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21 Bad New Programming

Okay, I'm not gonna talk about Phineas and Ferb again, even though I loathe it, but their new programming now is just so unoriginal, I mean, Fish Hooks? I don't know, it's okay, but I've seen it before. I've seen other shows do something similar to it, and the animation is poor. Phineas and Ferb, already talked about how I hate it, sort of. It's made for idiots. CAN'T PEOPLE JUST SEE THAT PHINEAS AND FERB ARE JUST CLONES OF DEXTER FROM DEXTER'S LABORATORY, AND THAT ISABELLA IS JUST A CLONE OF CHARLOTTE FROM MAKING FIENDS?! Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse (2013), and Wander Over Yonder are pretty much the only good things on Disney Channel now. Disney's actually improving with their programming a bit. I mean, I can't wait for the new "Star and the Forces of Evil" show. And, I actually like JONAS and Hannah Montana. YOU CAN HATE ME ALL YOU WANT! I like those shows.

22 Every Live Action Is About a Girl

True, no diversity at all, race, gender, plot

Agreed and there's absolutely no diversity.

It's all about a girl, who is always dumb, they also have rarely any other cultures, the only shows where they have different races and the main cast are that's so raven and kc undercover

That's so sexist! - Fandomstuck

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23 Making Descendants

Descendants is a cheap rip off of ever after high- with horrible costumes acting plot and no memorable characters, oh wait that's all the new shows on disney.

I love descendants it is the best movie ever

Descendants was ok but it could have been better and I hated the ending

24 Ignoring Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck Doesn't Derseve To Be Ignored He Deserves To Be Loved And Cared By The Disney Company.

25 The Cancellation of Shorty McShorts' Shorts

No one remembers that for a reason

It wasn't that good, to be honest. None of the pilots got a show on Disney. One of the only pilots on there that DID get a show (SheZow! ) got one on another network.

26 Importing French Shows

It wasn't French shows their Canadian shows like my babysitter's a vampire that was Canadian in the best thing ever parents were complaining about it though so they got cancelled but they were complaining about the kids that were like six and eight and that's not Disney Channel's targeted age Group which is 10 and up and no offense but if you're 10 years old and older and your parents not letting you watch my babysitter's a vampire then they're just way over protective

First, Cartoon Network importing Canadian shows. Now, Disney importing French shows. What's next?!

Hey, I loved My Babysitters a Vampire. Then, the jerks cancelled it.

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27 Cancelling Wizards of Waverly Place

I liked that show so much but words the end it was getting really sad and boring, so it was bound to happen.

Because it was such a good show and I loved it so much and I never wanted to see it go.
Just to let you know.

Because this show was one of the best current and back in the day Disney Channel shows and I never and I didn't never ever want to see it go. If there was some way to bring back this good T.V. show back that would really be great.

Yes, this was the best one ever

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28 Selling The Wiggles to Sprout

The Giggles is a babyish show! I hate that show!

Sprout is a knock off of Pbs

This was a good move. That show sucked! - Scorpio

29 Airing Kirby Buckets on Disney XD

Oh I'm Sick Of Disney. Most Kids think its cool but for a 27 year old man like me I hate Disney

This is an okay show, kind of like Lizzie McGuire but...

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30 Cancelling Good Luck Charlie

This is where Disney Channel hit the bump in the road. The only good show now is Girl Meets World. Liv and Maddie is literally a clone of Good Luck Charlie but not as good. (The set looks identical)

Because this was one of the best Disney Channel ass shows from back when the Disney Channel was even still good and I never wanted it to go or did I never ever wanted to see it go.

It went on for too long. All of the shows end. Look at Zack and Cody. I loved that show and it got a spin-off after three years, adding four more years.

This was the only sitcom on Disney that made me and my family laugh, including my dad and he hardly laughs at anything I watch.
Plus the actors were brilliant! I'll miss them so much!
Perhaps they could make a spin of series with the same actors (good fortune toby, guys? )

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31 Making Wander Over Yonder V 4 Comments
32 Cancelling American Dragon: Jake Long

What happened to that show anyway? This show was great the way it was. The animation looked great and then they screwed it up with crap animation on season 2. - Blackcat100p

American Dragon is life! Why can't they air it on Disney at least? It would be PERFECT there!

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33 Canceling The Suite Life On Deck

Because this was one of the best good ass damn good Disney Channel shows out and I never wanted to see it go. This is from when the Disney Channel used to be good. The Disney Channel is not that good and the not the way it used to be.

Because this was still another one of the good back in the day Disney Channel back in the day and current Disney Channel shows ever I never wanted to see it go. Trust me I didn't want to see it good.

This was such a good show they could have done a lot more, even my parents liked it because it was that good, and they hate Disney channel

Once again, bad move disney.

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34 Cancelling Wander Over Yonder

This show was a beautiful masterpiece and it deserves much more love

35 Rerunning Hannah Montana

To be honest, people only hate Hannah Montana because Miley Cyrus is in it. I'm not saying that I like Hannah Montana. - mayamanga

I loved Hannah Montana!

This was one of the worst shows ever, and played by that idiot Miley Cyrus.

And Disney's rerunning it. "smart move".

36 A Lame New Theme

The old Disney Channel logo was awesome it was around for a long time. Now they have the new one. All the new one is is the words written in good hand writing, it is so boring

They don't even do the cool "Hi I'm ____ from ___ and you're watching Disney Channel! " thing anymore.

Bring back the old magic wand thing that they drew with.

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37 No More Classic Shows From the 1980s

I remember when the Disney Channel had no commercials and showed movies and cartoons all day.

The 1980s Disney Channel was amazing.

38 Airing Shake It Up

This was one of the better New Disney shows. At least it had a plot

39 Airing Code 9
40 Making Bad Games Online V 1 Comment
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