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61 Nikita Khrushchev (USSR) Nikita Khrushchev (USSR)

VERY VERY VERY close to the world ENDING thank gosh he was overthrown his replacement (leonid brezhnev ) was not much better but at least brezhnev wasn't going to use the missiles in case of emergency khrushchev unmerciful ready to destroy the WORLD in fact all the missiles he produced were enough to blow up the world TWICE so close khrushchev so close to EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE

Because of him, the world was almost nuked.

Thank god we still here Russia is the powerfuliest countries in he world

62 János Kádár (Hungary)

He crushed (literally) the Hungarian uprising in 1956.

63 Hirohito (Japan) Hirohito (Japan)

He attaced pearl harbor

64 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Turkey)

He increasingly gets arrogant: depicting the mine tragedy in Soma in May 2014 as something trivial is outrageous. He has to blame himself, if his legacy is tarnished by his imprudence.

In his country, the biggest number of journalists are incarcerated worldwide.

We have seen his real face on last summer

Definitely a controversial figure that divides people in opinions

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65 Ali Khamenei (Iran) Ali Khamenei (Iran)

I don't understand how a dirty person like him still can be alive. I'm mean, he's not far from 90 I think... So it's actually amazing that a person whit THAT dirty mind can live that long life. Anyways... He'll burn in hell.

Ok. So we got the ex-supreme leader of Iran, the current president (head of government) of Iran, but what about the current supreme leader of Iran. He is mad at current President Ahmadinejad just because they disagree on some stuff. I heard he is even trying to get him out of office.

Should be higher up. Ridiculous, negative, immature, incompetent, poorly educated man who is a fraud. He has more or less ruled Iran since 1981 and has not learned a thing about how to rule a country. Perhaps that his country has oil is the only thing that saved him from being as bad as Kim Jong Il or Pol Pot.

Stupid people I am Iranian and I think he IS THE BEST

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66 Jacob Zuma (South Africa)

This man has to be the least educated person to preside over one of the worlds most influential and wealth countries. There has never been any other leader who faces over 700 charges of corruption and mis-management whilst in power. The incredible thing is that Houdini has nothing on this guy, who is the perfect escape artists and manipulator. Granted he hasn't actually cause mass murder, but surely not educating the majority of the country, but squandering their natural resources on lavish gifts for himself and his cronies in the ruling party, has a devastating affect almost comparable to murder. As an economist, he has a horrid track record with his single biggest flaw being the side-lining of Trevor Manuel (Ex-Fiance Minister) and becoming China's little rent boy.

He has single-handedly changed Mandela's "miracle" into the world's first true idiocracy, surrounding himself with corrupt, stupid and inefficient cronies. He is also one of the most uneducated leaders in the world, having not even bothered to complete primary school.

67 François Duvalier (Haiti)

Not only a vicious and brutal dictator but a 100% certified psychopath as even his own supporters in the military and government came to realise, however such was his cult of personality and his penchant for indiscriminate violence and murder he held on to power (supported no little by the USA for his laughable 'anti-communist' stance, he was anti humanity if anything).

The thing about the Duvalier dictatorship is that it lasted 30 long years.

Shameless and greedy in a poor country

68 Melese Zenawi (Ethiopia)

I guess you can't tell the difference between 200 and 2.5 millions people, I mean, who cares about my beloved Africans under the sun! Right? By the way I'm a very big fan of data! You should be one too.

He was ordered his troops to kill more than 200 peaceful demonstrators at the capital city of Ad dis Ababa because of the 2005 election.

Dictator Meles Zenawi has systematically killed more than 2 million Amhara and hundreds of thousands of Oromo. He is also responsible for incarceration of 500,000 Ethiopians in 2005 after it lost election. Ten years later the party of the dictatorial junta claimed 100% election victory!

In 19997 according to Ethiopian calander he steal the election box and after five year he has done the same on opponent polotical party. In addition to this he is resposible for improsnement of 40000 Ethiopian citizen for polotial case and for the dead and impreasoned 32000 oromo students. This leader has died while he is accusing and persecuting many inflential polotical ledears. He is the 16th dictators onthe world according us magazine report. Eventhough he is died his party continued to rule in the sane way, by killing many students who oppose dictatorial strategy specially oromo is the major victim of this act. But the curren Ethiopian governemen hide all this.

