Worst Disney Animated Film Songs

Come on, who doesn't love Disney? It's known for its great stories and wonderful music. However Disney does mess up sometimes, in both movies and songs. So I think it's time to count down the worst Disney animated film songs.

NOTE: This list is for the animated films, so please don't include songs from films like "High School Musical."

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1 Fixer Upper - Frozen

The Oscar winning film's most beloved song is obviously "Let it go" with other loved songs being "Do you wanna build a snowman? " "In summer" and "Love is an open door." While "We are cutting ice" and "Reindeer are better then people" are often forgotten. However one song I think most people can agree being the worst is "Fixer upper."

The trolls are in the film for a very short amount of time and still come out being annoying (except Grand-poppy, of course. ) Their song just shows how annoying they are by probably having the worst singing voices in the film and their song pointing all the wrong stuff with Kristoff, in a rather mocking-like way. But worst of all, when they figure out Anna is engaged THEY WANT HER TO HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH KRISTOFF. WHAT THE HECK!?! - ThatkidwiththeContacts

Even worse: they sing this pointless song while Anna is dying of the curse. The trolls' terrible decision to waste her time with this junk could've got her killed. - Treacle

Can someone please remind me what the point of this song is again? One of my friends once told me that it's there to say that Anna and Kristoff should be a couple. That would be fine... Except that it was obvious that that was the case even without this song.

Maybe it's so that the trolls could have a song, so that everyone in more than one scene could have a song? Alright, then, which song did the Duke of Weselton sing? Or the men he sent to help Hans? Or Marshmallow?

Seriously, the only thing this song does is waste time- Anna and Kristoff's time, considering one of them has their life endangered at that very moment, as well as the audience's time, seeing as how it's one of the weakest scenes of any Disney movie.

Yeah this song is really weird and when they find out Anna is engaged they don't respect her choice. Even if Hans is an evil villain they don't know that at the time


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2 Let It Go - Frozen

I'm sick of hearing this on the radio. It's so overrated. There are so many nicer songs like 'do you want to build a snowman' and a few others. Why does this song get so much attention? I haven't watched frozen yet but this song is enough to drive anyone with semi decent music taste away!

=_= You haven't even watched Frozen yet. Nothing to see here, this is just another comment hating on a good song because it's "popular." How about instead of judging a song on it's popularity, try actually WATCHING the movie and judging the song on how good it is instead? Because, this is a list for the worst Disney songs, not the most popular. - EllaInTheRankings

WORST SONG EVER! I HAVE HEARD IT A MILLION TIMES ON T.V., NO SCRATCH THAT, EVERYWHERE! I HAVE seen the movie, I like the story behind it, but that song, is enough to keep me from watching it. I also am not judging by "popularity"like some say in the comments below, I am judging it by the song. Seriously, I don't get how people like it. Really Elsa, we get it, now be quiet!

Also, Ellaln The Rankings, you need to be quiet. Let the people share their feelings, I don't know why it matters to you anyways, it's not like it's your opinion or the end of the world! Just because other people, that do have brains obviously because they don't like this song, don't like this song, doesn't mean you have to be rude about it. We get it, you think the people that don't like the song are brainless just because they don't have the same opinion as you.:/ Let the people share there opinion... Jeees. :/

This should be number 1

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3 Hakuna Matata - The Lion King

People want to call The Lion King the mature, adult movie of the Disney renaissance...and yet it's got a song about flatulence. Hakuna Matata is a stupid song that wouldn't sound complex to a 3 year old - AngyC

We all loved this song when we where little kids and when we rewatch the movie and come back to this song we say "Wow, this is a lot more annoying then I remembered." Though true, it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. - ThatkidwiththeContacts

This song always gets stuck in my head! - NerdyPweeps

This song is for terrorist and for those who loves farting

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4 Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song - Bambi

SPOILER ALERT: You all know that part of the film "Bambi" where his mom gets shoot and he gets out for her when that buck cold-heartedly tells her shes dead. Then you pause the film to cry into your pillow for 20 minutes then press play to find cute little birds flirting with each other while an annoying song playing and your like "WHATTHEHECK!?!? " Yeah... Nothing to make the moment worse then that annoying song... - ThatkidwiththeContacts

Is this the real title? it's been a while since I seen the movie, so? I hope not...

It IS the real title. Many people forget/don't know that the word "gay" used to mean "happy". So the title actually means "Let's Sing a Happy Little Spring Song".

Worse than small world

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5 A Guy Like You - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Paris is burning, the villain is out-right murdering men women and children in the streets and the second lead character was just shot and fell into the river. What should we do? Have three of the worst characters ever sing a undercooked song about how being ugly is better than being normal, with visuals of poker games and bells spliced in. Ill remind you: Hundreds of people are being murdered off screen as this song is sung, and one of the main characters is, for all we know, dead. Timing wasnt this songs strong-suit.

The statutes, nobody likes them. Why? They're annoying and they sang this piece of trash. It's idiotic lyrics, bad vocals and unlikable production make it one of the worst - ThatkidwiththeContacts

So being shaped like a croissant guarantees you a girlfriend? Okay good to know.

