Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh)


Killing general people every day-every week. Thousands of ordinary people have died since the regime of Autocrat Sheikh Hasina. Wounded millions. She started to kill all her opposition with her force. Bangladesh is experiencing the worst situation ever in it's history.

The worst ever prime minister in the history of Bangladesh.
Killing Innocent peoples overnights.

The worst dictators placed before Hasina were not democratically elected and did not talk so much about democracy. Hasina is the first democratically elected emerged as a dictator. She is the only dictator who has millions words to establish democeacy. Forget about her 35 years political career. She killed thousands, kidnapped and disappeared including a former MP for their political stand against her dictatorship in her last five years. She is also only leader who has been declared the next priminister for the next five years before the election of 05 january 2014

Worst PM talks blasphemy lies to International media.
Hates Religious country men and is Obsessed with her own revenge rather then developing her country

She is the worst dictator living in the world right now. She doesn't have the means like Hitler or Stalin, otherwise she would have wiped out her opponents just like them. She has killed over 50,000 people in 10 years of her administration...

I don't want to state any number that how many were killed by this women because different sources are stating different numbers. However I myself came to know about some cases from the prime sources that the Awami thugs and police jointly killed many people which was never appear in the news. I know at least five people were killed whom I used to know personally. She is a dictator with no doubt.

She has a ruthless mind. For her thirst for blood, She was declared 'Wrong-Headed' by the country's High court. She is responsible for death of thousand opposition figure.

In our country we called her "Lady Hitler" The number 1 Dictator

She turned Bangladesh from a democracy into one party dictatorial rule by force. She made more than 1000 opposition leaders "disappeared". Killed thousands of innocent protestors in one night. Arrested all top opposition leaders, hanged them.

Her main aim is to create anarchy in the country. Killing and detaining civilians and oppositions are main strategies to hold power.

Sheikh hasina is killer man of freedom country of Bangladesh... She is not only killer But also kiddnapper of Bangladesh!

Sheikh hasina is following her father's footstep to be an autocratic ruler. She is a greedy corrupt woman, a constant liar and a revengeful vicious person.

She is the only lady dictator in the world. She has killed thousands, tortured hundred of thousands, her cronies looted billions of dollars.

She should be assumed as lady Hitler!

SK Hasina is always pushing our nation on an up coming civil war. Her party AL try to rule this country forever & for this reason she kills thousands of opposite party members & civilian. I think she is the worst autocrat in this modern civilization.

Opens fire on unarmed civilians who assembles to express their grievances, cronyism to the extreme, looting of the banks to the extreme that it would take the largest bank more than 300 (three hundred) years to recoup the lost money, travels overseas with an extra large entourage... I can go on and on...

She is the leader, who ordered her followers to kill ten people in revenge, if any of her man down. She sacked Noble peace prize winner Dr. Younus from his institute as he seemed to be a barrier to her vengeance. In last five years the killing caused by her supporters and police reached to five figures. She also let free the convicted murderer named 'Biplob' and so many others, so that they can work for her.

She should in number one... Killing people of Bangladesh mercilessly. Anyone speaks against the Hasina regime, is either arrested, or tortured, or abducted and then killed.

May be the only existing lady dictator in the present world. And the most ferocious killer among the contemporary dictators

Everything that an independent nation possesses - ranging from the media to the security forces - are being used to her advantage. From army officers to grass root level villagers, none have been spared.

She used the police and other forces to down the opposition, as a result every day political leaders, Islamist and even many general people are killed.
She is now act like president Bashar al-Assad.

Hasina was very brutal from the very beginning of her current tenure to destroy any sort of opposition she may face in her way to hold the power. She knew there is one force - the army - which can challenge her power. So, she killed 57 top army officials through a plot and later publicized it as mutiny. From then on she suppressed all sorts of opposition by various means ranging from shutting down opposition party office to firing bullets to opposition procession. Any opposition party protest was responded by real bullets, as tear gas or rubber bullets are pretty old school to her. This year, on May 5, She killed hundreds of activists of Hefazat-e-Islami, an Islamist group who marched to capital and made some demand for change in constitution. She killed lots of opposition party leaders and activists by enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killing. She changed the constitution so that she can rig the election to perpetuate her power. Thousands of opposition activists and general ...more

She never wants to listen any speech from any other. She does what she think. She never compromise with any other except one country. She considered many things those directly injured our country and nation. She tells lie as like a profession actress. She has no humanity, patriotism, kindness and fairness. She killed many people by through few special national forces even using by through few professional and ferocious killer of her own political party. She never respects the country judiciary department, international organization even diplomats. She unofficially given authority to her family personnel to financial discrepancies in all government sectors. She destroyed all discipline in judiciary and administrative segments. Finally she is trying to chis the right of vote about more than 90% people of our country. Major percentage of people are hated and never wants to see her again as a political leader for any political parties in our country.

She should be the most hypocrite democratic dictator all over the world in history. I believe she never came to rule this country but only to take vengeance of killing her father. Every time she arrives the throne, innocent dies. By the authority of that butcher, freedom of speech found nowhere. She blocked Facebook, Banned electronic and press media as well a media coup she has done never seen by any country before. She is going to fulfill the dream of her father "BAKSHAL". Everything is possible because of a dumb and idiot opposition leader, who actually has no capability of doing politics. In fact not this opposition only, there is not any strong leader in this country who has potential to threat this ruthless, hatred, butcher dictator going behind. Bangladeshi people really got a terrific bad luck having this kind of situation and a ruler like Hasina.
"Go to Hell Hasina"

Banned the basic rights of expressing opinions. Even when civil society's spokesman who ever he/she is (Scholar, National Prof, Writer of Constitution) speaks against her autocracy she names them as Mad! Only because of her now thousands of people are dying. She started the chaos by amending the constitution. She just wants to grab and hold the ruler-ship. Only because of her our economy is now destroying. She and her followers now holding every top positions illegally. She already recruited her party men everywhere in the governmental offices. Election Commissions, Police Department, Army everywhere. And now doing mass killing by them. Everyday innocents are dying.