Top 10 Worst Disney World Attractions of 2017

Not every Disney World attraction is great, so this will show you.

The Top Ten

1 Stitch’s Great Escape

It might not be a ride, but it is the worst attraction of all time.
It replaced the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, which was a masterpiece, though it was too scary.

You sit in these seats with restraints that grab you by the shoulders, and cut into them if you move.
The plot is that Experiment 626 a.k.a. Stitch has escaped and is causing mayhem.
The sounds, such as explosions and contraptions operating, are loud as heck, and will make anybody lose their hearing, and when Stitch bounces on the seats, the bars push into you, and it is hell on your shoulders.
The worst part is when Stitch steals a tourist’s rotten chili dog, eats it, and burps in your face.
The seats have nozzles that spray scents, and it is one of the worst smells known to man.

My girlfriend told my son that he should try this, but he refused to because of the reasons why.

In fact, this attraction was not only a replacement to make the place less scary, it is a marketing tool ...more - Gregory

2 Conservation Station

You wait in line twice, to get onto the train, then they force you off, and you have to wait again to get into the park.
Just stupid. - Gregory

3 Journey into Imagination with Figment Journey into Imagination with Figment

It’s a bunch of garbage, with rude humor and stupid “scenes” that don’t even make sense.

The Dragon, Figment, is weird, and interrupts everything about the ride, and you try to concentrate, but he keeps bugging you, and the scenes involve, a skunk scene, a cheesy face on the Moon, and the part where Figment says “Imagination is a Blast”, and an explosion takes place, is enough to scare children who ride.

The original Journey into Imagination attraction was a legend, and Disney ruined it with Your Imagination, which was so boring and stale, so they turned it into this, which is better but still awful, yet boring, rude, and disgusting. - Gregory

4 Country Bear Jamboree

It’s just Chuck E. Cheese’s without the pizza or arcade games.

While it does have appeal, it’s not that great of a Disney attraction. - Gregory

5 Tomorrowland Speedway Tomorrowland Speedway

The cars are loud, smelly, and only go 7 mph.
The whole attraction is outdated, and the tracks are guided, so you’ll be bumping around, and also, someone bad at driving could bump into you.

It needs a MAJOR refurbishment, the cars should be electronic, the track should be bigger, and the cars should move up to 40 mph.
That’ll help keep it up to date and fit with the meaning of Tomorrowland. - Gregory

6 The Magic Carpets of Aladdin The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

When you think of an Aladdin ride, you think it’s gonna be a magical ride, but in reality, it’s just a huge waste of space in Adventureland.

It’s just another Dumbo spinner, and we already have an extra Dumbo ride for line efficiency, as well as Astro Orbiter.

We are fine with Dumbo, and we don’t need another clone at Disney World.

Heck it’s not even as magical, and the spitting camel isn’t enough to refresh you on a hot day. - Gregory

7 TriceraTop Spin

It’s just Dumbo, but in prehistoric form, with Dinos instead of Elephants. - Gregory

8 Primeval Whirl

It’s very jerky, will hurt your back and neck if you have any back and neck problems, will give you whiplash, and is like something you will find at a local carnival, though it’s supposed to be that way. - Gregory

9 Tom Sawyer Island

It used to have the hidden paintbrushes where you’d get fast passes from each one.
But they don’t do that anymore, which sucks.

Disney keeps ruining everything at Disney World, even more than at any other Disney place. - Gregory

10 Mission: SPACE

I put this on here even though it’s a great ride for being accurate in space travel, many people hate it.
I said accurate, because it really is.

The capsules are tiny, so anyone with claustrophobia should not ride at all, and it has g-forces that, like a real Space Shuttle launch, are extreme and intense, and many people, including those who ride roller coasters and other thrill rides, have problems with this, and it induces motion sickness to even to riders who’ve never had motion sickness before, so if they have any health issues, and even those we don’t know of or are not aware of, as well as a history of them, they should not ride orange.

Orange, since Disney made a green version that’s mild, since from 2005 to 2006, 194 riders were treated to the paramedics, and of those 194, 25 people passed out, 26 suffered difficulty breathing, and 16 reported chest pains and irregular heartbeats.
Yet 2 people died after riding, a 4 year old boy had a preexisting, ...more - Gregory

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11 Space Mountain Space Mountain Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks.
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