6 Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo - Home On the Range

This song is horrible shoukd be higher how is let it go higher anyways - VideoGamefan5

7 What Made the Red Man Red? - Peter Pan

When I saw this song for the first time, I because I felt so awkward watching something kinda racist. I think Disney image for a Indian tribe went to far and ended up giving us a cringe worthy song with a cringe worthy music video. - ThatkidwiththeContacts

I love Peter Pan more than I can tell but this was pretty bad. - Disneylover

With a bunch of Indians happen around. It just seems like badly trained clowns. Have gone terribly insane.

"Hamgagumgumham" Is all I hear through the song. The person who said "Racist Indians" Is so right! The show just talks about racist ponies with red skin!

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8 The Morning Report - The Lion King

Yep..."The lion king" has another bad song. Look, Simba is brat and just gloates and whined while he was a cub and this song shows him at his worst. Being so mean to that bird just because he was doing his job. Look Simba, you can't sing, you are not very nice and your not as cute as others say you R. I'm just glad you eventually grew up! - ThatkidwiththeContacts

All the lion songs are good except this one

I like the song and its enjoyable roo hear

I don’t even believe this counts as an official Lion King song. In some versions the song is not included (which is great by the way) so it can’t really be good. I mean it’s annoying, doesn’t fit in, and is useless. Overall, The Lion King soundtrack is average, with good songs like Circle of Life and absolutely terrible songs like Morning Report.

9 We Are Siamese - Lady and the Tramp

This song was so annoying! The cats actually scared me when I was little!

It makes me cringe every time I listen to it. Least favorite song by far.

I love this song!


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10 Try Everything - Shakira

MAKE IT STOP Indeed, Disney at its worst spells Shakira at her worst,

The Most Unoriginal And Annoying Disney Song Of All Time, At Least Let It Go Had Meaning, This? , NaH, This Crap Ain't Real, It's Just A Piece Of Bull - VideoGamefan5

I Hate This Song So Much, Not Joking - VideoGamefan5

Yodel-Adle-Eedle-idle-Oo Earned Negative 1/ 5

Let It Go Earned 1.1/5,

THIS EARNED 2/5 - VideoGamefan5

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11 Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - The Lion King

I could never hate Elton John. This bash goes to the original singers of the song. Yes while the lion king does have good songs "Be prepared" & "Circle of life" it also has stinkers "Can you feel the love tonight? " "Can't wait to be king" & "Morning report." And as I just said "Can you feel the love tonight? " is one of those stinkers. It's just so boring with weak production and lyrics that make me wanna rip my ear-drums out with a spork. So this song definitely finds a way in this list. - ThatkidwiththeContacts

(I don't mean to attack you. I am just defending this song.) Stinkers? STINKERS?! I give up on humanity. This is amazing. It has that magical feeling to it that makes Disney special. It gives me the most wonderful butterflies listening to it. - Disneylover

I believe Can you feel the love tonight should go in top ten best. It's a classic.

How is this song on the list it is amazing

This is one 9f my absoulute faviroutes I absoulitlu love it

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12 Reindeer(s) are Better Than People - Frozen

Reindeer are better than people?

This song is real rude. If pokemon heard this, they beat them

More like let your Voice go

It's true though.

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13 Shiny - Moana

I loved the soundtrack of this movie, for the most part, but this song just felt out of place compared to the other songs. Plus the premise was stupid to be honest. I mean, It's a song about how he likes shiny things, basically.

I think they put a lot of effort into this song. It was kinda out of theme, but it was okay at least. But this was better than your welcome. Really. I don't really like that song. - TheGoldenRifle

I agree. Every song was so meaningful and got stuck in your head except this song. It didn't fit in and had a poor background. I wish they had cut this song and put in something different in.

This song is great! Best villain song I have ever heard! The song itself is amazing. The background music = pure genuis! The words= even more genuis than the background music! You have no taste in music.

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14 Trashin' the Camp - Tarzan
15 Mine Mine Mine - Pocahontas

What the hell? Why is this song on the list?

This mailbox is mine.
And this triagonal sign.
That blue balloon, the month of June,
They're mine mine mine mine mine,

16 (You Ain't) Home On the Range - Home On the Range
17 For the First Time in Forever - Frozen

This song seems rushed and out of context.

This list is just Frozen hate - TailsTheFox

Bad... BAD lyrics!

18 One Jump Ahead - Aladdin

Anyone who added this song is obviously a bozo

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19 I've Got a Dream - Tangled

I do agree that it's weird having barbarians sing a song about dreams, but that's probably the point. I personally believe that the aim of this song and this sequence in the movie was to tell the audience not to judge people at first sight, because everyone has their own dreams and aspirations regardless of how "bad" they seem.

There's something weird about barbarians singing a song about dreams

Forget about Let It Go. THIS is the most overrated Disney song.

Love it

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20 Forget About Love - The Return of Jafar

It has Gilbert Gottfried singing. Need I say more?

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