It's not my favorite movie ever, but it's really good! I just don't get it, how did she control her powers before she hit Anna?
I love the ice animation and the dresses they wear as well.
But I think the movie would be boring without Olaf...
Anyway, if you think Frozen sucks, then how did it win an Oscar?! - jenn

Okay. I'll be honest. I am not too fond of this movie. I don't think it's great. I feel this movie is extremely overrated because of the song Let It Go and Elsa's dress. HOWEVER this movie is NOT one of the worst Disney movies ever made. Trust me, I can list a lot of bad Disney films that deserve to be in the Top 10. Frozen shouldn't be in here. It is definitely overrated but being overrated doesn't classify it as a bad film. It just means it is getting a little too much praise than it deserves. It has excellent animation and teaches a great lesson that true love doesn't always have to be romantic - but from family too - while also saying don't fall in love with someone you just met. - Daviddv0601

It's so stupid! I hate it how they sing like every 5 seconds. elsa was so annoying and everyone is obsessed with her because she has ice powers and she's pretty. The wolfs thing was boring to because you know they would obviously escape the wolfs and of course they did. Everyone is obsessed with this movie some people got into fights for the merchandise!

Why I hate this movie

1.The songs

Here is how bad the songs are

Let it go 1/10 should be renamed stop it now

For the first time in forever 1/10 Anna gets excited over the windows when they opened.Should be renamed for the worst time in never.

Love is an open door 2/10 I like hans,but this just messed him up.

Opening 10/10 The only song I liked

The characters

Queen Elsa-A person who can freeze anything

Princess Anna-Annoying dick who always gets excited

Olaf-Bit overrated,this guy is average for a character in honesty

Sven-Reindeer who can actually talk the doesn't? Awkward!

The Duke of Wesselton-Dumb 3 times

Hans-The only good character.Don't kill me or anything

The plot

Anna freezes,big deal she was a big dick in the first place anyway.

This also follows as someone's life story

I actually liked Planes,but less than fire and rescue.

Frankenweenie was ...more

Never have I been so bitterly disappointed in all my life for a "classic" Disney film. The worst Disney film I've ever seen is Meet The Robinsons, but in all honesty, I was not expecting that to be good and it wasn't. It was terrible in fact. It also had really bad marketing so it was never overhyped. Frozen, on the other hand, is overhyped as hell. You cannot avoid it. It's rubbed in your face everywhere you go and the franchise is ridiculous. Frozen itself is a complete failure of a Disney film. Way too many plotholes, clunky storytelling, one-dimensional flat characters, awful annoying songs and overall just downright terrible. How on earth could they go from something as wonderful as Tangled and Wreck it Ralph to this abomination?

Frozen is a cute film, but empty. While there is a strong theme of family and the film touches on good/evil, there is no character development. Like, we are supposed to consider Anna a Disney princess. And out of all of the fairy tales adapted by Disney, this one strays farthest from the original tale of the Snow Queen. - Teagan01

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee were stupid and foolish enough while making this film. Disney should have removed them as a filmmakers with other popular Disney animated filmmakers. Now this shows that how Disney was also so stupid for this film. The songwriters Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez were also completely dull and foolish while writing all these stupid songs and working closely with these extremely stupid filmmakers.

I don't know how this got all the praise. It wasn't even close to being as good as other Disney movies, and there was a song every few seconds which really killed the plot! The characters weren't developed well enough and this honestly had really bad songs. Can't we just let frozen go?

Overrated. Let It Go is so annoying. How did Elsa get those powers? She can't have been born with it, her parents don't have ice powers. Rock trolls? Really? And it's another one of those movies with 'True Love Kiss'. No one should like this.

This mpvie is so overrated. It is so musical like and has no comedy. And I want my veangence on Let It Go. A terrible singing class came downstairs in the computer lab and played let it go. They turned it up all the way and started singing. One was actually pretty good, but the others, not so good. The worst part is that I am the class that's cross the hall from the computer lab!

Frozen as a whole is not too bad but one major thing spoils it...The stupid bloody snowman, I spent most of the movie willing him to get melted into a big puddle. I'm hoping for a scene in the sequel that involves an accident with a massive magnifying glass

The only reason why people like this movie is because of the Disney princess with the ice powers. Apart from that, the movie is extremely boring and not much to see. There are a lot of plot holes and ugly characters.

Directors of Frozen Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck were stupid enough to make story for this film. Their songwriters Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez were also extremely stupid enough while writing the songs for film. Disney really has done the most stupidity with this film.

Worst movie ever how can people say it's better than lion king the lion king movie is the best disney movie ever nothing will beat it - Seahawks

Easily the most overrated animated films of recent memory. It start off way too slow and kind of feels like a rip off of tangled.

I don't know think it's that bad. I mean no it's not the best but it's not one of the worst. The story is creative, the animation is great, but the songs did get old after a while. But still, it's not one of the worst nor one of the best.

WAY too overrated. I hear a Frozen songs too many times to count, and what used to be good has reached "Way too Annoying"

Would be a good movie if the world didn't dwell on it for 2 years after release. It just got old hearing about it and eventually just anything that had anything to do with frozen was just painful to put up with.

I hate frozen the most. The songs are annoying, occurring almost every time. The plot is also terrible

So overrated! They replaced one of the best rides at Disney World just to make 6 year-old girls happy.

Thank you TheTopTens for putting this crap in this list and this deserves to be #1 its to overrated

I think this movie is highly over rated and does not deserve a lot of the attention it's gotten. But the best part by far is Elsa singing let it go

Frozen rocks who putted this on the list? A boy in my class says elsa looks pretty he even said that the creator looks like her. I know a lot of girls are obessed with elsa especially 3-7 year old girls. In Halloween I see almost every little girl dressed as elsa in Halloween we had a fall festival and I see basically almost every little girl dressed as anna or elsa but most likely elsa. I don't know why everyone is addicted to elsa can somebody give me a answer to that

Good point cause it was the most popular Halloween costume which makes me angry.

Worst movie ever! Painfully overrated, stupid plot, terrible soundtrack. The worst part is that everybody loves it. Don't understand why it isn't number 1 as well. Put it there, please. - FJS19

Yes, Elsa was born with powers. Yes, this movie is overrated. Yes, some songs are annoying. HOWEVER, this movie is GREAT, otherwise it wouldn't be a classic.