This is just sad, you guys don't realize that you're actually cyberbullying. It's funny how none of you have anything better to do instead of sit there and talk about other people because that doesn't make you any better, you guys shouldn't be talking trash about someone you don't know, keep it to yourself, because words can hurt, and nobody wants to hear all that, so you haters can go up somewhere else to hate, cause right here isn't gonna work out.Bella Thorne really does have dyslexia, she used to run out of class crying because of haters like you, even the teacher picked on her, Bella Thorne has to work extra hard on Shake it up because of that, oh and the user who said their cousin has dyslexia and he's just fine, well if you didn't realize it, DYSLEXIA IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS IT, so you haters can go on somewhere else with your- "she's using it as a poor excuse" well, you know what? You're a poor excuse for a personthis is getting out of hand, spreading hate everywhere y'all can go somewhere else with that mess, everyone on Disney channel puts hard work into what they do, and who said it was your job to judge them, well we all know how haters are made, jealously, I just think you should all know- before you judge a person make sure you're perfect first, okay? so I hope you all learned a valuable lesson today! And please, anywhere you see cyberbullies send this message (change the Bella Thorne part unless its about her) spread the word!


This is to one of the top ten lists I saw - visitor

You hating on people hating on a person, also makes you a hater... - visitor

I agree with the top person. You just said people have nothing better to do than sit around and hate on people. Isn't that what you're doing? So what if lots of people hate Bella Thorne? If you specifically saw a list on "top ten worst disney channel stars" why would you view the list and the comments on Bella Thorne? Because you care what other people have to say? Because you want to read all the rude comments about her? Also learn how to spell. - visitor

So what are you doing exactly? - visitor

Do you even see my username? I'm not jealous or anything, either. Gosh you need to learn to take criticism. Bella is not a piece of U. She probably doesn't care who you are too. The whole purpose of this website is for people to express their opinions. If you can't handle that, well you shouldn't even be looking at this list. One more thing: nobody is perfect ok?! - BellaThornesuxx


I'm in college studying so if you are telling me I have nothing better to do than sit around hating, look at you! You're also sitting on the computer saying stuff about haters, possibly because you are jealous because more people hate your stupid disney losers. Just suck it up and learn to take criticism - visitor

I'm aware if Bella Thorne's dyslexia, but she seems pretty fine. She made a book, she can read lines for her roles, she's not seems ok. But her acting and singing is pretty bad sorry. - HappyFlower