Dove Cameron

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Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer. She is known for playing a dual role as both title characters in the Disney Channel teen sitcom Liv and Maddie.


(UPDATE: This was obviously a comment I made when I was 13. But I looked her up again and honestly she doesn't seem like a bad person. Sure I've found that she can overreact a little but don't we all? Anyways her acting itself is well... passable, but personally I believe that she's too high on this list. There's far worse actors out there *cough* most of the cast of The Last Airbender and Tommy Wisseau *cough*.)

Um apparently I found out some rumors about Dove having plastic surgery and "lip plumping". I don't believe them, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did. Though I have nothing against her. Also I have viewed her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and she seems sorta nice, but too peppy also she does seem a little bit attached to her boyfriend. (He's mentioned in like every three posts I have seen out of multiple posts in all of her accounts). Like I said before I have nothing against her, but I'm just stating out a rumor. (Plus I did actually look them up and I ...more - Anonymousxcxc

Hey I'm not trying to be the mean guy here. I honestly don't mind her that much, but I really did do research. - Anonymousxcxc

I think that she did an amazing job acting as Liv and Maddie. She changed her voice and everything!

Dove is an amazing actress, I can't believe she plays both Liv and Maddy! And is really pretty too

I love Dove! I don't even know why she's on this list! It disgusts me how judgmental you can be. Playing 2 people on the same show is a big challenge! Sorry you're on the list Dove :(

I hate this girl with a passion. She butchered all of my Disney memories with Descendants, which is, from now on, the only thing worse than the Star Wars prequels, and she can't sing or act. When she was just like on Liv & Maddie I maybe could've tolerated her a tiny bit more, but after Descendants, I hate her with a passion.

I just don't like her. She thinks she is so pretty but its because of her makeup and plastic surgery. Either way those things make her look ugly. She makes people feel bad and she says that it only matters about whats inside not out, well I wonder why she doesn't take her own advice. she looks really fake. She is also a really bad actress her voice is annoying. She ruined Descendants for me why did she have to play Mal out of all the actresses it was her.

What? She is super nice and loves her fans. It's amazing how she can handle playing 2 people at once. You guys are still attached to the old shows. That's because you were kids and you didn't know any better.

All she has is a pretty face and her blonde hair. It seems to me that Disney loves casting blonde untalented young girls on the shows. She cannot act, her singing is just awful due to her whinny voice, her shape is a bit fat, her hair seems fake. She wears way too much makeup and makes her poor 7 year-old fans want to act the same. Sorry, but it is the truth, she is just overrated.

I love dove Cameron is not cause she pretty. It becomes she dose not let people like you guys bother her. And I am not 8 so ha

I used to be obsessed with her but know I'm getting he vibe that she is a terrible actor who loves to purse her lips together. She is so annoying and sings from her nose. I know 5th Graders who can sing better than her. Furthermore, she is the worst.

"Maddie" is a tomboy. She wears glasses, yes? Well just because she wears glasses on the show has no effect on her being a tomboy. It is how she acts. She acts more like a boy so she is most likely to be a tomboy. I do not wear glasses. I act like a boy and hangout with the guys.

I hate how Disney forces every actress they hire to sing, regardless of whether or not they can actually sing. I've heard Dove sing, and her voice is so heavily auto-tuned that it's just downright embarrassing.

Every one I'm a big fan but why are you doing this just why dove Cameron not someone that disturbing you just shut mouths and stop telling rumors I love dove the way she is even she has a plastic surgery I'm ok with that cause I don't care what other people say about her and if she finds out about this telling she's at acting and she has a fake voice I don't believe anyone that says this words are real so just like I said shut up! Cause it's not your life it's hers you under stand haters

Dove is a great actress. She messes up because she has so many parts. It is not uncommon for an actor/actress to mess up. People make mistakes. If you do not like it than do not watch it. I am not a mean person, I am just putting it out there.

The rumors of her plastic surgery are true. She became more famous AFTER the surgery. She is also responsible for the loss of my eardrums; awful singing. The sassy character she plays in Liv and Maddie has played a role in my sisters sass. She constantly get in trouble (sister)

I hate her so much she does a horrible job on both liv and maddie. Maddie her voice is just so deep too fake and on liv it's even worst she's so annoying her voice is high-pitched and her laugh is so annoying and since she was not even sixteen she was getting lip in plants and got her ugly nose done talk about fake hate her so MUCH!

I think she great! My guess is you just aren't what she (and the other people on your list) are, so you say they are bad people. Well everyone's different.

Dove Cameron is amazing! What is wrong with you guys! Her fashion sense is killer, her outfits r so cute and she is a genuinely pretty person she doesn't even wear that much makeup and her songs are hardly about boys and they are very inspirational! You guys are jealous because she is way prettier than all of u

I think she did a fine job with Descendants and yeah I don't like Liv and Maddie, but that doesn't mean I don't like her. Besides I don't really like Girl Meets World, but I liked Rowan Blanchard in Invisible Sister.

This was pre-account me, but I do think that she did an okay job in Descendants. Also I have mixed feelings on Liv and Maddie. - Anonymousxcxc

Have you seen her frozen yogurt song? WHAT? Its like she put her career under a steamroller, and dozed it away. Complete FAILURE. She cannot sing AT ALL, but I think her acting is alright and she is quite pretty.

I hear people saying that Disney is only accepting pretty people and it don't matter if there untalented I think it's the opposite on one front

Look at andi mac literally every character in the show is cringy and ugly I'm stating fact not hating on ugly people by the way also look at stuck in the middle the show is cringy the acting sucks and the characters are all dumb and ugly dove Cameron Is pretty she can sing and she can act in only voting I cause I wanna voice my opinion

You have gone crazy all of these actors are good dove Cameron is awesome she is probably the best actor I know and don't get me stared about her songs they are absolutely amazing and I love her frozen yogurt song it is funny and it makes everybody have got her all wrong

Awesome person, and a wonderful singer, but her acting honestly needs improvement- she seems so fake sometimes when I watch her acting on "Liv and Maddie"

Okay you have crossed the line dove Cameron is my idol and you need to go get s life she is beautiful Nice and a great actress so you can shut up about that

I love every thing about her you guys are just jealous of her