a rumor that they were planning to defect to Sweden. Men, women, and children were impaled, hacked to death with axes or boiled alive in gigantic pots. He personally partook in brutal tortures of suspected enemies, and beat his own son to death in a fit of rage. Possibly one of the worst people who has ever lived. Brutal, sadistic, and cruel, he richly deserves the name Ivan the Terrible.

Even though he wasn't really a dictator. He was a monarch. None the less, he was as bad as Stalin. - Robobrain

He was better known as Ivan the Terrible. After the Kremlin was built, he executed its builders so they couldn't make anything more impressive. I don't know which this is more of: stupid, or sadistic.

Deserves higher on this list read a history book for once - lorenzotobin

22 Nero (Roman Empire) Nero (Roman Empire)

Nero was an evil man he would throw Christians in arenas with lions just for entertainment

Terrible, killing Christians is inhumane ways.

He turned chritians into candles and decorated dinner parties with them.

He was both evil and insane. I wonder what mental disorder he had?

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23 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bangladesh) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bangladesh)

He was the greatest killer in Bangladesh after 1971(Freedom fight). He killed about 45000 people by his Protective Force. Then he established Absolutism.

Yes he was dictator

Totaly a culprit of nation, who was slave of other country.

He and his sister are same

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24 Genghis Khan (Mongolia) Genghis Khan (Mongolia) Genghis Khan c. 1162 – August 18 1227, born Temüjin, was the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.

Killed so many people he effected the carbon footprint of the planet. The Forests grew back.

Not a dictator in the proper sense of the word, but was responsible for the deaths of millions

I read he was responsible or the deaths of at least 50 million people, so about the same as hitler

Genghis Khan killed one governor by flooding his ears and eyes with boiling silver. How about that for cruel?

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25 Kim Jong-Un (North Korea)

Really. Why is he so low. He is a lot worse that his father was. And just look at some of the people ahead of him. He should be top 10.

Fool he is a fool

No, a fool couldn't handle that controlled while all countries on the world want to kill him, and this even faking it before his own people. - waldo

What does what does the fox say have to do with anything here. laugh out loud

Stupid bad dumb

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26 Francisco Franco (Spain)

You should correct the name: Francisco, not Fransisco. And it could be remarkable to point at the fact that he was one of the dictators who most seized the power: 40 years between 1936 and 1975. He represented the complete triumph of fascism, shamelessly welcomed by USA as a ally against the communism in Cold War era, and he destroyed forever the brilliant and liberal Spain that was abandoning its gloomy past. His awful and selfish inheritance, as the big defender of most reactionary layers of society, is present at today's Spain, with its corruption and poverty.

Totalitarian mass murderer and nitwit economist who overthrew a democratic government to install a catholic fundamentalst regime bent on historical revisionism.

Mass murderer who is still buried as a hero, while his countless victims still lay unidentified in mass graves.

He was a bad egg

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27 Hideki Tojo (Japan) Hideki Tojo (Japan) Hideki Tōjō was a general of the Imperial Japanese Army, the leader of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, and the 27th Prime Minister of Japan during much of World War II, from October 17, 1941, to July 22, 1944. As Prime Minister, he was responsible for ordering the attack on Pearl Harbor, more.

This man was the person who was the real dictator in Japan not Hirohito he was simply a puppet to Tojo he mass murdered almost as much people as Hitler did in even worse ways. He was hanged after the war and should've been in the top 15 on this list! He was completely evil

His last name rhymes with Sugou from Sword Art Online. I hate both of these guys! Tojo was the real mastermind behind Japan's role in World War II! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

28 Mengistu Haile Mariam (Ethiopia) Mengistu Haile Mariam (Ethiopia) Mengistu Haile Mariam is an Ethiopian politician who was the leader of Ethiopia from 1977 to 1991. He was the chairman of the Derg, the Communist military junta that governed Ethiopia, from 1977 to 1987, and the President of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia from 1987 to 1991. Effectively more.

He was the worst dictator in east Africa. He killed his own president, his name is Hail Silas and took over his place. People started to suffer in east Africa because of him

He is so cruel he killed millions of women and kids

Why is he still alive? Why don't someone kill him already please, I'll give you all of my savings, buy far best purchase I've ever made, money well spent cleaning up garbage!

The guy consumed about one million human lives.

Just his name is enough for the people of Ethiopia. The most cruel and killer of more than 200000 young Ethiopians. He make sure there will be no generation left to be a witness.

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29 Jean Bokassa (Central African Republic)

One of the reasons why CAR is such a failed country. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ


30 Omar Al-Bashir (Sudan) Omar Al-Bashir (Sudan)

This guy kills people for no reason and has guards that ravage communities to force kids to kill eachother. Plus, he has killed 10 million people.

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31 Emperor Hirohito (Japan) Emperor Hirohito (Japan)

A war criminal who eluded all punishment for his actions

Right behind Hitler

Tojo Hideki and others were blame scapegoats for this man.

As Professor Herbert P. Bix wrote in 2014, Hirohito was a string puller, not a puppet. The Emperor was the main responsible for Japan's acts both in the Second Sino-Japanese War and in World War II.

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32 Vladimir Lenin (USSR) Vladimir Lenin (USSR) Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias Lenin, was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician, and political theorist.

