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Laura Marano is an American actress and singer, best known for her starring role in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally as Ally Dawson.


Laura Marano is SUPER SUPER SUPER pretty and talented if you want to say bad things then go ahead but that won't stop that it's wrong. If you want to be a good person and respect her like any other person then shut your pie hole cause I had enough of this nonsense. I know some of them are ugly but you know they read this stuff so do it say all you want but it won't make you feel better or her. What happens if your a star? And you are on this top ten ugliest thing hmm. And some how people are saying your a bad actor or your a bad singer. How would you feel hmm? Put your self in that persons shoes. You know how hard they work how good they try? She does it all for YOU. She respects you. Now you need to return the favor and be friendly. Right now you guys are being a bully. AND YOU KNOW WHAT BULLYS DO? They pic and say mean thing so SHUT YOU PIE HOLE AND BE AGAINST THE BULLYS AND BE A GOOD GUY. Next thing you know you'll not finish school and picking on people behind a building. Bye and ...more

I hate how you fans call everyone bullies because they don't like who you like. Did you even read the list's title? It clearly says "Worst Disney Channel Actors and Actresses." That obviously means if someone hates on an actress, they're not being bullies. That is the PURPOSE of this list: to hate on bad actors and actresses. It's not being a bully. It's sharing our opinions. We have freedom of speech. Bullying would be saying that Laura Marano should die or burn in hell because she's horrible or something like that. - xMagnoblade

Laura Marano. Two names, words, etc. That I hate to hear. The only reason she gets credit is because her sister is famous for starring on switched at birth. Let's be honest, Laura isn't the most attractive person, plus she sings like crap. All of you suckers saying that she is, and I quote, "SUPER SUPER SUPER pretty" are just defending her because you think you are the suck up, so good, nice twat, goodie two-shoes to save the day. Please shut up and admit that Laura Marano is NOT so pretty and NOT suck a talented actress or singer (AT ALL). I probably speak for Ross Lynch too. I bet he just hates having to act like they're dating. Xoxo - the Laura Hater

Laura is PRETTY SUPER SUPER PRETTY. And if you want to treat her that way then SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE! She try's and try's and try's and try's and she's good. You right now should be thanking her of how she try's and try's for you. You know what? You guys are all BULLYS. You know why? Because you are making fun of this innocent girl. You know what? You people who think she can't sing shut you PIEHOLE! And you people who think she can sing shut YOUR piehole! You know why? Your not the boss of her and she can think what she can think is that clear? She's a friend and try's to be like us cause she likes us and don't be haters. Put your self in her shoes and see how that feels hmm. You people are an amazing person I know it. And you know what? If you mean on the out side dig an dig and dig deep and you'll find light in all that darkness and if your a hater dig, dig, dig and there's a little piece of light. You know what that little piece of light does it grows bigger and bigger. You know how ...more

She is literally the worst actress I've ever seen. She's not pretty, she has no personality, she's so skinny, and her expressions range from normal to retarded. Austin and Ally has the worst humor ever- it's always the same joke- and Laura is horrible at acting. She's not a good singer either. She acts so stiff and fake- just like a robot! She's cheesy too, and I don't like her outfits. Hate. Her. Has no talent or whatsoever.

Stop it right now stop saying bad things about other actors. Laura is pretty don't say that she is not pretty, if she is not pretty than your not pretty. Can you become an actor, do you have stage fright, if your an actor people will comment on you. How would you feel? Didn't you learn anything at the end of the bullying episode. Stop bullying posting bad comments!

I agree. Laura Marano isn't talented OR pretty. She acts so stupid and fake! She's suppose to be the smartest on the show, but she comes off rude, immature, and overall idiotic.

Laura marano is an awesome singer so if you don't have anything good to say to that beautiful girl than zip it and I bet you can't even sing like her to be honest I can sing but not like her laura marano deserves respect Laura marano can sing better than me

She really can't act. Or sing. Or do anything good for that matter. Disney will take anybody these days. She just needs to leave acting to her sister. And honestly, we can't blame her for being ugly. She's very ugly, but she didn't ask to be. Everything about her talent makes ne wanna throw up though.

I do not understand why she is not higher on the list. Laura can't act to save her life. She tries too hard, she makes me want to barf, and I really can truly say that I HATE her with a passion. She can't sing either. The only reason Disney chose her was because she's Vanessa's sister. She is quite pretty though, I will give her that.

Laura is the worst actress ever she has no expression in her voice. She just has a super odd face when she is kissing Austin and in really life she just sings songs because she wants money that is the only reason.

Laura is REALLY pretty and talented. You people need to get a life! She is a really good actress. You guys have no idea what talent is or what it looks like.

I hate her so much! I think her personality is annoying so that's why she got the part. She thinks she's smarter than everyone on the show and she can't even dance

I don't like the person who makes these when it's someone she doesn't like she gets mad if someone says something bad about them but if it's someone she doesn't she just gets happy when they put mean comments

Please don't hate on Laura Marano just because you don't like her characters and shows. She is an amazing and beautiful person and doesn't deserved to be hated on

When I Found Out That She Was Vanessa Marano's Little Sister, I Thought She'd Be A Decent Actress Cause I Am A Fan Of Switched At Birth, But When I Saw A&A, It Let Me Down, Really Disappointing

I love Laura. She doesn't deserve to be on this list. Her acting is amazing. Especially on Bad Hair Day. She has a great singin voice but don't compare her to singers like Taylor or Adele. Not everybody is the same and that's great. She is perfect the way she is,a real role model. Nowadays those are hard to find. People think Miley Cyrus is a role model,please can someone kick her in the face,I'll pay you 100$!


Same person that said everything down below I well you respect people and you know what I'm only 10 and I said all the stuff below and here. BYE

Laura Marano is awesome and I do agree with you but I think that everyone else that you mentioned are awesome as well so yeah

My name is roxie I think she is grate if you are seeing this laura I love you

Laura on Austin and Ally plays someone who writes songs. Sorry, but name 1 song that Laura has written, NOT sung but written. If she has no experience how is she suppose to play Ally. You can just see how bad of an actress she is. She can't sing and she isn't pretty. She should leave the acting to her sister. - cuppycake_xox

I love her and she is good in school

She actually does sing and is signed to a record label

She has so much talent. She plays her character well

She is so trying to be cool and black! I mean she's so dramatic and tries to be sexy, BUT your JUST A LITTLE DORKY girl! In the show she's always ditching Austin for better things and always being annoying to Trish. OH AND HER VOICE!

Austin and Ally is easily one of the worst shows on Disnry Channel, and I'm surprised it's still running. Is anyone else waiting for the day we hear a series finale commercial for it? The show is problematic on its own, but Laura adds to it. Acting is terrible, and I think people have explained this pretty well already. Her character is unbelievable, as well as every other Disney character. She cannot sing at all. Dear Disney, can we please have a T.V. show without ANY singing? Thanks! -The Entire Population. And the whole "Oh! Does Austin like me? " has been dragged on far too long. I could rant for hours, but I believe this sums up the basics.