Top 10 Worst Disney Channel Moves

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41 Hiring Jake Short

He's good though. Why are you saying he's rude when you don't even really know him. And look don't mean everything

I admit he used to be cute, but he's kinda ugly now. I puked when he was on that one yogurt commercial and Mighty Med.

I like him because he is short and Jake.

He's ugly, rude, and yet everyone loves him. Why?

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42 Tailoring Programming Towards 4 Year Old Girls

I agree. Why can't they have programs tailored toward both genders?

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43 No More Good Movies Like High School Musical.

Is true all the new movies they play them too many times and they barely have any plot plus they're boring and barely have any good humor

That was Disney at it finest frfr I love that movie to this day I can sit and watch it over and over again.

44 The Sitcoms

The only good sitcom was good luck charlie! There is no diversity, everything is targeted at girls. Disney needs to realize that shows should be relatable, and that means more types of shows

DUH. They are so repetitive and one of my siblings actually LIKE them. I'm so tired of the sitcoms and I want more cartoons.

The sitcoms now just plain suck they are to pointless I mean I'd rather listen to the worst possible sound in the world than watch Disney

And also including that they are anti Semitic

45 Cancelling Dog With A Blog and Jessie

Dog with a blog sucks - Ihateschool

A year ago Disney Channel was good but now it sucks. Dog with a blog and Jessie were my two favorite shows other than Phineas and Ferb and Good Luck Charlie. Now in December 2015, all of those shows are of air. Nowadays its crappy shows like that KC Undercover mess and that Best Friends Whatever. I think that Disney Channel should make newer movies instead of always showing Descendants. I'm getting tired of turning on my T.V. either seeing KC UNDERCOVER, BEST FRIENDS WHENEVER, and DESCENDANTS. Please bring your old shows back or at least make them better. The only things I actually kind of like on your channel are Girl Meets World, which hasn't been on much lately, and Bunkd. Please make more good shows!

46 Not Giving Ting-Ting, Su and Mei a Spin Off Show
47 Not giving Hercules and Megara a spin off show
48 The Cancellation of Pepper Ann

A good Disney show that got canceled.

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49 Airing Return to Halloweentown

All of the Halloweentown movies remind me of Harry Potter meets Sabrina the Teenage Witch. - Fandomstuck

50 Cancelling Recess
51 Cancelling That's So Raven
52 Canceling Toon Disney And The House Of Mouse

Toon Disney made great cartoons such as The House Of Mouse, Goof Troops, Little Mermaid, and Aladdin.

53 Mistreating Craig McCracken
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