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61 Cinderella III: a Twist In Time

All of the Cinderella movies after the first one were pretty cute. This one actually shows compassion in one of the stepsisters (i'm not gonna try to spell her name)

On behalf of Judge Claude Frollo: Apologize to your stepdaughter, Lady Tremaine, or you will burn.

Never heard it come out

I don't love or hate this move/sequel. I just found it depressing ;-;

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62 Dinosaur
63 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It can stay. People are way too defense over this disgrace to Victor Hugo's work.

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64 Inside Out

How dare you say inside out is one of the worst Disney films!

I hated this film so much. It almost made me stop watching Pixar movies. This film was like sugar-coating a turd that managed to make everyone else around me stupider. I couldn't even watch this movie for 5 minutes without the sudden urge to slam my fist into my T.V..

This movie is so bad, I felt like my brain died from just watching this trainwreck. I do not recommend this film at all. If you want to watch a good Pixar movie, Watch Cars 2 instead.

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65 Zootopia

Its Sad To See Movies Like Cars And Monsters University, Movies With Good Morals To Kids Getting Bashed On, But Then Society Drama Gets Praised, Wow, Sad. - VideoGamefan5

If you really want to see a bad movie bout animals, watch Chicken Little or Death Note

Oh Come On Disney's Best Non Pixar Animated Movie Since Wreck It Ralph, It Doesn't Belong On This List. - masoncarr2244

So Boring And Overrated

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66 The Good Dinosaur

This was a great and beautiful movie!

What the heck?! This movie is great!

What an abomination this Pixar movie is. It is a flop.

NO! WRONG! THIS WAS BAD! - jackintheboxisgross

67 Tarzan II V 2 Comments
68 The Emperor's New Groove

This movie is hilarious! Why is it here?

69 Mulan

Saving China does not make up for whiny teen angst, especially given that she would've just continued to wallow in that whiny angst if HER FATHER hadn't been called to war.

This movie is amazing and shows people that girls are strong and that you don't need a man!

So far from the original this movie makes me sick

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70 Doug's 1st Movie

Take a Good Nickelodeon Show and make it suck

Wasn't this nickelodeon? Wow disney - NightmareIsHere_

71 Brother Bear 2

I never knew they had a sequel to Brother bear

72 Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas V 1 Comment
73 The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars V 1 Comment
74 Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama V 1 Comment
75 Disney's Teacher's Pet

Terrible movie. The animation is so ugly

76 Ponyo

This movie is actually the best?

77 A Goofy Movie

Wait they made an extremely goofy movie, and a goofy movie?

78 Mickey's House of Villains

It seems okay. I really don't get why it's on the list. I mean, it'd be better if the heroes of each villain's film assisted the gang, but you can't get everything.

I haven't seen this one...what is the main plot?

79 The Return of Jafar

Heh heh. My dad finds this movie amusing with Jafar.

80 Atlantis: Milo's Return
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