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81 Leopold II of Belgium (Belgium) Leopold II of Belgium (Belgium)

Enslaved the Congo for wealth. He was responsible for almost as much death as Hitler.

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82 Paul Kagame (Rwanda)

Killed more than 5000 in Byumba and Mutara, more than 10000 died in Nyacyonga in camps, killed more than 1000000 congolise and Hutu rwandans who were fleeing him and still killing and put every one who has a different opinion than him in jail.

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83 Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (Maldives)

Acted as a God among the people of the Maldives with an iron fist until his defeat in 2008 presidential elections. However took over the country again by creating a coup d'etat with a puppet president. Forged the elections of 2013 by commanding the Supreme Court of the Maldives and has made his half brother come to power as president!

Maumoon was a ruthless, brutal dictator who crushed all opposition.

He is the most brutal horrible man he. Is from his works. Worsenedthe roads

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84 Yahya Jammeh (Gambia)

The worst dictator in African history, he kills his opponents and those he perceive to be his opponent. He is into drug dealing, money laundering, arms dealing and lots of secret assassins. The guy is simply a psychopath

You have said it all. Reign of terror were people live in total fear.

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85 Sani Abacha (Nigeria)

Greedy bastard, he kept the income coming in to the country for himself, had any opposition killed. A potentially rich country remained poor while the dictator and his regime becomes rich.

You don't need to speculate about his popularity any further if you know that his death was happily celebrated throughout Nigeria

He killed dozens of people unknown to d public d worse dictator from Africa

86 Francisco Macias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea)

One third of his nation's population fled during his rule due to his sociopathic behavior. He is famous for killing his own National Bank manager and taking the country's entire treasury to his house. That's a bad guy.

Macias Nguema may not be as well-known as Adolf Hitler or Iosef Stalin but killing 1/3rd of your population, killed many intellectuals while Mary Hopkins' music was playing but at least didn't rule over Nigeria or Congo (Kinshasa) where he would have killed millions!

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87 Georgios Papadopoulos (Greece)
88 Nebuchadnezzar II (Babylon)
89 Islam Karimov (Uzbekistan)

That guy literally let some people boil!

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90 Kublai Khan (Mongolia) V 1 Comment
91 Ion Antonescu (Romania)

(Part 2) When Romania turned their weapons against Germany on 23 August 1944 Antonescu was arrested. He attempted to stop the Soviet offensive in the Carpathian area with the Germans but unfortunately for him than plan was abandoned with his already mentioned arrest. He killed many Jews, Gypsies etc on the charge of being Communists. He at least didn't use Himmler's extermination methods but he is still guilty for his war crimes and atrocities. Don't even get me started on the prisons he used. He never tortured ethnic groups, only spies. He signed an agreement with Germany regarding the oil supplies used during the war.
Also British and American planes tried to bombard the oil facilities but were defeated. Some of them were captured and were prisoners until 23 August where the Romanian soldiers turned against German soldiers. And despite all that the Russian ungrateful bastards back then took Romanian soldiers hostage despite being allies.

He is definitely one of the worst dictators ever and rivals other dictators in the top 10. He gained power from a military coup in 1940 but was very anti semitic in all aspects of his rule he killed about 200,000 Jews plus around another 200,000 Gypsies along with Homo Sexuals and others. He is defiantly as bad as Tojo or Hitler.

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92 Antonio López de Santa Anna (Mexico)

Napoleon of the west my foot!

93 Juvenal Habyarimana (Rwanda)
94 Mahathir Mohamad (Malaysia)

A dictator that oppressed freedom of speech and played the racial card for political milage

Like to start wars to provoke his neighbours. Blatantly criticised the Chinese and nearly invaded us in 1991

If someone became too popular in his eyes, he simply the used anti-lgbt laws and used it against the rising competitor. Anti-western speeches were his specialties

He even admits hisself being a dictator!
Tun Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad is a Malaysian politician who was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981 to 2003, making him longest-serving holder of that office.

95 Mohammed Omar (Afghanistan)

Widely known as Mullah Omar, he established the notorious Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Under his rule, women were treated worse than dogs. Even if a woman needed surgery, she couldn't get one because it was said to be forbidden under Islamic law that another man touches a woman.

For them, amputation was like eating bread.

One interesting thing: under his tenure, opium production was effectively curbed.

But nowadays, even the Taliban recognized, they get a lot of cash with opium business.

Set up the worst fascist regime in history. Perhaps, Pol Pot is the only worse person and regime.

Definitely should be higher up. This man founded what would go on to become known as ISIS, DAESH, and ISIL. What he and his Taliban regime did to Afghanistan was criminal and he inspired others by nurturing the vile al Qaeda (aka ISIS) to set up a new and very racist terrorism. His treatment of his own people was only marginally better than Pol Pot.

96 Mehmed Talat (Ottoman Empire) V 1 Comment
97 Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenistan)

The Turkmenbashi really was one of the worst kind. Turkmen politica was all centered around him, renamed months after his relatives, his "teachings" was regarded as kind of infallible, tortured his opponents in most terrible ways, really imposed one of the worst restrictions on freedom.

Yes he was a dictator. Even he was a our first president and must be unforgetable. But people forgot him already. Because he wasnt president of all people. Now under the ground and no body worry aabout him.

98 Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (Tunisia)

Murder, plunder, neglect of the poorest sector of society...

Sheik Hasina government of Bangladesh.

99 Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Algeria)

Doesn't care if his people suffer, under him, secret police scare off people and when people try to rise, they will be reminded of the devastating effects of the civil war of the 1990s.

100 Najib Razak (Malaysia)

His coalition just go less than half of the votes, whereas the opposition got more then 50% but still, Najib's coalition Barisa Nasional got more seats the the opposition. Fraud is in the air, but arab spring like uprising is unrealistic.

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