G. Hannelius

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Wow just came out from finding out that this girl was 12 Oh I'm sorry I mean 15! Wow it's very hard to believe that she is somehow 15... She is also very skinny! When I saw her in heels I'm like wow it looks like her legs are going to break! At first I'm like why the hell is this girl wearing makeup?!? Not only any type of girl but a 12 year old? Then it hit me... G I don't want to be mean or anything but it's wired how your skinny and you have like big boobs! It's wired to say this but my period started 5 months ago and I have developed the same amount as boobs as you and not only that but my legs are thick and yours are like a straw... And guess what I'm 12 In fact I just turned 12 May 6. And I'm almost your hight I'm "4.9. Dude my brother is 14 and he is like possibly your height or bigger... And your like 16. I mean grow up stop watching TeleTubies or Dora because she's not going to teach you the way to growing nor is The Map. Haha! Take her off the show boo! Get someone taller ...more

Hey guys is you believe me thank you then you are a true fan and if you don't I guess you don't... So this is the real G Hannelius and if you don't believe me then leave a question under G Hannelius on this site and I will answer if and the question can be anything. My full name is Genevieve Knight Hannelius. And I know people are saying that I'm super annoying and I blame things on people, that I'm a bad role model, or that o teach kids that it's ok to leave" Chloe" my "sister" alone and that I can talk back to my parents.. But that's my character and when we r on set Making episode that's what my character is supposed to do. I didn't write the script and I can't argue with the director so... I know most reading this think this is Fake but I SWEAR it's actually me, leave me a question and I'll answer it. I love all my fans to death! So thank you for being there for me! And this is the 2 comment I have left so yes there are 2 comments that say it's the reals G. Thank you! And I ...more

Sure you can't argue with the director, but if it truly, deep down bothered you for being a disrespectful idiot, then you could just leave the stupid dang show! But no, I'll be disrespectful because I make money. That is all this stupid world is about: MONEY! - StarmooreEnterprise

She thinks she knows everything her voice is annoying she can't act. She's SO SKINNY like are you kidding me. She also teaches kids that it's ok to be mean to your siblings and that ditching your parents and then helping then because the boy you like is coming over. Like are you kidding me it's so dumb she thinks she's all that but she isn't she looks like a 40 year old. I mean why did she have to be on the show because she sucks at acting I think the only thing I like about this show is that finally there is no dumb blond.

I am a tween and I hope she reads this. You are hideous and stupid. You play smart, artistic girls but OH COME ON! You look like you haven't eaten in... Hmm.. let us see.. A YEAR! Please get some acting AND singing lessons. I hate you very very much. You made my sister say "Do I have to be that skinny to get a boyfriend." You and you crappy writers are poisoning the youth of America. One more thing, STOP MAKING THAT CRAPPY FACE WHERE YOU STICK TEETH OUT AND... I THREW UP A LITTLE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! By the way, you ruined Disney Channel.

Oh yah if you're the real G HANNELIUS! Then why are you the first one to add you name in this website, the creator of this website started this... I hve questions (i bet your going to search it in Google, fake G HANNELIUS) who is your first crush and don't just say a random boy name! Because I know! I went to her studio on dog with the blog studio 3 and she totally told me when I asked her! If you got that answer correct your so her. One more question (random author who made this website) which hospital was she born, I know this also because I asked her in instagram... And yes it was G Hanneliuswho I asked. Now if you answer 2 of these questions u r her. BUT EVERYONE KNOWS your FAKE because THE CREATOR OF THIS WEB WOULD START THIS! U THINK SHE CAN HACK TO THIS WEB AND TYPE G HANNELIUS! Everyone who thinks this is NOT the real G, like this and we will investigate...

I love G! She is a amazing actress! She's not annoying or anything in real life! That was the writers idea. She can't argue with the director or she would get fired! Trust me I'm an actress and my dad's an actor and character is something totally different than an actual person. She's just acting! I'm a huge fan and think G. Is the best girl on Disney Channel! Thank you! If G. Is reading this you are awesome and the people who write this stuff just hate everything. Keep up the good work G.!

