Worst Disney Animated Movies

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141 Princess Mononoke
142 Spirited Away

This is studio ghibli, not Disney!

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143 The Wind Rises V 1 Comment
144 The Secret World of Arrietty

The person who made this list doesn't know that studio ghibli exists!

145 My Neighbor Totoro V 1 Comment
146 Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion
147 Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure
148 The Sword In the Stone

Did anyone else feel like the voice actor for Arthur went through puberty mid-production?

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149 Peter Pan

THIS DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE ON THE LOST! The Indian part that is considered to be racially stereotypical and offensive is from a movie made in 1953! People did not fully understand racism back then, and Disney removed them from any merchandising.

It's one of my favorite Disney films!

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150 Ratatouille
151 The Rescuers
152 101 Dalmatians
153 Toy Story
154 Toy Story 2
155 Toy Story 3 V 1 Comment
156 Finding Nemo

Come On People Stop Adding Good Movies On Here. - masoncarr2244

157 Up
158 A Bug's Life
159 Meet the Robinsons

Just tell me who in the world put Meet The Robinsons here, take it out for God's sake, its underrated, and it's the best Disney movie of all time

If you think Meet The Robinsons is the best Disney film of all time then you are completely unworthy of calling yourself a Disney fan. Meet the Robinsons was terrible. Worst Disney film I've ever seen.

Its certainly not the best but if you can't even acknowledge that it was "good"...id say your not a Disney fan! I personally think this movie was fantastic!

160 Gnomeo & Juliet

Distributed by Touchstone, which is a Disney Division

This was horrible and I didn't realize it was Disney!

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