Top Ten Worst Disasters Ever

These disasters were the biggest events that shocked the entire world when they hit.

The Top Ten

1 Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004

This tsunami will be remembered as Mother Nature unleashed creating a massive tsunami that struck 15 countries killing at least 250,000 people and displaced 1.7 million locals. - jordy2603

2 9/11 Terror Attacks, 2001

How can they go and do this to us. I feel horrible for those people who fell like they could have done something to save that person they lost. They might fell like crap, but it isn't your fault. It was that Muslim leader who planned this in the late 1900's.

The hijacking of four planes being crashed into various locations across the US caused major panic and the loss of 2,999 innocent lives making it the worst terror attack in history - jordy2603

Move this to number one


3 Hurricane Katrina, 2005

The category 5 storm that smashed into New Orleans is remembered as the event which sparked a start to creating stronger warnings for storms. It also flooded eighty percent of New Orleans cutting off food and water - jordy2603

4 Pompeii, 79AD

The Pompeii disaster was Mount Vesuvius blowing it's lid causing a massive ash cloud to hang over the city of Pompeii for a day and a half killing hundreds and preserving the city in hardened ash - jordy2603

5 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 2011

The Japanese Were Hit by two disasters at the same time. What's more than getting killed by drowning or falling to your death?

The earthquake that created a tsunami which smashed into Fukushima power plant created a nuclear radius that killed many people and spread to the western coast of America. At least 18,000 people were killed from other causes such as the actual tsunami or the earthquake - jordy2603

6 Krakatoa Volcano, 1883

When it exploded, Krakatoa created a force stronger than an atomic bomb that made a massive tsunami which submerged 100 villages and causing over 36,000 deaths - jordy2603

7 Sinking of the RMS Titanic, 1912

Those poor people without lifeboats, having to die in the freezing water at night with no hope... -

8 Hurricane Wilma, 2005
9 Great Chilean Earthquake, 1960

The biggest earthquake in history measuring 9.5 killed at least 5,700 including 138 in Japan and 61 in Hawaii. 2 million were left homeless - jordy2603

10 Tri-State Tornado, 1925

This tornado tragically killed 100s of people across three states with no escape. I think we are all very lucky.

The Contenders

11 Peshtigo Wildfire, 1871

This wildfire is the worst recorded wildfire in US history that killed an estimated 1,000 people and burnt through millions of miles - jordy2603

12 San Bernardino Wildfires, 2016
13 Pearl Harbor, 1941

Never forget pearl harbor.

14 Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea, 2014

The captain of the ship was a complete idiot. - Vancedapurpleguy

Ferry are upside down - SpencerJC

15 Chernobyl Disaster, 1986

Tons of radioactive materials out of the plant.

16 Hurricane Irma, 2017
17 The Station Nightclub Fire, 2003
18 Hindenburg Crash, 1937
19 Hurricane Harvey, 2017
20 Las Vegas Shooting, 2017
21 Hurricane Andrew, 1992
22 Nepal Earthquake, 2015

I was at the the location at the time!

23 California Wildfires, 2013
24 Typhoon Haiyan, 2013
25 USA Blizzard, 2016
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