I think that whoever hates on G are just stupid little girls who don't know anything, first of all she was just born with a skinny body so what? Everyone is different second, shes just acting T.V. doesn't display how she actually acts and if your saying that she wears pads to make her chest bigger so what? What wrong with that? Her singing may not be good but shes not a singer she an actor get with the program people

Don't listen to the haters G. You are a natural born actress. You have everything a girl could wish for, looks, acting, and singing. You bring your character Avery to life with you wonderful acting and you make me feel you emotion. Your singing is magical, it's like a little piece of heaven. People hate on people and bands like One Direction all the time and you see how they are (plus Dog With a Blog is one of my favorite shows. ) Continue acting and singing #hanneliatorforever

I hate how on dog with a blog she thinks she is so good at singing but she is really bad! It's not cool at all! Plus if you take her makeup off she looks exactly the same as season one! I don't like her at all. It just makes me mad how she thinks she's all that

I think that she is the worst actress I have ever seen she is so perky and and always trying to to act like a goody goody even though she isn't I really just want to kick her in the face

She is so ugly and acts so bossy. She exaggerates her lines to the point where I want to punch her. She is too skinny and her face looks so old. The first time I saw her on dog with a blog I thought she was a dwarf because her face is like a 40 year old but she's so small. She's a terrible actress and the way she speaks is so annoying and her body movements are too exaggeraged. She's so gross. She needs to get off Disney and stick to putting a bag over her face

First I have 2 say, I don't really like G Hannelius but that doesn't mean u guys should body Shane her! She can't help she's skinny! Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes! So stop making fun of her!

I actually don't mind her, but there is a lot of stuff I don't like about her. For one, she looks too anorexic. Second, she shows its okay to have a boyfriend when you're like, 11?! Third, in one episode on her show, she sings and it's supposed to be her actual voice when everyone could her all the auto tune used to change her voice.

This girl thinks she's the shiate! She's teaching kids that if you want to be like her you have to anorexic and that your never to young to have a boyfriend. She makes me sick. She is the reason I stopped watching Disney Channel and started watching good shows like Modern Family and Sherlock, who have actors that can actually ACT. - ImAKillerQueen

To be honest I don't mind G. Hannelius (she was good in some of the other things she's worked on). On an unrelated note I have been watching this show called Supernatural for some time now and they can act too. - Anonymousxcxc

Whoever keeps saying "I'm the REAL G. Hannelius", my GOD, you're clearly not. First of all, even if she's annoying or stupid, she still doesn't have time to go onto a top ten list and VOTE FOR HERSELF. Second, you should be ashamed of yourself even if you WERE actually her, worst actress ever!

I like G. Hannelius. She's nice. Her character may not be nice but that's not her real self. That's just her role, it might makes her seem not nice because it makes the show funny. Overall, I think she's nice and cute.

She is not super ugly and she really doesn't suck at singing! If you think that then she is probably like that at all. She is only playing a character in her show. Being skinny is not a bad thing. I don't know why it would be.

G thinks she's all that when she's not! She can't act, her singing is HORRIFYING (I was playing g hannelius songs and even my 7 year old niece said her songs are bad! )

This child has always gotten on my nerves

She definitely sucks at singing, she's a horrible actor, she's on a stupid show... I've meet the little girl who plays Chloe she's the best actor on the show but then again the show sucks and no one on that show can act + more

This is mean... But I have always hated G Hannelius because she is 15 and looks like she is 10. She also acts like everyone should bow down to her... She is an ok actress though.

This girl is such a BAD SINGER, and I have heard seven year olds sing better. Her songs sound like auto tune. Sorry G.

When I first watched dog with a blog, I thought Avery was 12, cause she was on the show, then I searched G, and I found out that she was 15! Seriously, she looks like she is 10! Not 15! She is so small and thin!

Shes so horribly thin it disturbs me. I'm not kidding seeing her really bothers me she looks 610 but shes actually 15

She's annoying and anorexic she laughs horribly makes stupid faces and is overall a stupid brat and I punch the keyboard as I type