Despite not killing as many as Hitler or Stalin Vladimir Lenin was a manipulative psychopath who even hated his own followers, denouncing them as "useful idiots" who followed him because they wanted to be free of tsarist Russia. It is amazing this man still has so many followers today

He was shown as hero in the social textbook of tenth class in India. Now I understood his worst ness. thanks

Anyone who didn't vote him here must be a communist

Lenin was actually good. He corrected many of the mistakes that the Russian Empire made, gave women more rights, decriminalised homosexuality, and helped lower the discrimination against Jews. As for the people he killed, they were basically White Army members (not poets that had “beautiful messages“ to share with the world) and Trotsky was little more than an opprotunist. - DieGedankenSindFrei

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33 Prince Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)

He is the king of Saudi Arabia
Even Saudi Arabia is a rich country most of Saudi people are poor, few are millionaires

What only few are million Aires I'm a million wire my whole family is millionaire my friends are million are even my father friend I think he is waleed I don't know is a billion aire decides every country doesn't have so many million Aires so don't complain

34 Yoweri Museveni (Uganda)

This guy is sick, he has a sick mind, he kills poor people by taking their money and has already eradicated all the days, and he allows joseph kony and his men to brainwash and destroy the country of Uganda - SliderRob31

Museveni is a master liar, manipulator, and mischievous. His regime cadres refer to those they murder as "biological substances".

Wolf in sheep's skin this man, 27yrs and counting

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35 Pervez Musharraf (Pakistan)

He disowned his dead soldiers and left their bodies behind during Kargil war!

He dragged Pakistan in war

A coward leader who did not fear of Allah but feared from Ameica and caused destruction to Afghanistan and Pakistan

Yes he did kargill mischief and put his country in shaimy condition. Pakistan lost kargil & thosends of soldiers.

36 Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines)

He declared Martial Law which caused the demise of the whole Philippines. The government was a puppet, so was the staff and officials. For a lot of years, many Filipinos died because of him, shooting those who oppose him in front of the crowd and international media.

Because of him, it will take the Philippines till the mid 2020s to pay off the debt, he accumulated for the country from 1965 till 1986.

Marcos, hitler, dictador, tuta!

Tortures his army/police used were
- rape
- putting sticks of wood up men’s genatalia
- killing mutalating cooking then eating a victim’s remains in front of their friends and family

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37 Chiang Kai-shek (China)

Though thought out to be a good guy he was almost the complete opposite. Even though he didn't kill 75 million he still deserves to be on this list. Since he was a Nationalist leader, Americans look at him as a good guy only because we were trying to stop communism. One reason was because this leader was a leading factor in the Korean War. But back to Chiang, when we sent him millions upon billions of dollars he first embezzled some for his own keep and gave the rest to him army (which might be one reason for retreating to Taiwan).

Killed lots of people in Taiwan

He is the same as Mao Zedong, he killed 30, 000 Taiwanese. Mao Zedong killed more just because China had more population.

I disagree. He was a born-again Christian. He wanted to rid China of the psychological diseases of godless Marxist-Leninism

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38 Than Shwe (Myanmar)

He is in a long line of burmese greed. I know this personally because my family was affected by him and the other generals. The government raises money just so the generals can live large while their people starve and die. He commited genocide against the tribes as he wanted one race in Burma.

The worst ever in the history, no brain no kind, just a kind of henpecked leader and just only know stolen and killed people by arm.

He started to gain the despotic political power since 1991. He commits many different typologies of crime.

The meanest ever dictator whose famiily grabs everything they like anywhere. One of the brutal murder-robbery was conducted by them to get a set of priceless diamond Jewellery. The more you learn, the worse you hear about their mischieves.

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39 Nicolae Ceaușescu (Romania)

Despite all the good things he did to make Romania unique in front of the world and improve relations with Werstern Europe, he's still responsible for the torturing of many people who opposed him, destroyed many villages and the respective way of life. And whats even worse is that he was completely oblivious to what the reign did wrong, all thanks to his wife Elena, who was an even bigger monster than him(and responsible for many opressions and torturing people from many social categories, propaganda and personality cult, those last 2 done along with her husband). Those two formed a double-headed tyranny. Plus they both got executed on Christmas which shocked the West.
Also he even tricked the world leaders into believing that Romania would make a better relation with the West rather than with URSS. In short he is a Machiavellic genius, strong and dignified but at the same time has a very strong lack of realism, living in a illusion, and later, paranoid. He even destroyed National ...more - AnulDomnului

I think he is the only dictator in history who had the honor to meet important world leaders like Queen Elizabeth, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin (he was called by other Romanians "Idi Aminescu" as an insult), Fidel Castro (possibly), Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, the Sheik of Iran (who got dethroned) & many others.
He was initially a communist with liberal views, who went against Russia's rules and became popular in the west for defending Czechoslovakia from the Russian invasion. But after he and his wife went to China and North Korea.
His wife Elena was a greater tyrant than him and an idiotic ruler (she considered people to be rats who needed extermination). Not to mention she was the biggest hoax in the history of science (since she was illiterate with mediocre results of 5,6 & 4). They tortured people who opposed him and which were considered clinically insane when in reality they were not. They hungered the population, destroyed villages, cosmopolitan ...more

He might have done some good things for romania but he also led his population to misery

He did not do anything good for his people! Romanians suferred a lot because of him mostly in 80s! The darkest years for Romania! People starved! Too Women died trying to have illegal abortions!

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40 Augusto Pinochet (Chile)

Some have called him the Butcher of Santiago. The 1973 coup and subsequent 17-year rule, which was actively supported by the USA under Richard Nixon and then later under Reagan, was one of the bloodiest ever. All in the name of "freedom" from communism, this was right-wing tyranny at its finest. Thousands died in the 17 years he ruthlessly held power. While the exact figures may never be known, there are people who still today have never known the fates fo some of their loved ones. Summary executions, mass murders at the National Stadium in Santiago, random shootings of those caught outdoors after curfew, the body count was high. Chile remains a deply divided antion almost 25 years after he left power. The wealthy few regard him as a hero, since he filled their already deep pockets at the expense of the many.

Generalissimo augusto pinochet saved Chile from becoming communist

I will die the person who succeeds me will also have to die but elections you wont have

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