Bella Thorne

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Annabella Avery "Bella" Thorne is an American actress, writer, model and singer, released EP "Jersey" in 2014. Best known for "Shake It Up!" 2010-2013. Has starred in "Blended", "The Frog Kingdom", "The Duff", "Big Sky", "Ratchet & Clank", "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" more.


I think that she looks pretty and that all of you are jealous of her because she has game and the riches be thankful for what you have and stop hating on someone who has more than you. What if you were her and you saw these mean comments just saying this is kinda like cyber bullying but most people don't care because you would think she doesn't since she's a celeb and she probably wouldn't be looking on here. My fast died when I was ten and I had a little brother and my mom didn't have a job, we had nothing but we weren't online doing this to people. You being '10' doesn't mean you can't think before you type or say something. Geez.

I really thought she was a bad actor on Shake it Up. I used to like that show but now I don't know why. It was gross when she was doing that milk and cereal thing in the first episode. And the plot line of her show was a little far fetched. What kind of 13 year old who's a really bad dancer get a role on a dancing T.V. show in Chicago? The clothes were absolutely hideous.

You can't say that you're 10 years old as an excuse for what you are badmouthing about to other people. I know this is your opinion, but someone could seriously offended (like when you said that about her dyslexia because my brother still can't read, that is very offensive toward me and my family). I really don't see the reason for you to go off on these celebs because you might become one, and others will do this to you.

She can't even dance. I think they chose her for looks because she's very pretty but that's the only good thing about her. Same with Zendaya. She's really not that pretty to me though.

I know Bella Thorne isn't the best actress or singer. But she doesn't hide that she has a dyslexia. While other stars try to cover up their flaws, Bella expresses that she has dyslexia.

I am a little older than ten and I am kind of disappointed about your comment. It shows no thought whatsoever and has no facts to support what you are talking about. You say you are a nice person but your writing doesn't show it.

She's not perfect but nobody is.

I don't know her personally so I can't say that she's mean and a brat and all. But what I can say is that; she is not super talented compared to other Disney stars and her acting/singing/dancing are average. Not bad, but average. And from her social medias and all, she seems to be nice, but really dumb too. Maybe she's not in real life, but that's the feeling you get from her public image. It's okay not to be the best singer and actor of all time. But being ignorant is not okay.

I actually was a fan of hers some years ago. She was born the same day as me (not same year), and I got super excited! I thought she was a good actress (time ago). But she stopped being my favorite. It's not like I ever stop liking her, but I really didn't paid attention to her. Recently I wanted to find some famous actors and singers' snapchat account, and while googling it, I found hers. I was kinda happy and remembered me of when I was little and watched the show (which now I know it's not that good). I inmediatly added her, and I saw her story. First a selfie, ok. Next a weird colored hair pic, she died her hair, I'm really behind. Then BAM! She without clothes, covering her boobs and putting a "sexy" face. Then others like that. Then she in bed with her boyfriend (not saying they were doing "you know what" necessarily, but still), with her apparently with no clothes (I couldn't see any shirt straps), and I was like: Why Bella, why!? (by the way, Zendaya was and will always be my ...more

She's annoying, stupid (not really true, I just really hate her), uses dyslexia as an excuse all the time and to get her own way, WAY to skinny, and can't dance at ALL! Plus, don't listen to ANY of her songs (especially "call it whatever" I recommend Zendaya, cause she actually can dance and sing.

Zendaya is the one with real talent! If you listen to their songs you can easily tell that Zendaya is really singing and Bella Thorne is total audio tune and I hate her new song call it what ever plus her makeup is stupid!

I honestly think she should be number 1 her acting is just so dull and she brings nothing to the characters that she plays and nothing new to Hollywood. Hopefully she will just fade into oblivion in a few years.

I CAN'T AGREE ANYMORE WITH YOU... about your love for Gravity Falls, but with your hate for Bella throne that wasn't so cool to say. what is a 10 year old girl doing saying "I RECOMMEND YOU MEET YOUR DOCTOR OR ABUSE YOURSELF"? That isn't so cool to say.

She should be #1 why? Cause she uses her dyslexia as an excuse all the time, to get her own way, plus she CAN'T SING! She is OBVIOUSLY AUTO TUNED! And CECE (Bella) is mean to Rocky (Zendaya), And her stupid song "call it what ever" is TERRIBLE! Listen to me Bella, acting, singing, and dancing ( basicly anything in fine arts) isn't your thing, trust me. -a Disney anything fan.

I do not think that Bella Thorne should be on this list. She is a great actress! She is doing so well too. She was just on a movie with Adam Sandler called blended. Some people judge her because of her so called "selfish personality" that's not the real Bella that's just her memorizing a SCRIPT

Not a good actress that's not on a good show - djghostboy


Dude I understand your opinion, but please don't write your entire comment in all caps. It makes it sound like you're yelling or like a fan person. - Anonymousxcxc

Bella has more talent than you'll ever have! Hate all you want but she will always be famous and I would love to meet her and Zendaya!

If she has dyslexia than how can she read scripts and stuff? She does use dyslexia as an excuse like some user has mentioned before.

She has no talent and she sucks! The good person is the butler in Jesse! Everyone else is horrible! Where is the butler when you need him!

She sucks, this hoe is so overrated!

I don't agree with you Bella thorne isn't ugly at all she isn't a idiot but who ever said that Bella Thorne is ugly and an idiot then you are the idiot

Shut up and go away you annoying little kids on here. She's a great actress and very smart too. She's confident and knows what she's doing. Stop being ignorant and actually get to know her for her instead of what you see on T.V. or judging her because of what society says.

She is one of my favorite actresses. You might not like her my shake it up, but in Scream she was great when she was in it. In Blended she also did really well. - Disneylover

Bella does not know how to act good. She may need to go to acting classes. I like Shake it Up but that is because of Zendaya.

When I see her acting I feel like I just wanna hit her! I can act a million time better then here I don't know why disney channel has chosen her she is the worst in acting! Actully she is the worst disney channel actor yet

Bella thorn tries to sing but she really can't and she is the worst actresses ever

I'm 10 two and 22 Maddy! My sister is 5 years old and still smarter, funnier, and more fashionable than her! - IcyMuffin99