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69 António de Oliveira Salazar (Portugal)

Ultra-conservative and nationalist, was for decades a totalistarista who was persecuted and tortured all those who opposed his regime. Demonstrations and strikes were violently suppressed. Obliged to total subservience.

Okay, he was a dictator, but he doesn't have to appear here twice!

He helped Hitler, mussolini, and Franco. He was leader 36 yeares in Portugal, and killed many people.

70 Hu Jintao (China)
71 Mustafa Kemal (Turkey)

He shouldn't be on this list. Not a killer, not a massacrer. And he tried multiparty system which didn't work. And he died in 1938, so the information above is wrong.

I just say, 15 years single-party dictatorship. Founding of the Turkish Republic 1923. First election in 1946. And this election was even manipulate.

Is this a joke?!

Tell me this guy is kidding me?

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72 Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire)

Very greedy. Learning about him for school homework seems very selfish and used money donated from Americas tax money to fund his many homes and chalets.

This sick, demented Frak was the most greedy dictator of his time. He lived in opulence while his people suffered. According to a Congolese anyone messing with his interest was a dead man.

How is Mobutu this low? He is one of the worst African dictators of all time, is responsible for countless deaths in his country, and completely crippled the DRC.

73 Qin Shi Huangdi (China)

Absolutely ruthless. Killed lots of people in the state Zhao because he, and his mother, were almost killed by a zhao royal guard, when he was 3.

In his early he's pretty evil but dome good for the country, but he did it ruthlessly.

If he wasn't pretty pycho already, he decided in 218 he wanted to be immortal, so he took mercury pills so he got so insane that. 1 he decided just he died he had a really big tomb forced thoudands of people and push beyond possible. 2 did the same thing about the great wall.3 burned lots of books except for the wons he aproved off.

Banished his mother and his likely true father.

He is like a earlier version of Mao Ze Dong, he kills innocents lies a lot, and always starts minor conflicts

So crazy he drank mercury to make him live longer, only it killed him in his 30s!

74 Raul Castro (Cuba)

He is a clown, a toy of his brther


HE KILLED people

75 Suharto (Indonesia)

If you include the time of mass killings from 1965, that gives already at least 500, 000 killed. Plus the occupation of East Timor add to at least 200, 000 people killed. Furthermore, his relatively unknown Petrus action, an extra-judicial program in the 1980s, killing ostensible criminals.

For someone, who killed so many more people (than Hasina), his rank is too low in this list.

76 Leopold II of Belgium (Belgium) Leopold II of Belgium (Belgium)

Enslaved the Congo for wealth. He was responsible for almost as much death as Hitler.

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77 Paul Kagame (Rwanda)

Killed more than 5000 in Byumba and Mutara, more than 10000 died in Nyacyonga in camps, killed more than 1000000 congolise and Hutu rwandans who were fleeing him and still killing and put every one who has a different opinion than him in jail.

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78 Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (Maldives)

Acted as a God among the people of the Maldives with an iron fist until his defeat in 2008 presidential elections. However took over the country again by creating a coup d'etat with a puppet president. Forged the elections of 2013 by commanding the Supreme Court of the Maldives and has made his half brother come to power as president!

Maumoon was a ruthless, brutal dictator who crushed all opposition.

He is the most brutal horrible man he. Is from his works. Worsenedthe roads

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79 Yahya Jammeh (Gambia)

The worst dictator in African history, he kills his opponents and those he perceive to be his opponent. He is into drug dealing, money laundering, arms dealing and lots of secret assassins. The guy is simply a psychopath

You have said it all. Reign of terror were people live in total fear.

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80 Sani Abacha (Nigeria)

Greedy bastard, he kept the income coming in to the country for himself, had any opposition killed. A potentially rich country remained poor while the dictator and his regime becomes rich.

You don't need to speculate about his popularity any further if you know that his death was happily celebrated throughout Nigeria

He killed dozens of people unknown to d public d worse dictator from Africa

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